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Aeroflo GHE

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GHE General Hydroponics (Aeroflo
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GHE Aeroflo is a aeroponic system specially designed to grow marijuana plants indoors in the most profitable, clean, and efficient way. This model changed the history of soilless cultivation systems, has proven its quality for many years, and has been copied by hundreds of companies.

What is the Aeroflo aeroponic system like?

It consists of a tank in which a water pump is placed, which drives the prepared nutrient solution and through a hose it reaches some droppers, which distribute the irrigation between each of the plants by means of some small nebulizers that spray irrigation so that it arrives with the highest amount of oxygen.

The plants are placed in small mesh pots that are placed inside rectangular white tubes, where the roots are enclosed so that no light reaches them and where the water circulates with the nutrients that feed them. Balls of expanded clay are placed inside the mesh pots, which serve as support for the roots.

How does GHE's Aeroflo work?

It is a recirculation system for the nutrient solution, which means that the irrigation water with the food leaves the tank, hydrates the roots of the plants, and returns to the tank, over and over again. In this way all the water and fertilizers are used, since there is no drainage as in other cultivation methods.

The ideal is to work with clones, that is, cuttings of the same variety, and if they may be of indica genetics or hybrids, because it does not interest them to get too big and the sativas grow a lot. Once all the well-rooted plants are placed in their mesh pots, the tank is filled with water, the corresponding fertilizers, additives, and stimulators are added, always checking the EC and subsequently adjusting the PH. When the values are correct, we plug in the irrigation pump and it will work.

With aeroponic irrigation recirculation systems, it is important to adjust the EC and PH of the nutrient solution every day, because as the plants eat, the amount of food that is irrigated decreases, and this also causes fluctuations in the PH. Every 10 or 15 days it is good to renew the water completely and add the products that touch in each phase.

Advantages of growing with the Aeroflo system

  1. Greater oxygenation of the roots than any other growing system
  2. Less exposure of the root system to soil pathogens
  3. Full use of resources, both water and fertilizers
  4. Increase in bud production
  5. Total control of feeding
  6. More than 15 years proving its effectiveness

Different models of Aeroflo cultivation systems

  • Aeroflo 10: 10 plants 110 cm long 46 cm wide 55 cm high 50 L tank
  • Aeroflo 14: 14 plants 160 cm long 46 cm wide 55 cm high 55 L tank
  • Aeroflo 28: 28 plants 180 cm long 67 cm wide 44 cm high 100 l tank
  • Aeroflo 40: 40 plants 224 cm long 105 cm wide 57 cm high 200 L tank
  • Aeroflo 56: 56 plants 290 cm long 140 cm wide 32 cm high 150 L tank
  • Aeroflo 60: 60 plants 325 cm long 100 cm wide 56 cm high 240 L tank
  • Aeroflo 80: 80 plants 410 cm long 105 cm wide 57 cm high 200 L tank
  • Aeroflo 84: 84 plants 290 cm long 195 cm wide 32 cm high 220 L tank
  • Aeroflo 120: 120 plants 660 cm long 120 cm wide 32 cm high 320 L tank

Buy GHE Aeroflo aeroponic growing system at the best price online

With Aeroflo you will save time, money, and peace of mind, because with the minimum amount of water and products you will get crops like you have never seen before, and the best of all is that you no longer have to water by hand anymore. Once you try aeroponic buds, you will no longer want yerba of another type, big, hard, and with more resin ... What more could you ask for?

Data sheet and characteristics

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  • GHE General Hydroponics (Aeroflo

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