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Samsara Seeds 

Samsara Seeds and Piensaenverde. We have a special relationship, we not only have business deals but there is a relationship of friendship.. El equipo de samsara seeds We could not miss discovering this marijuana seeds bank, which offers both feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds.. The team of samsara seeds is described as a bank that offers a sea of spiritual feelings and that you take the wheel of life, the state of enlightenment, you have a slow, contemplative life? you are interested in karma? and relaxation? if yes share the same philosophy as this young Spanish bank which distributes seed of cannabis feminized and autoflowering.Samsara was created to the selection, conservation and breeding lines of cannabis, existing and future and the dream of preserving this valuable genetic distributing it to anyone to enjoy it. As a result of work of many years and based on an extensive collection genetics have brought together jewels to fill your home life. We are pleased to know the people who manage this bank and are people who live and enjoy their work, thanks to them all. To you friends I suggest you spare a few minutes of your time to discover this mysterious bank of seeds.....welcome!