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Samsara Seeds, quality doesn't have to be expensive.


Welcome to PevGrow! I have the pleasure of presenting to you, the catalogue of feminized varieties of Samsara Seeds, a Spanish seed bank, which since its creation has not stopped doing things well and that has had its fruit, since its very marked personality and its philosophy of life very implemented in each and every one of its creations, have opened a very large gap in the national market, for you Grower!

Samsara Seeds defines itself as a very special seed bank, which tries to help you reach a state of enlightenment with each of its varieties, believe in karma and a spiritual life, a little seventies and hippie as the "Haters" would say, but of course helps them to create with much care and dedication varieties that are very special, do you stay with us and know them?


The favorite genetics of our customers


Jekyll Passion

A weed with a clear predominance Sativa, which matures very early and to which we must add the excellent pedigree it has, and is derived from the marriage between Black Domina and Original Flo, which give rise to a very short flowering plant and large buds and tight in the shape of foxtail.

Its organoleptic properties are a truly powerful spectacle with a lot of personality, characterized by a taste of hashish Manali, pure incense with touches of mint, which will make your palate shudder with pleasure, and every time you think about it, your salivary glands will get to work, aware that is approaching one of the best experiences that exist.

The effects caused by this weed, are very euphoric and pleasant, perfect for a good laugh with friends, after a hard week at work and family obligations.


Green Love Potion

The ancestry of this weed, is not "turkey snot", comes nothing more and nothing less than the crossing between Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani strain, with a mixture of the best Sativas of Korea, Hawaii and USA, obtaining as a result a versatile plant, which adapts to any growing medium.

Indoors, you can collect between 500-800 gr per m2, a real barbarity, bearing in mind that has a flowering period of only 45 to 55 days, and I guarantee that I have checked. For this I like to use 7 litre pots, with which you can place 14 plants per m2, which I combine with a 200w LED lighting system.

Outdoors, a very beastly productivity awaits you, you just have to give it a good dose of sunlight, and be very careful with pests, because it is certainly weak to attack. For this I like to use good preventive such as Neem Oil. Grow it in a large pot to reach its maximum size.


At PevGrow, we work every day to offer you the latest novelties in the market, so that you can be on the agenda in a very changing and constantly evolving market. That's why we've added the feminized varieties of Samsara Seeds to our catalogue, a real treat!

Samsara Seeds, a seed bank for very special smokers


The autoflowering seeds of Samsara Seeds, come to your trusted online Growshop, and we do not say it, we know them very well and I am proud to say that we are friends, but say it the thousands of customers who every day more enjoy their impressive creations, if you do not know What are you waiting for?

They describe themselves as a seed bank, which offers a sea of spiritual sensations, and that will take you to a state of enlightenment. Are you looking for a slow and contemplative life? Do you believe in karma? No doubt you are in the right place, because you share the philosophy of life of this seed bank.


The most outstanding varieties of Samsara Seeds



Its origin comes from the combination between Original White Dwarf x Skunk and then crossed with Lavender, and retro crossed later to maintain the autoflowering pattern. As a good Sativa, it is very powerful and its effects are consistent, a strong initial climb and brain active, which leads to maximum relaxation with a sofa effect that will elevate you to the seventh sky.

Its organoleptic properties stand out for its incredible exotic mango flavor, accompanied by an aroma also marked by an intense touch of exotic fruits, which I'm sure will delight your taste buds.


El Alquimista Auto

In just 65-70 days after germination, you'll have a very beastly harvest of buds loaded with lots of THC and CBD. In indoor crops, you can collect between 400-450 gr per m2, for which I recommend you use pots of 11 liters, to give them a good root growth, and a broader vegetative development, so you can collect a greater number of buds.

In outdoor crops, I always recommend using a good flowering stimulator, which will help your plant at a crucial time, which directly affects the quality of the buds and their quantity, for this I always use Cannazym de Canna, which works great.


Shot Adrenaline

When you try this weed you are going to hallucinate with its impressive taste of acid strawberry and its intense aroma of Skunk, all accompanied by some very psychotic effects, which will stagger even the most experienced smokers. If you have never tried such a powerful variety, be very careful, because you can end up with a good "Amarillo".


You can buy these and many more autoflowering varieties of Samsara Seeds in your trusted online Growshop. A very special seed bank for very special people, do you join the Samsara family?

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