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Buddha Seeds: complete catalogue of autoflowering varieties

Buddha Seeds autoflowering seeds are sought after varieties all over the world due to their quality and productivity. Buddha Seeds has been recognized worldwide as one of the best autoflowering seed banks, its specialty without a doubt.

The Spanish seed bank started in 2006 with the launch of a unique autoflowering variety, the Buddha Seeds Dwarf derived from a Northern Lights phenotype. Simply spectacular!

Buddha Seeds is currently working side by side with universities and laboratories in order to always offer the best varieties on the market at both qualitative and quantitative levels.

In 2016 we celebrated its 10th anniversary and were able to taste at the party, first and exclusively the Buddha Seeds Vesta, a very productive autoflowering, with a more than considerable stature and unparalleled organoleptic properties. If you haven't tried it yet, we strongly recommend that you do so, because it is one of the 10 things you must do before you die.

The best autoflowering seeds from Buddha Seeds:

Buddha Seeds' contribution with automatic seeds is unbelievable, absolutely mythical strains intended for the newest growers who with very little will be able to obtain quality buds in record time, or for those expert growers who want to harvest fast, with plants very resistant to pests.

Magnum Auto

If you like secrets, Magnum Auto from Buddha Seeds invites you to discover in each puff, which is its genetics, because it is an unalterable secret that Buddha Seeds wants you to discover for yourself. Indoors, under a 20/4 illumination, placing 6 plants per m2 with a HPS illumination focus with 600w you will be able to collect up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, thanks to its fast flowering period of only 8 weeks, has a good resistance to fungi and pests. You can collect in this record time, up to 200 gr per plant and is also a perfect option for resin extractions.

Purple Kush Auto

For the more impatient, Purple Kush Auto from Buddha Seeds. Its main characteristic along with its short flowering period, is its incredible stability, if you opt for a SOG crop you will see that all grow equally. In addition, its lilac and violet colors have captivated thousands of growers around the world. In indoor cultivation, it will be perfect for small cupboards, as they reach a maximum of 60 cm. In just 60 days it will be ready and if you use 9 litre pots, you will squeeze it to the maximum. Outdoors, we recommend that you use 11-litre pots, so that it grows a little more and you can get up to 50 gr per plant.

Deimos Auto

If you were a little mad, because your last autoflowering variety suffered dwarfism, quiet because Deimos Auto from Buddha Seeds has arrived. This autoflowering strain has an unusual size for a auto, and its typical Skunk flavour is ideal for old school lovers. Indoors, we recommend that you apply a 20/4 photoperiod with a LEC lighting system, with 11 litre pots, and you can collect up to 425 gr per m2. Outdoors, if you have the possibility of planting it directly in mother earth with many hours of solar incidence, you can get a precious shrub that can produce up to 200 gr / plant of resinous buds of the best quality.


In PevGrow you can find these autoflowering varieties of Buddha Seeds, as well as many other varieties in its catalog as, the Kraken Auto of Buddha Seeds and the White Dwarf Auto of Buddha Seeds.

Discover Buddha Seeds autoflowering seeds in your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow.

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