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The Himalayan mountain range is so large that it encompasses several coun tries, and it is in this area that the first cannabis plants in history emerged according to historians. One such country is Afghanistan , which despite not being a very fertile land, boasts some of the best landraces on the planet.

In these regions they usually use the marijuana crop to make hashish , but when the first expeditions of hippies discovered them, these plants began to be used to cross with other strains and thus obtain new hybrids . Afghan genetics is surely the one that is present in more varieties of today, and in this section we are going to highlight the best, both in regular seeds, as feminized, autoflowering, and the most medicinal.

Regular seeds of the Afghan family

Afghani Special

One of the best varieties on the market for quality / price ratio, because it is difficult to find regular seeds that offer so much quality for so little cost. It is a cross between 2 selections of very special Afghan cultivars. Sweet taste, resistance to water stress, huge and hard buds, and a really powerful relaxing effect in this KC Brains genetics .

Maple Leaf Indica

Regular seeds of the most classic of the Sensi Seeds catalog, a pure variety that more than a landrace is a cultivar, selected by the hand of man through many generations. It stands out for its sweet perfume, its short stature, the leaf similar to that of the maple , and above all for its devastating calming, hypnotic and sedative effect, a gift from nature.

Most outstanding Afghan feminized seeds

Afghani # 1

A few years ago, when autoflowering seeds were not yet sold, Sensi Seeds' Afghani # 1 was the best strain to offer to inexperienced growers. This is so because of the incredible resistance to stress of this genetics, improved by Sam The Skunkman and Sacred Seeds in California, and a key piece in the modern cannabis landscape, because it is parental of many strains of today.

Mota Khan Afghana

Another pure Afghan bred by Elite Seeds breeders , coming directly from the Mazar-i-Sharif region , which currently encompasses around 90% of cannabis crops. Very compact structure, with main tips that exceed the size of a leg in many cases, and a unique terpene profile, with spicy and sweet notes reminiscent of the best hash in Afghanistan.

Afgan kush

Pure wild variety that the World Of Seeds bank offers in regular and feminized seed format. Its origin is near the border with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan , and they are very hard plants, special for guerrilla cultivation, or for those growers who have little time to dedicate to daily watering of the garden. The taste is sweet, and its special effect to enjoy at night.

Best hybrids and polyhybrids with Afghan genes on the market

Black domina

This Sensi Seeds plant contains around 95% Afghan genetics , so it is practically 100% indica , and it must be said that it is one of the most powerful, as well as having a unique aroma and flavor. It produces extra hard buds, which yield a lot when crushed with the grinder, and the effect is very relaxing on a physical and mental level, quality medicine.


One of the many Skunk / Afghan crosses or vice versa on the market, but not one more, for many the best, and a classic that you have to try at least once in your life. Winner of several cannabis cups, this Dutch Passion all-rounder adapts to any type of crop, although it is perfect for indoors due to its morphology, flowering time, and the density of its buds, which can cause mold if they get wet in the rain. .

NL5 x Afghan

NL # 5 is the best selection of Northern Lights in the world, brought from the USA to the Netherlands in the 80s, to this day it is still considered one of the best elite cannabis clones in history. Northern Lights is the most acclaimed Afghani hybrid , and the Mr. Nice seed bank gave it a retro twist by crossing this cutting with a very special Afghani.

Barbara bud

The flagship of the House Of The Great Gardener seed bank, with a large Afghan genetic load. It has won more than 10 cannabis competitions during the last 10 years, and the resin it produces is special for extractions. Very uniform variety, the majority of individuals maintain the most remarkable features of the Afghan Indica .

Best Afghani autoflowering seeds

Northern Light Auto

One of the best autoflowering varieties of all time , for ease of cultivation, production, aroma and effect. The total cultivation cycle of these PEV Bank Seeds seeds is around 75 days, and during that time it achieves a spectacular development, with a large and branched structure, which is covered with buds to end up giving a yield like few others.

Afghan Express

It was one of the first autoflowering varieties of the Positronics seed bank, and today it is still one of the most demanded of this brand. Very homogeneous plants, with very little variation between the offspring, and really similar to the normal Afghan . Total cultivation cycle that does not usually reach 80 days, with high yields both indoors and outdoors.

Afghan Kush Ryder

Automatic version of the Afgan Kush variety from World Of Seeds . Special seeds for consumers who want to start self-cultivation of cannabis, because their strength makes them resistant to the point of being able to withstand almost any type of stress. In organoleptic terms it is very similar to the photodependent version, sweet and reminiscent of hashish.

SAD Auto

Very successful replica of Sweet Seeds , since it shares many of the qualities of its "older sister", although much faster in development and cultivation in general. It does not grow much in height, so it is perfect for growing on terraces, balconies, and small gardens , since the discretion is total. The final product produces a very smooth smoke, with less intensity of flavor than the normal version, but with the same relaxing effect.

Seeds of Afghan genetics and rich in CBD

Afghan Kush CBD

WorldPharma cannabis that has one of the most effective entourage effects on the market, because its chemotype stands out for a ratio between THC and CBD of 1: 1, with 10% of each , and a high content of beta caryophyllene that accentuates the medicinal properties. It is a very complete strain, because to the previous qualities we must add its great yield, delicious flavor, and simplicity of cultivation.


If the normal Sweet Afghani Delicious is already very medicinal due to its powerful indica effect, this version that has ratios between THC and CBD ranging from 1: 1 to 1: 3 you can imagine its therapeutic properties. Diesel notes are added to the flavor to the sweet and musky typical of this family, and the total cultivation time is shortened from 1 week to 10 days with these Sweet Seeds seeds .

Northern Lights CBD

For many people, Northern Lights is the best Afghan blood hybrid ever, mostly because of its extraordinary physical effect. The Pyramid Seeds seed bank took an elite clone of this variety and added an extra cannabidiol, leaving it with a very balanced chemotype, with a ratio between THC and CBD 1: 1, without affecting other qualities such as aroma and flavor.

Black Domina CBD

Variety of cannabis that lacks psychoactivity due to its THC content of less than 1%, so it can be said that it is only medicinal. The genetic base of this strain is Black Domina, but based on selection, analysis, crosses, and stabilization, WorldPharma has achieved a chemotype with a ratio between THC and CBD of approximately 1:20, with a great entourage effect thanks to the high levels of beta caryophyllene.


The Afghan family is one of the largest and most important in cannabis, mainly because it is part of the genetics of most primary hybrids, such as Skunk, Northern Lights, Blueberry, G13 or Bubble Gum among many others. Thanks to its undeniable quality, today you can find seeds of all kinds of versions of this plant, and in this section you can see the best ones.

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