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PEV Bank Seeds: our diverse feminized seed bank


Buy feminized marijuana seeds from PEV Bank Seeds. The exclusive seed bank of PEV Grow, your reliable grow shop.

In PEV Bank Seeds we offer a wide catalogue based on the experience of our breeders and the best genetics of the European and American market. In recent years our technicians have focused on the production of seeds on an industrial scale, as some of them have been developing hemp seeds for both agricultural and food uses. It is for it that we have a wide experience in methods of industrial production of seeds of marijuana, elaborating varieties with the ratios cannabinoids and composition of terpenes that more you demand us, so much to medicinal level as recreational.


Discover the PEV Bank Seeds catalogue :


Varieties such as OG Kush Feminized, Amnesia Lemon FeminizedBruce Banner 3 or Blueberry Strain have been evolved with criteria such as productivity, speed and effect to take you to another level of sensations.

We have classified our catalog in three different product ranges:

Premium American Line:

The most sold marijuana varieties in the USA. A selection that our beloved CEO Alan Martinez directly from the best dispensaries in California, among which are, apart from the already mentioned Bruce Banner, new developments such as New York Diesel Feminized, Girl Scout Cookies Feminized, Alien's Dowg Feminized, MK Ultra Feminized, Fucking Incredible Feminized, Session's weed Feminized, Jamaican Lambsbread Feminized, Colorado Confidential Feminized and Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized.

European Old School Line:

The other range that refers to the old school genetics that have been developed over the last 30 years, you already know it well enough, as they are crosses that many of you have experienced again and again Purplevender Feminized, Hashish Plant Feminized or White Widow Strain are the ones that were missing to complete an excellent repertoire of legends, and of course, without forgetting the personal touch of our breeders in their production.

The Breeder's Choice:

Alan and I felt that we were missing something. For several years we have been preserving very interesting mother plants, using them to carry out very special research and development work. We get occasional crosses with them on a smaller scale, but of excellent quality, and we have decided to offer them in limited editions, but at exceptional prices. This new range includes new crosses such as Skunk Generation Feminized, Somango Haze Feminized or John Herer a delight for your senses.


Our technical department will answer any questions you may have, you know this is your home ;-)

Always, for a universal medicine...PEV Bank Seeds.

PEV Bank Seeds: discover the best autoflowering seeds from our catalogue

The auto-flowering seeds of PEV Bank Seeds, are obtained by genetically fusing the best varieties of the market with Ruderalis, until stabilizing them obtaining incredible results in any culture medium, either interior or exterior. Get in record time, high productions, with the guarantee of quality and experience of more than 15 years, of our professional breeders.

PEV Bank Seeds, is a dream come true, where the efforts of a lifetime dedicated to the study and creation of the best varieties. Our seed bank is made up of our own team of professional breeders, dedicated to bringing you the best versions of the best varieties on the market.

In recent years, our technicians have focused on the production of seeds on an industrial scale, as some had been developing hemp seeds for agricultural and food uses.

It is for it that we have ample experience in the methods of industrial production of seeds of autoflowering marijuana, elaborating varieties with the ratios cannabinoides and composition of terpenos that more you demand us, so much to medicinal level as lúdico.

Our catalogue of autoflowering varieties is made up of real wonders that will delight all growers who love automatic vines.


The best autoflowering varieties from the PEV Bank Seeds catalogue:

AK 47 Autoflowering:

We can emphasize AK 47 Autoflowering, a variety derived from the mythical genetic AK 47, known throughout the cannabis world, small size, but achieves incredible productions of resinous buds of up to 80 gr per plant outdoors, using pots of 11 liters. In indoor cultivation, we recommend that you opt for a SOG crop, as it is a variety that tends to develop a prominent central bud, being able to place up to 16 plants per m2.

Northern LIght Autoflowering:

Northern LIght Autoflowering
 is another of those varieties that create school, and to which our breeders have given a special affection. It is characterized by a sweet aroma that you will fall in love with and also by an excellent production. In outdoor crops, we advise you to put it in pots of 18 liters and you can collect up to 150 gr per plant. In indoor crops, use 9 pots of 11 liters and with the relevant care you can reach up to 500 gr per m2.

White Widow Autoflowering:

Another of our star autoflowering varieties is White Widow Autoflowering. A variety venerated throughout the planet cannabis, as one of the queens. In just 85 days, we can enjoy outdoor crops, you can collect up to 150 grams per plant, provided you provide the necessary nutrients. In indoor crops, we recommend that you use a 315 W LEC light bulb, as well as 14 7 litre pots per m2, and you will be rewarded with up to 550 gr per m2.

Critical Plus Autoflowering:

Our Critical Plus Autoflowering version has been optimized by breeding and selecting the strongest specimens for several generations. In indoor crops, it works very well with SOG crops, if you grow 16 plants in 6 litre pots, you will be able to harvest 500 gr per m2, with a 20/4 photoperiod during the whole cycle. In outdoor crops, if you grow the final pot of 18 liters, with good hours of sun, you can get to collect in just 80 days 100 grams per plant. But his specialty does not end here, but also has unparalleled organoleptic properties, characterized by a fruity aroma and intense, and a brutal Skunk flavor.

Amnesia Lemon Autoflowering:

For the more traditional, we have versioned an authentic classic, Amnesia Lemon Autoflowering. Characterized by its enormous productive capacity, in a really short flowering time of only 11 weeks, and by its Sativa genetics, derived from the genetic fusion between a Haze Auto and an Original Amnesia. In indoor crops, we use 5.5 litre pots, with a 20/4 photoperiod so that it reaches its maximum splendour and you can harvest up to 350 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, we always recommend that you use definitive pots of 18 liters, because in this case you do not need more, and the more hours of sun you perceive, the greater will be its growth and therefore its productivity, reaching 150 gr per plant.


Discover at PevGrow, the wide catalogue of autoflowering varieties from our own seed bank, PEV Bank Seeds and discover what our breeders are capable of, you will love them!

PEV Bank Seeds: the best high CBD seeds in our catalogue

The varieties with high CBD content from PEV Bank Seeds are authentic works of art, created by professional breeders specialized in the creation of varieties with high CBD content, perfect for lovers of the medicinal properties of marijuana.

At present, the consumption of CBD is increasing, thanks mainly to the increasing recognition by the scientific community of the medicinal properties of CBD, demonstrated through experiments and research with patients.

The best varieties with high CBD from PEV Bank Seeds:

Kali Mist Auto CBD:

You can find Kali Mist Auto CBD. Characterized by a ratio THC and CBD 1:1, ie with perfectly balanced levels. In outdoor crops, we recommend that you use 18 litre pots and you can get up to 120 grams per plant, and if you place it on the terrace where it receives good amounts of sun, it will become a tall and slender plant.

In indoor cultivation, Kali Mist Auto will be a real beast. If you light it with a 600W HPS lamp and cultivate it using 9 pots of 11 liters per m2, you will be able to collect 500 gr per m2.

CBD Time Feminized:

CBD Time Feminized
is another of our varieties rich in CBD, which of course you should try. Characterized by having CBD levels close to 20% and THC levels that do not exceed 1%. It is not only intended for those who want to enjoy the medicinal properties of marijuana, but also for those who do not support the psychoactive effect of THC and simply want to relax. In interior you will obtain a good yield if you use a culture SCROG, and 9 flowerpots of 11 liters, helped by a system of illumination LEC of 315W. In outside, with a good dose of sun, and a well worked earth you will be able to collect up to 500 gr by plant, of some precious and aromatic buds of high medicinal value.

Widow 2018 Feminized CBD:

One of our most recent creations is the Widow 2018 Feminized CBD. We have improved one of the best known varieties in the world, increasing its levels of Cannabidiol, how have we done? Well very simple, working with the best breeders in Europe. Its fresh aroma and citrus lemon flavour have remained intact, making each puff an authentic sensory experience.

In this strain, we have managed to raise CBD levels to 10% and reduce THC levels below 8%, creating one of the best CBD-rich varieties in the Spanish Cannabis market. Both indoors and outdoors, is very easy to grow, but as always we recommend as we get the best out of it so it can serve as a guide. In interior, we use HPS bulbs of 600w, and 9 pots of 11 liters so you can easily collect up to 450 gr per m2. Outdoors, CBD Widow 2018 Feminized, needs a warm and soft climate to reach its best version, and be able to collect up to 500 gr per plant.

Feminized CBD C99:

If you are a lover of the Sativas varieties, you are in luck, because we have created the feminized CBD C99. With a ratio of CBD / THC 1:1, which has been achieved with the crossing of Grapefruit and Pineapple, with a variety with high content in CBD that were retro crossed for 5 generations.

The organoleptic properties of this variety will not leave you indifferent, with a flavor in which we have the sweetness derived from Grapefruit with hints of grapefruit and the pineapple-flavored power of Pineapple. Indoors, you will need a good extraction system, because from the first moment, it gives off a very intense aroma. We have managed to collect up to 450 gr per m2, with 9 pots of 11 liters and a LEC lighting system of 315W. Outdoors, if you have the opportunity to plant it in mother earth, using the appropriate preventive products to avoid problems, you will obtain magnificent results, being able to collect up to 500 gr per plant.


Discover all the auto-flowering varieties from the catalogue of our seed bank, PEV Bank Seeds, the only question you should ask yourself is... Are you really ready?

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