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Ace Seeds: The most exclusive feminized seeds


Hand in hand with Ace Seeds and your trusted Grow Shop you have at the best price all the feminized seeds from the ACE Seeds catalogue. All opinions about this bank are positive and it is not by chance, now I will tell you why...

ACE Seeds is a collective of breeders, activists and cannabis lovers who direct their activity to the preservation and research of stabilized hybrid genetics.


Discover the Ace Seeds catalogue:

Their group of breeders has several lines of development:

On the one hand they offer pure sativa lines that have managed to stabilize over time, creating very sativa genotypes with short flowering times of between 9 and 12 weeks. These sativas, have a very disparate origin, being able to enjoy genotypes from Congo, Nepal, Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, India, Vietnam, and other exotic countries of tropical climate fundamentally, that contribute to ACE Seeds a sybarite genetic reserve without precedents.

In another sense,  ACE Seeds produces hybrids Sativa/Indica, from the genetic lines of origin previously mentioned, like selected crosses of genetics Afghani Kush or Pakistan Chitral among others, as well as a classic line Afghana ACE Seeds Erdpurt, of relaxing characteristics, almost 100% Indica, and of violet and purple colors (a variety 100% purple).

The best feminized varieties of Ace Seeds:

Among its great successes and selected varieties we have bouquet genetics very difficult to find in the market as Bangi Haze, a hybrid Sativa/Indica 70/30, very resistant to mold and rainy climates, being a variety 100% THC rich, with contents between 15 and 20% of THC certified by the company. other of its most quoted genetics are African varieties such as Malawi, a marijuana with THC levels that exceed 25% in many cases.


In its lines of pure Central American strains we can find psychedelic diamonds, such as Tikal itself or rarer varieties for having a clear origin in China and Nepal, as Orient Express, China Yunnan, Kali China and Nepal Jam.


In short, a seed bank promoted by authentic professional breeders who provide certificates of analysis produced by laboratories specialized in cannabinoids, both in Spain and the United States.

PEV Grow offers you the entire Ace Seeds catalogue so that you can enjoy this collection of marijuana genetics of the highest quality.

Are you going to miss these exceptional sativa bouquet hybrids?

Ace Seeds: Certified genetic selection

Specialists in sativas, Ace Seeds has been working for many years with the best genetics on the planet, creating the best varieties in the world, with one main premise, quality. As with PevGrow, Ace Seeds takes it very seriously that each and every one of its varieties surpass rigorous quality standards, providing the maximum to its clients.

Discover the catalogue of autoflowering varieties of Ace Seeds:

Ace Seeds' catalogue of auto-flowering varieties is currently made up of a single weed, but their breeders have told us that they are in the midst of developing new genetics, and as you well know, in this type of matter you have to be patient, and even more so when you try to be different from the rest.

Auto Malawi X Northern Lights

This plant develops strong and vigorous, with an impressive genetic richness, which translates into 3 very different phenotypes:

- One more Indica with 55 days of flowering
- The second, a hybrid Indica / Sativa with about 65 days of flowering
- A Sativa with a flowering period of 80 days with African flavors that are a real madness.

In this case, in indoor cultivation, I recommend that you place it in a 20/4 or 16/8 photoperiod during the entire cultivation phase, and if you use 7 litre pots, you can obtain its maximum potential.

In outdoor crops use 18 litre pots, with a good quality substrate such as bat guano, perfect to provide extra protection against attack by pests.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet one of the best seed banks that exist today, and of course... Already in your trusted online Growshop!

Ace Seeds: The sativa specialist

You can now find available in your trusted online Growshop, the catalog of regular varieties of the seed bank Ace Seeds. The varieties offered by the seed bank Ace Seeds, are characterized by being the best Sativas in the world, and the largest collection, being able to choose from a wide range of varieties, the one that best suits your preferences, although I warn you that it will be very difficult to decide between such an agglomeration of stars.

The best regular Ace Seeds:


The catalogue of regular varieties of Ace Seeds, is composed of marijuana seeds as prominent as Malawi. This is a 100% Sativa variety that comes directly from the heart of Africa, and is characterized by its impressive effects and productivity. This variety is perfect for those who love strong psychoactive effects, and great productivities.

In indoor crops, you can get up to 400 gr per m2, for it I use 9 pots of 11 liters, and a spongy substrate for its root growth is enhanced, and consequently its productivity.

In outdoor crops, it is very important that you provide fertilizers rich in phosphorus and potassium necessary especially in the flowering phase.


Golden Tiger

For those who love the traditional flavors of cannabis, with touches incensed and powerful, Golden Tiger. The origin of this variety is the result of the genetic fusion between Koh Chang Thai, Hmong Thai and an old Malawi, becoming a wonderful strain, which needs high levels of nitrogen to maintain its intense green color. THC levels can reach up to 25%.

In Indoor crops, it can produce up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, it needs many hours of sunshine, so make sure to place it in the area of the terrace with more hours of sunshine. It is a little delicate and needs care, such as having enough root space to prevent rotting, as well as providing fertilizers throughout the cultivation process to avoid deficiencies. If you do your job well you can reach up to 700 gr per plant.


Regular Violet

If you are a beginner, your choice is Regular Violet, which is characterized by an astonishing ease of cultivation. Its origin is the result of the marriage between Malawi and Pakistan Chitral, creating a variety that adapts to any growing medium, withstanding low and high temperatures, attacks of pests and fungi. In outdoor crops, can reach a height of 2 meters, and grows with a very vigorous and rough, with branches that perfectly support the weight of fat buds, prepare to harvest up to 500 grams per plant.


Bangi Haze

A true Spartan is the Bangi Haze, as it likes and characterizes Ace Seeds, one of the most representative varieties of the idiosyncrasy of its good work.

This variety is the result of an incredible combination between different Sativas, and is characterized by its incredible productivity, even in the coldest areas where no other could bear fruit. Outdoors, is a champion, resistant to all types of inclement weather and attacks of insects and fungi, so with very little will get 800-900 gr per plant become a reality. You can use the substrate that suits you best, since it also adapts great to all types of soil.


You can find all these and many more like Pakistan Chitral Kush, in PevGrow, the Growshop online reference, which undoubtedly marks the differences, because our greatest wish is your satisfaction.

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