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Elite Seeds 

Dear cannalovers, welcome to PEV Grow!

PEV Grow has the pleasure of presenting to you one of the medicinal marijuana seed banks that is already a reality in the national and international cannabis scene: Elite seeds.

From the hand of Ana, one of the first cannagrowers who opened a grow shop in Valencia at the end of the 90s (Kanopia), we bring you all her study, experience and knowledge in the form of feminized and autoflowering marijuana seeds with high levels of CBD and THC.

Elite Seeds was created with the goal of satisfying the demand for cannabis-derived products for all those medicinal and recreational users who wish to have their own homegrowing, cultivating varieties of authentic psychoactive as well as medicinal power, since the breeders of Elite Seeds have been able to differentiate the applications of THC-rich and CBD-rich chemotypes from their catalog, and in this way being able to enjoy different cannabinoid and terpene ratios of the highest medicinal quality and for multiple selected and differentiated applications.

Their catalog is made up of THC rich and CBD rich genetics, which have been developed from successive crosses, until stabilizing the THC:CBD ratios corresponding to each variety, always starting from marijuana and non-narcotic hemp varieties that provide a solid base cannabinoid.

THC rich photo-dependent chemotypes such as La rica clásica, Blue elite indica, Llimonet classic haze, Whimsical Thai, Mota Afghan khan, Bestial Skunk, Meganuska, Elite 47, Banana Joint, Early widow, Black Hole and La katana, together with its autoflowering variants, Goliat and Elite 47 Auto, make their laboratory, located in the scientific park of the University of Valencia, a sea of collecting genetics for medicinal and ludic purposes, very worth of knowing and tasting.

In the Elite Seeds laboratory, there are also CBD-rich medicinal hybrids, such as the photo-dependent varieties Llimonet Haze CBD, La rica clásica CBD, Juanita “La lagrimosa” and the photo-dependent feminized Solodiol, with their CBD-rich autoflowering seed formats nothing near of insignificant, as we can find in their genetics Llimonet Haze auto CBD, and La rica Auto CBD.

Elite seeds certify their stable THC:CBD ratios with their own research instruments, and with their analytical routine control by analytical liquid chromatography, showing the chemical profile of each of the varieties.

Do not hesitate to contact PEV Grow if you have any inquiry about the seeds of Elite Seeds, from the point of view of how to grow their varieties, fertilization, lighting, the effects that produce their varieties, as well as information provided based on the Terpenes of each variety that make up this catalog of cannabis flavors and aromas.

We hope that these varieties can satisfy your senses, whether you are a medicinal or ludic user...

Supreme quality ... do not miss it!