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Bubba Kush is the most famous variety of indica cannabis in America, the favorite for over 2 decades. But there are dozens of Bubba crosses on the market, and of course, not all of them are what they say they are. That's why we decided to create this section, where you can see which are the best versions of this plant, and offered in different formats so they can be adapted to the needs of any grower.

After reading this, we are sure you will be able to decide which is the most interesting Bubba Kush descendant for you, regular, feminized, autoflowering, with high levels of CBD, or even without psychoactivity. We will also tell you the ones that from our point of view are the best crosses and hybrids with Bubba blood, because sometimes they are the best alternative to the original genetics.

Bubba Kush in regular format

The first Bubba cannabis seeds to come on the market were regular, back in the early years of the new millennium. At that time it was dangerous to sell cannabis strains in the US, because the law was quite strict. Luckily there were some bold as Swerve from Cali Connection, OrgnKid or later the boys of Humboldt Seeds Organization, who released regular seeds of Bubba Kush, and now we stick with the Bubba by Humboldt for its immense quality.

Feminized Bubba Kush seeds

The self-pollination of elite clones of this genetics, like Pre-98 Bubba Kush or the cutting known as Katsu Bubba, flooded the market with S1 feminized seeds of this plant. However we must know that although they are similar they are not the same.

The Pre-98 clone is slower growing, produces less flower, and takes on dark shades with great ease. Katsu stays green, unless temperatures drop drastically during maturation. Its calyx/leaf ratio is more interesting than in the other elite Bubba clones, but it must be said that the aroma and taste of Pre-98 is superior to Katsu. They are similar in effect, very powerful on a physical level, long lasting and very medicinal.

Among all the feminized Bubba Kush we can find in the sector nowadays, we will stick with those of Dinafem, mainly because they have more experience in making 100% female seeds than anyone else, and we know that their version is one of the most faithful.

Best Bubba Kush hybrids and crosses ever

For a special plant to become a legend, it is necessary that in addition to producing a good final product, that is, quality weed or concentrates, it is also capable of creating extraordinary progeny. This is the only way to establish a new cannabis family.

Well, that's the thing about Bubba, that its offspring become as good as it is, something any parent would be proud of. Who hasn't heard of Peyote Purple strain? You don't have to be a freak to know it, but what many people don't know is that it's a backcross with over 90% Bubba Kush.

Another plant that's making a lot of headlines these days is Ripper Seeds' Zombie Kush, which has even earned a spot in many clinics in the US and Canada. It is a cross between Sideral and Bubba Kush, with a lot of genetic load of the latter, which can be seen in its colorful appearance, its flavor, and of course, also in its effect.

Among Bubba's latest direct descendants, we've been very surprised by Bubba Slush from Green House Seeds, a great plant whichever way you look at it. We are talking about a fusion between Gelato strain and Bubba Kush, so it needs no further introduction, its pedigree speaks for itself.

Autoflowering versions of Bubba Kush

The best cannabis strains in history have their own autoflowering version and Bubba couldn't be less. By integrating ruderalis blood, not only are the genes that cause autoflowering, but also increases the vigor, something that is especially good for these ancient clones, as they often suffer the senescence accumulated over the years.

Over the last 10 years a few replicas of Bubba Kush have appeared in autoflowering format, and there is one that we consider superior to the others, the Bubba Kush Auto by Dinafem, which by the way is very similar (if not the same) to the one sold by Humboldt Seeds Organization.

These seeds are especially good for inexperienced growers who want to enjoy that coffee aroma and indica effect, because they stand up to hazing much better than the photodependent version or elite clones of this variety.

CBD Bubba Kush, the most medical cannabis in the family

The CBD Botanic team presented its therapeutic version of Bubba Kush to the market, seeds designed for patients who need high doses of Cannabidiol, since its THC:CBD ratio is 1:1. Before the arrival of the varieties rich in CBD, one of the most used genetics in a medicinal way in the United States was Bubba Kush, since it is an indication of a very corporal effect. So imagine if you add to that cannabis an extra cannabidiol, the medical effectiveness is multiplied.

Another good option is Dinafem's Bubba Kush CBD, in this case with a little more CBD than THC, so the psychoactivity decreases, and the therapeutic power increases. Dinafem breeders have done a good job, because it contains practically all the desired qualities of Bubba, except its totally changing effect.


Kush Hemp, same Bubba but no THC

The latest addition to the Bubba family is the Kush Hemp from Sovereign Fields, resulting from a cross between the Pre-98 Bubba Kush and a variety of industrial hemp. This plant produces about 15% CBD, and little or no THC, so it may be legal in many states. But the best part is that it contains the same flower density, amount of resin and appearance as the Bubba, but it changes the aroma and taste somewhat, and obviously the effect.

Curiosities about this magnificent cannabis strain

As with other classical genetics, the origin of the Bubba Kush is somewhat mysterious. It is thought that it may be a cross between Northern Lights and OG Kush, but there are also people who claim that it is a backcross between OG Kush and Chemdog. What is clear is that it is a Kush with all its letters, and that is obvious from its leaves, amount of resin and hardness of the flowers.

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