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Dear cannalovers ... welcome to PEV Grow!

At PEV Grow, we are proud to introduce you to the Spanish marijuana seed bank Genethtik seeds.

Genehtik is a seed bank from the Basque Country, now of recognized prestige and success, which was founded as a result of many long years of intense cultivation work and of sharing and exchanging genetic reserves of marijuana, as well as information and experiences with growers and breeders, amateurs and professionals, recognized and unknown, from different countries and continents of the world.

Genehtik, since being known as Ortue in the 90s, have maintained very special and interesting varieties of marijuana, authentic champions in most cases. Of successive errors and successes in different crosses of the mother plants that Genehtik has maintained during the nineties with other marijuana seeds from different parts of the world, these guys have managed to create their own completely stable varieties of high-quality and extreme psychoactive power.

In their catalog you will find feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds of the highest level, which has led them to harvest large successes within the cannabis panorama. It’s more than enough just remembering the celebration held with the market launch of his Kritikal Bilbo ... with unprecedented levels of THC in a marijuana plant. So successful was the variety, that they had no choice but to get on the CBD auto, creating a high CBD genetics with a stable 1:1 ratio and preserving the aroma and flavor of Kritikal Bilbo itself. The result was another wonder.

Genehtik, as a bank of marijuana seeds, always guarantees the maximum genetic quality of all its seeds, keeping the features of the parents or selected mother plants, preserving the aromas, flavors and effects, thus ensuring stability and hybrid vigor, both in the initial stages of plant development, such as flowering, potency, production and sensitivity, to photoperiod changes. In addition, Genehtik always guarantees that virtually 100% of their marijuana seeds will offer female flowers.

All their seeds pass a strict quality control, being selected manually to ensure maximum quality, and a microtube packaging to ensure optimal conservation.

Varieties of excellent marijuana can be found whatever the variety you choose from their catalog, passing through devastating indicas such as the Kritikal Bilbo itself, to reach hybrids of supreme quality in the form of feminized seeds like Amnesia Bilbo, Kritikal Bilbo x AK, Northern Lights X, OG Lemon Bilbo, Santa Bilbo, Super Silver Bilbo, Txes Bilbo, Txomango and Zuri Widow.

They also have autoflowering seeds such as Northern Lights Auto, Nevil Bilbo Auto, Kritikal Bilbo Auto, Goxuak Auto, Ese T. Bilbo Auto, and Amnesia Bilbo Auto.

In short, from PEV Grow we recommend that you dive through their catalog to find the wide range of genetic selection, and thus be able to choose between different flavors, effects, aromas, flowering times, production ...

We guarantee the maximum genetic quality of all Genehtik marijuana seeds!!
Are you coming along to visit the Genehtik universe?