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Elite Seeds: Therapeutic Feminized Seeds

PEV Grow has the pleasure of presenting to you one of the medicinal marijuana seed banks that is already a reality in the national and international cannabis scene: Elite Seeds. From the hand of Ana, one of the first cannagrowers who opened a grow shop in Valencia at the end of the 90s (Kanopia), we bring you all her study, experience and knowledge in the form of feminized marijuana seeds.

Elite Seeds was created with the goal of satisfying the demand for cannabis-derived products for all those medicinal and recreational users who wish to have their own homegrowing, cultivating varieties of authentic psychoactive as well as medicinal power, since the breeders of Elite Seeds have been able to differentiate the applications of THC-rich and CBD-rich chemotypes from their catalog, and in this way being able to enjoy different cannabinoid and terpene ratios of the highest medicinal quality and for multiple selected and differentiated applications.

Discover the Elite Seeds feminized seeds catalogue:

Their catalog is made up of THC rich and CBD rich genetics, which have been developed from successive crosses, until stabilizing the THC:CBD ratios corresponding to each variety, always starting from marijuana and non-narcotic hemp varieties that provide a solid base cannabinoid.

THC rich photo-dependent chemotypes such as La rica clásica, Blue elite indica, Llimonet classic haze, Whimsical Thai, Mota Afghan khan, Bestial Skunk, Meganuska, Elite 47, Banana Joint, Early widow, Black Hole and La katana make their laboratory, located in the scientific park of the University of Valencia, a sea of collecting genetics for medicinal and ludic purposes, very worth of knowing and tasting.

Elite seeds certify their stable THC:CBD ratios with their own research instruments, and with their analytical routine control by analytical liquid chromatography, showing the chemical profile of each of the varieties.

Do not hesitate to contact PEV Grow if you have any inquiry about the seeds of Elite Seeds, from the point of view of how to grow their varieties, fertilization, lighting, the effects that produce their varieties, as well as information provided based on the Terpenes of each variety that make up this catalog of cannabis flavors and aromas. We hope that these varieties can satisfy your senses, whether you are a medicinal or ludic user. Supreme quality ... do not miss it!

Elite Seeds: the top autoflowering seeds

The autoflowering varieties of Elite Seeds, are characterized by good stability and rapidity of flowering, all this without sacrificing an apex of quality. To learn more about Elite Seeds, we have to go back more than 15 years, when in Valencia began to make their first selections a group of Breeders friends, giving rise to what is now considered one of the reference seed banks nationally, and is composed of the best Breeders along the coast of Valencia.

The auto-flowering varieties of Elite Seeds, are designed to be grown outdoors, as well as our partners Elite Seeds have developed all their strains with an incredible resistance to attack pests such as powdery mildew.


Meet the best auto varieties of Elite Seeds:

To give you a better idea of what Elite Seeds is capable of doing, I have selected for you the best autoflowering varieties from the Elite Seeds catalogue.

Elite 47 Auto

I'll start with the well-known Elite 47 Auto. This strain is the result of the combination of the original Elite 47 with a Ruderalis, to give it its automatic characteristics, but maintaining the powerful devastating effects and citrus flavours with hints of incense from its older sister. Outdoor grows strong and vigorous, and although not usually needed, I apply a good organic insecticide such as Naturscrop Allium Naturcannabis, very effective against the whitefly. You can collect outdoors up to 80 gr per plant in just 65 days.


Goliath Auto

Goliath Auto is perfect for lovers of high flying experiences, with very high THC levels for an autoflowering variety. Its organoleptic properties are a real scandal, characterized by a fruity and tropical flavor, make your taste buds shudder with each puff. Its behavior in interior is good, if you use 9 flowerpots of 11 liters, you will be able to get the most out of it. In exteriors, it is characterized by a magnificent resistance to plagues, and its portentous growth allows it to give you up to 100 gr for plant, of some buds of another world.



Meet at PevGrow, the catalog of autoflowering varieties of Elite Seeds, and be seduced by the good work that this seed bank has been demonstrating for almost twenty years, staying in constant evolution in a market as difficult as the cultivation of cannabis.

Elite Seeds: Impressive CBD-Rich Seeds

In PevGrow you can now find the catalogue of varieties rich in CBD from Elite Seeds, the Spanish seed bank, and more specifically Valencian, which sets trends and is considered to be one of the most outstanding on the national and European scene. These varieties contain high levels of CBD, and are characterized by their incredible quality and stability, as well as their enormous resistance to pests and fungi when grown outdoors, like all Elite Seeds creations.

These entrepreneurs are constantly evolving and their products are always at the forefront in terms of cannabis trends, currently the varieties rich in CBD are their strong point, they were even pioneers in strains with a THC content below 1%, with CBD levels above 20%, I speak of their archiconocidated seed Solodiol.  


Elite Seeds high CBD seed catalogue:

Juanita "La Lagrimosa"

An overview of some varieties rich in CBD from Elite Seeds. First, Juanita "La Lagrimosa", whose genetic origin is the result of the merger between New York Diesel and Reina Madre, and stands out for its ease of cultivation pasmosa, perfect for anyone starting in the world of cannabis. Outdoors use a pot of 18 liters and you will have an exceptional growth, and therefore some buds in line.


Llimonet Haze Auto CBD

Llimonet Haze Auto CBD, is another of those strains that have marked a before and after in the sector, is characterized by its incredible organoleptic properties, with an outstanding citrus lemon flavor, combined with a spectacular Haze aroma that will undoubtedly fall in love with you. Inside, I recommend that you use 11-litre pots, so that it reaches its plenitude and you can collect up to 350 gr per m2 that can be reported. In outdoor crops, if the plants in a pot of 18 liters you can get to collect up to 140 gr per plant.


The Rica CBD Auto

If what you are looking for is to enjoy the medicinal properties of marijuana in record time, your variety is La Rica CBD Auto. Awarded nothing more and nothing less, with the prize of the best automatic of 2016, by the magazine Soft Secrets. Indoors, it is very stable and perfect for SOG crops, as they are very homogeneous plants. In outdoor crops, use a preventative via foliar to avoid surprises and be prepared to collect large amounts of weed.


You can now find the Elite Seeds CBD seed catalogue in your trusted online Growshop. Enjoy the incredible medicinal properties and taste its impressive taste and aroma, and a dedicated work of the Elite Seeds breeders. Now available at PevGrow!

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