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Discover the best kept secret of cannabis growers: Brutal Buds. If you are looking to maximize your harvest and obtain superior quality buds, you have come to the right place. At Pevgrow, we are proud to introduce you to Brutal Buds, the revolutionary product specifically designed to boost the fattening of marijuana buds. Get ready to experience amazing results and take your crop to the next level.

Brutal Buds: The secret to spectacular buds

Brutal Buds is a PK, that is to say, a revolutionary product whose mission is to fatten and compact cannabis flowers. If you are looking to maximize production and obtain high quality buds, you have come to the right place. At Pevgrow, we present Brutal Buds, the perfect bud buster to boost the fattening of your resinous flowers to the highest level.

Benefits of using Brutal Buds

The use of Brutal Buds provides a series of benefits that make a difference in the final result of your crop. Below, we show you the most outstanding benefits:

  • Increased density and size of the buds: Brutal Buds stimulates the growth of the buds, increasing their size and density in a surprising way. This translates into more abundant harvests and buds with a spectacular appearance.
  • Boosts aroma and flavor: This product is formulated to enhance the aroma and flavor profiles of your buds. The components of Brutal Buds enhance the organoleptic characteristics of marijuana, providing a unique sensory experience.
  • Increases resin levels: Resin is one of the most precious components of marijuana, as it contains the cannabinoids and terpenes responsible for its effects and properties. Brutal Buds promotes resin production, which translates into more potent and higher quality buds.
  • Stimulates trichome production: Trichomes are the microscopic glands that cover marijuana buds and contain most of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Brutal Buds stimulates the formation of trichomes, thus boosting the concentration of beneficial compounds in your buds.
  • Improves plant resistance and vitality: Brutal Buds not only focuses on fattening buds, but also strengthens cannabis plants, improving their resistance to disease, stress and adverse environmental conditions. This results in healthier plants with higher production capacity.

How to use Brutal Buds for best results

The application of Brutal Buds is simple and effective. Here's how to use it correctly:

  • Flowering stage: Brutal Buds is used during the fattening stage of the buds of cannabis plants. Once the buds begin to form, it is the ideal time to apply the product.
  • Dilution and application: Add 1 gram of Brutal Buds per liter of irrigation water, following the manufacturer's instructions and stirring the mixture well before adjusting the pH.
  • Frequency of application: For optimal results, it is recommended to apply Brutal Buds regularly in all irrigations until root flushing prior to harvest.
  • Nutritional supplements: Remember that Brutal Buds is a nutritional supplement, so it is recommended to use it in combination with other products for a complete and balanced nutrition program, such as the bloom base fertilizer and the bloom stimulator.

  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not drink, eat or smoke during application

Role of Brutal Buds in the fattening of marijuana buds

Brutal Buds triggers a series of biochemical reactions in cannabis plants that promote bud development and fattening. Its exclusive formula combines essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds that act synergistically to enhance the growth and quality of buds.

This product stimulates plant metabolism, increasing nutrient absorption and assimilation. It also promotes cell division and plant tissue development, resulting in larger, denser and more resinous buds.

Composition of Brutal Buds

  • 49.3% Phosphorus
  • 32.3% Potassium
  • 0,002% Boron
  • 0.015% Copper
  • 0.1% Iron
  • 0,05% Manganese
  • 0.0025% Molybdenum
  • 0.03% Zinc
  • 2% Seaweed extract

Buy Brutal Buds and be amazed with the buds you get at the best price with Pevgrow.

If you are looking for a product that guarantees exceptional results in fattening marijuana buds, look no further. Brutal Buds is the key to abundant harvests, spectacular buds and a rewarding growing experience. Don't miss the opportunity to boost your plants and enjoy top quality buds. Order now Brutal Buds in our grow shop Pevgrow and discover for yourself how this revolutionary product makes the difference in your crop, boost growth and enjoy the best buds with Brutal Buds!

Remember that in Pevgrow we offer the highest quality products and the best service. Trust us and start experiencing the benefits of Brutal Buds in your cannabis crop, don't wait any longer, your success is at your fingertips!

Frequently asked questions about Brutal Buds

What is Brutal Buds?

Brutal Buds is a potent bud fattening stimulant designed to maximize the production and quality of marijuana buds during the flowering phase.

How does Brutal Buds work?

Brutal Buds contains a unique combination of nutrients and compounds specifically formulated to stimulate the growth and development of buds. It works by increasing resin production, improving the density and weight of the buds, and boosting their aroma and flavor.

When should I apply Brutal Buds during my crop?

Brutal Buds is recommended for use during the flowering stage of marijuana plants. You can start applying it once the flowers start to form and continue until a few weeks before harvest for optimal results.

Is it safe to use Brutal Buds on my marijuana plants?

Yes, Brutal Buds is safe for use in marijuana crops. It has been carefully formulated to provide the necessary nutrients without causing harm to plants. However, it is important to follow the recommended directions for use to avoid overdosing.

Which are the benefits of using Brutal Buds?

By using Brutal Buds, you can expect more abundant harvests, bigger and denser buds, better resin quality, increased aroma and flavor of your flowers, as well as a higher resistance of the plants to diseases and environmental stress.

How is Brutal Buds applied?

Brutal Buds is diluted in water and applied by irrigation. Follow the manufacturer's dosage instructions and be sure to distribute it evenly throughout the substrate so that the roots can absorb the nutrients properly.

Cultivation phase: Cultivation phase Flowering
Properties: Properties Fattening buds
Regulators pH
Root washing
Type of crop: Type of crop Soil
Composition: Composition Mineral

  • Is the shipping discreet?

    Yes, the shipment is 100% discreet, no one will know what you have bought, also the sender is SITE OF SHOPS ONLINE.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world although you need to know the current legislation in your country to make sure that you do not break any regulations with the germination of the seeds.

    We cannot be made responsible for the wrong use that some people decide to give to the seeds, so please don't act against your national laws.

    Due to problems with customs you can check here for restrictions to certain countries.

  • What payment methods and currencies do you accept?

    We accept the following payment methods: Bank transfer, Cryptocurrencies, cash, credit and debit cards and cash on delivery (Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal).

    You can change the currency on the top right to know the price of the products in your local currency and of course pay this way.

  • How long does it take to ship my order?

    In 24/48 hours we will ship your order.

  • Are the seeds guaranteed to germinate?

    If you live in a country where the cultivation of cannabis is legal and you decide to plant the seeds, it is good that you know that all the seeds that we commercialize have germination guarantee.

    If you germinate with the method of paper napkins and you have followed all the steps that we indicate here, you will only have to return us the seeds not germinated in their original packaging and when we receive them we will proceed to the change.

    Then we take care of requesting the return to the seed bank, we do not transfer this responsibility and time to our customers.

  • What if I receive a bad or damaged product?

    If you receive a broken product due to transport, you have to notify us within 24 hours for insurance coverage, always contact us as soon as possible and we will fix the problem!

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