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Marijuana varieties with the aroma and flavor of bubble gum have always been highly valued in the cannabis sector, as they are one of those herbs that everyone normally likes. But where did this delicious type of cannabis come from? What is the original variety? Where can we find hybrids or descendants of this plant? Don't worry, because this section is to clarify all those doubts, and in passing we will also see the best versions and variations of this genetics.

Indiana Bubblegum, the original genetics

It all started in Indiana (USA) where a local grower had spent several years growing seeds of a hybrid strain, of unknown origin but of immense quality. Some think that it could be a cross of Skunk or Northern Lights, although it is not clear at all, but it does not matter, because the important thing is that these plants contained a sweet flavor that had never been achieved in marijuana, which had an impact and follows it doing to everyone who tries it for the first time.

It is said that this breeder from Indiana distributed different clones to various growers in 1993, among which were Adam who shortly after founded TH Seeds, and on the other hand Simon and Tony from Cerebral Seeds, who later split up and each created their own own brand of seeds, Simon with Serious Seeds and Tony with Sagarmatha.

These cuttings differ from each other, because Bubblegum was not an IBL (Inbred Line) at that time, being one more sativa, another that pulls more towards the indica part, and the most balanced. TH Seeds published their Bubblegum seeds in an indica version, columnar, compact and with a relaxing effect. Serious Seeds presented Bubble Gum after 5 generations of stabilization of a hybrid phenotype, fast flowering and perfectly adapted to indoor cultivation, and shortly after Sagarmatha did the same with its version of this genotype.

Bubble Gum regular seeds from Serious Seeds , the first

1995 was the year of the explosion of this variety, thanks among other things to the 2 awards obtained in that edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup held in Amsterdam. Every coffee shop in Holland wanted to have the bubblegum-flavored herb that was so famous on their menu, and that caused Serious Seeds Bubble Gum seeds to quickly sell out.

25 years have passed since that time and even today they are still one of the best-selling cannabis seeds in this bank, and in the market in general. In 2010 this bank presented its feminized version, which is also very good, although the Puritans still prefer the regular ones.

Bubble Gum feminized , the most sold today

The PEV Bank Seeds breeder team worked on a Bubble Gum phenotype that ran through Europe in the form of an elite clone, highly valued for its clear and persistent sour strawberry bubblegum flavor. Once stabilized, it self-pollinated to be able to offer feminized seeds with these qualities, and they were a success from the moment they were presented.

The feminized replica of Bubble Gum is very homogeneous, easy to grow, resistant to stress, with good production of both flowers and resin, of mixed potency, and the most intense sweet flavor that you have ever tasted in a cannabis variety.

Autoflowering of the Bubble family, the fastest

There are different autoflowering versions of the Bubble family, with slight variations between one and the other, since some descend from the Indiana Bubblegum clone and others from the European version of Serious Seeds. There are even auto XXL seeds with this genetics, so you can choose different auto-flowering gums.

Bubble Gum Auto , a different autoflower

The 00 Seeds seed bank made its own automatic version of the bubblegum-flavored cannabis plant, but in this case from Serious Seeds' Bubble Gum, different from Fastbuds since the American one descends from the Indiana Bubblegum clone.

This autoflowering replica of Bubble is very faithful to the original, but of course easier and faster to grow. The production is not bad at all, and best of all, it contains that genuine aroma and flavor of chewing gum, which makes it different from all the others.

Original Auto Bubblegum , autoflowering seeds with Bubble genes

The autoflowering version of the Bubble family created by Fastbuds Seeds contains many of the traits that made the original popular during the 90's. They are highly recommended seeds for inexperienced growers, because their hybrid vigor allows them to perform well even if the conditions are not the right ones. suitable.

A great quality of these plants is their resistance to cold, since they do not stop their development unless temperatures fall below 7 or 8º C. But the most interesting thing is their ability to bloom with long light cycles, which allows their cultivation in outside at any time of the year.

Auto Bubble Gum XXL , a tall automatic

Within the Bubble Gum Auto breeding program, the 00 Seeds guys isolated the largest phenotypes from the offspring, and continued to cross between them to stabilize the large structure and high bud production. After several generations they managed to get 100% of the progeny to start flowering spontaneously several days later than the normal auto version, and in this way they managed to increase their size and final yield without losing the magnificent taste of sour strawberry gum.

The best hybrids with Bubble genetics on the market

When a cannabis genetics reaches world fame, the most normal thing is that in a short time it merges with other known varieties, until it forms its own line over time. This happened also with the Bubble obviously, and from these unions great hybrids arose that in some cases can even surpass the quality of the original plants.

Double Bubbleberry , one of the best hybrids with Bubble blood

Among the combinations of this genetics with other famous ones, we must highlight the Double Bubbleberry from Sagarmatha Seeds, which was one of the first Bubble hybrids, and is still among the best 24 years after its presentation.

By combining Bubblegum and Blueberry it is possible to improve the hybrid vigor of this genetics, increasing the speed of development, strength in general, and resistance to diseases. The flavor contains nuances from both parents, so it is like a delicious forest fruit gum.

Bubblegum XL , the feminized older sister

Royal Queen Seeds offers in its catalog feminized seeds of a very productive version of Bubblegum. It is a cross between Bubble and Power Plant, which contains the organoleptic properties reminiscent of strawberry chewing gum, but in a much larger plant structure, so it ends up yielding something more than the normal version. The effect also varies, being more psychoactive and stimulating, although with less therapeutic qualities.

Bubble Cheese , the perfect combination

Big Buddha Seeds is a seed bank that is characterized by its Cheese crosses, and its catalog is full of combinations with this tasty marijuana plant. Bubble Cheese is one of the best examples, which in addition to being very fast and versatile, contains one of the most intense flavors, where the nuances provided by each of the parents are clearly perceived, leaving it as a fondue that is enjoyed from the first Until the last puff, weed for gourmets.

Melon Gum , gourmet quality yerba

It is a pity that these seeds are not better known, but Dr. Underground lives up to its name, and although the variety is more than 12 years old, there are still few of us who have been able to enjoy such a rich and different flavor. It is a cross between Lavender and Bubble Gum, both fruity and very tasty, so the result enhances these characteristics, resulting in an intense taste of sweet and acid melon, which makes even the most exquisite palates salivate.

Bubble Kush , 2 champions in a single genetics

We could not finish with the hybrids of the Bubble family without highlighting the Bubble Kush from Royal Queen Seeds, because these seeds contain all the qualities that are usually asked of a cannabis plant. They are perfectly adapted to indoor cultivation, thanks to their morphology and precocity, and they are highly recommended for outdoor cultivation because they normally ripen before the arrival of the dreaded autumn rains. The flavor mixes the sweet touch of candy from the Bubble with the earthy and citrusy background of the Kush, so you can imagine the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth.

Curiosities of the Bubble family

Both Bubblegum from TH Seeds and Bubble Gum from Serious Seeds come from clones of the original variety, Indiana Bubblegum, which is still preserved today. The differences between some seeds and others are due to the way of raising each one, and the objectives they were looking for when stabilizing this new strain. That's why Adam, the breeder from TH Seeds, rates his version as mainly indica, while Simon from Serious says his is a hybrid with a lot of sativa load.

Such was the impact that this herb caused on the streets of Amsterdam, that in the mid-90s some even stuck gum inside the bags where they stored the buds so that they took on the fragrance of chewing gum.

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