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Ace Seeds 

Dear Cannalovers!

At PEV Grow we are proud to present the spanish seed and genetic reserve bank ACE Seeds.

ACE Seeds is a collective of breeders, activists and cannabis lovers who direct their activity towards the preservation and research of stabilized hybrid genetics.

This group of breeders has several lines of development:

On the one hand, they offer pure sativa lines that have stabilized over time, creating very sativa genotypes with short flowering times of between 9 and 12 weeks. These sativas, have a very diverse origin, being able to enjoy genotypes from Congo, Nepal, Jamaica, Mexico, Thailand, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, India, Vietnam, and other exotic countries of tropical climate fundamentally, which contribute to ACE Seeds an unprecedented sybarite genetic reserve.

In another sense, ACE Seeds produces Sativa/Indica hybrids, from the genetic lines of provenance mentioned above, as selected crosses of Afghani Kush or Pakistan Chitral genetics, among others, as well as a classic Afghana ACE Seeds Erdpurt line, with relaxing characteristics, almost 100% Indica, and violet and purple colors (a variety 100% purple).

Their work genetic lines have been carried out in the ACE Seeds Standard line, as regular marijuana seeds, to later obtain the hybrid genetics as feminized marijuana seeds and auto-flowering marijuana seeds, in their ACE Seeds feminized and Auto lines.

Among the greatest and selected succesful strains by ACE Seeds we may enjoy a genetic bouquet very difficult to find in the market as ACE Seeds Bangi Haze, a hybrid Sativa/Indica 70/30, very resistant to mold and rainy weather, being a 100% THC rich chemotype, with THC contents between 15 and 20% certified by the company.

Other of its most sought-after genetics are African strains such as ACE Seeds Malawi Feminized or Standar, a THC rich chemotype with THC content exceeding 25% in many cases. Its cannabinoid and terpenes values are certified by two independent laboratories; we also have Thai or Durban plants such as ACE Seeds Durban Standard, ACE Seeds Zamaldelica Feminized or Standard or Golden Tiger Feminized or Standard.

In its Pure Central American line we can find psychedelic diamonds, such as ACE Seeds Tikal Standard, or rarer strains due to having a clear origin from China and Nepal, such as ACE Seeds Orient Express, ACE Seeds China Yunnan, ACE Seeds Kali China and ACE Seeds Nepal Jam.

In short, a seed bank promoted by authentic professional breeders who provide the certificates of analysis prepared by laboratories specialized in cannabinoids, both in Spain and the United States.

PEV Grow offers you its complete catalogue at the best price for you to enjoy this repertoire of top quality marijuana genetics.

Are you going to miss these exceptional sativa bouquet hybrids?