What is the CBG?

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What is the CBG?

What is the CBG?

The CBG is a cannabinoid (cannabigerol), which is believed to be non-psychoactive. Researchers still have much work to study this substance.

The CBG is far less known than the cannabinoid CBD and, therefore, less studied. But it has been made ​​with this chemical several trials. One study, from 2009 on glaucoma in animals in which it saw the CBG reduced the intraocular pressure. It was also found that this substance produces a dampening effect of nausea and also used for vomiting, but this research has not yet been applied in people.

The CBG, results in THC and CBD

The CBG, results in THC and CBD

Another property that is being discovered in several animal tests is that the CBG has an antiinflammatory effect on colitis and inflammatory bowel disease and has also been demonstrated (not yet in people) that this substance reduces pain, alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis and slows down the proliferation of tumor cells. Likewise, the CBG have significant antibiotic properties and inhibits platelet aggregation thus is very good to regulate blood clotting. It is also a powerful antibacterial, analgesic, helps fight insomnia and can stimulate bone growth.

The CBG is less predominant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant because it is in very small quantities, but by chemical processes results in THC and CBD, two components that are more familiar to us than the CBG.

Cannabis Researchers say most of the minor cannabinoids begin as CBG, that is, this substance is responsible for the formation of other cannabinoids, therefore, without many cannabinoid CBG not exist. But we’re not going to take prominence to this substance because it alone is responsible for many medicinal benefits such as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. This anti-inflammatory activity is very important in the development of colon cancer, so researchers have great field of research in this regard.

Another fact: CBG need very high temperatures to be vaporized.


Pain relief through the skin

As pain relief, which we benefit from this substance. It notes that it can also reap its benefits by transdermally, ie through the skin. Hundreds of years ago, when they were plants (rather than medicine) which is used to heal many sick they leave marijuana got wet with the alcohol and applied as a poultice to cure their joints were aching or swollen. Therefore, long has been using marijuana to alleviate their muscle or joint pains.

Cannabinoid therapy

Cannabinoid therapy

Today, in fact, many medicinal patches are used because the substances pass easily through the skin. And an advantage of the applications of marijuana on the skin (for those who do not want the ‘buzz’) is that the effect is only noticed in the area that we want, not the brain. Transdermal methods are commonly used because they allow direct absorption of the drug directly through the skin and are very effective because they carry the chemicals rapidly into the bloodstream.



Although it is the least known cannabinoid, we offer you the chance to find out.

In Piensa en Verde, we have a novel seeds, Auto CBG Cannabiogen, with which you can have an abundant, fast and high quality crop.

This marijuana plant genetics carries recognized Destroyer, a Sativa variety created by crossing Meao Thai X (Mexican x Colombian), but this time in autoflowering version, similar to its older sister features, but with a life cycle of about 10 weeks from germination.

With Auto CBG seeds you will have abundant harvests of dense flowers of the highest quality.

These buds at the end of the flowering stage in addition to being completely covered by the resin, have the characteristic that turn a lovely purple color.

We can not forget the effect of Auto CBG, powerful and emphatic, as it is good sativa.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa en Verde

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