What is Pythium

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What is pythium? Causes and prevention of this fungus
What is pythium? Causes and prevention of this fungus



When growing our autoflowering or feminized marijuana seeds we can encounter several complications that can spoil our plants and ruin our harvest.


✨ What is Pythium?



One of the best known is the Pythium fungus, also known as ‘root rot’, which occurs and proliferates in indoor wet crops, greenhouses and seedbeds. This fungus is characterized by going unnoticed at first and acting very quickly once it has infected the plant, causing its death without you having had time to detect it, and can remain active for many years in the substrate of the soil once contaminated.

In addition to attacking the roots of the marijuana plant, Pythium can be found in irrigation water itself and even in flies and mosquitoes, so it is extremely difficult to control its presence and is highly recommended to anticipate its occurrence

Fortunately, the appearance of Pythium is completely controllable and preventable with proper care, and there are treatments available on the market for this powerful fungus.


✅ Typical symptoms


If you suspect that the Pythium fungus has been able to make a visit to your plantation, be aware of and check the following symptoms before moving on to the attack:


  • The first place this powerful fungus attacks is at the roots of the plant.
  • Pythium prevents the absorption of nutrients, so you will notice that your marijuana plant begins to rot.
  • Starting at the root, the fungus then spreads through the stem to the leaves. For this reason, you may find that the leaves yellow because they begin to wither until, in many cases, they die.
  • The infection caused by this fungus can reach up to 10 cm. above the base of your marijuana plant.
  • If Pythium has affected the seeds, you will notice that they will be soft and blackish in appearance.


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▶ How to avoid it or prevent it?


As we have already mentioned, Pythium is a very fast fungus that, once infected, kills the plant in almost a blink of an eye. To avoid ruining all your work, we recommend that you avoid the following conditions:


  • Floor temperature too high.
  • Growing areas with too much moisture.
  • Extreme hygiene in the growing area.
  • A dirty and poorly aerated substrate
  • Overwater the plant. Prevents puddles from forming on the substrate.


On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to prevent its appearance in your new crops. You should keep in mind that:


  • Proper cleaning and hygiene are essential throughout the growing area.
  • Hygiene is also essential in ALL the utensils you are going to use (including your hands). It’s a good idea to sterilize them properly before using them for growing your marijuana plant.
  • A clean and aerated substrate is essential.
  • The temperature must be warm, as the heat encourages the appearance of this type of fungus. A temperature of 30 degrees and a humidity of 80% are the perfect conditions for the Pythium to decide to feast on your crops, so don’t make it easy for them!
  • Keep your crops free of flies and mosquitoes, as they can carry the fungus.
  • You can use fungicides to prevent it. In Pevgrow we have a wide variety of them and we can recommend the most suitable one for your case. Ask us about it!


The Pythium fungus characteristics
The Pythium fungus characteristics



🎯 How to fight it or treat it?


At Pevgrow we are concerned that this fungus may ruin your work for months and spoil your crop, so we bring you a varied selection of fungicides that will help you prevent the appearance of this undesirable fungus. Because you know…. you can’t be too careful!

The most appropriate fungicides for the treatment of Pythium are as follows:


  • Greendel Copper Fungicide for Fungus / Algae / Bacteria: a biological, preventive and curative product. With this natural product you will fight fungi, bacteria and algae.
  • Anti-mildew fungicide Flower (MIclobutanil): This product has a great benefit in the treatment of fungi. It is used for the preventive and curative control of numerous diseases caused by fungi such as powdery mildew, white spot, speckle, rust, oidiopsis, black-rot and anthracnose.


I forgot!. If you’re looking for a 100% natural alternative, you may be surprised to discover that even bees produce their own natural remedy for this fungus. It is propolis, a 100% natural bio-stimulator and fungicide made by them. Did you know that they actually secrete this substance to use as a kind of cement? They seal all the fissures of the hive, thus preventing the entry of any parasite or infection


You can find this natural substance in products such as Trabe Revihemp regenerador, which stimulates biochemical processes thanks to its composition rich in vitamins B, C and E. It will also improve the yield of your crops and stimulate your plant’s natural defenses by strengthening them against possible future attacks by fungi or bacteria.


In addition, we would not like to end this article without giving you one last recommendation for the prevention of Pythium. Renewing the mother plant from time to time is a very good option to fight against this fungus, as it can carry contaminated spores and also convert cuttings into carriers, which would ruin your new crop from the beginning..


Replacing it with one of the new plants after one or two uses would be ideal for a health cure. In this way, we will obtain young and strong mothers who will prevent the appearance of the feared fungus.


➕ Conclusion


In short, to talk about Pythium is to talk about a powerful and fast fungus that is worth being well informed and prepared to fight it before it ruins your entire marijuana crop

You can’t be too careful when trying to take care of your cannabis crops, but at Pevgrow we offer you all the information you need and all our most effective fungicide products against Pythium, to ensure that you can enjoy your weed without any surprises. We hope you found them useful!!?

If so, don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and colleagues, it sure can help a lot of marijuana lovers and growers fight Pythium! We’d love to hear what you think of this post so don’t hesitate to leave us a comment ;).

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