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Proper ventilation is crucial to the success of our crop, especially indoors, so here you have available different air fans for indoor growing so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. When plants cannot exchange gases properly, their vital chemical processes for growth are affected, resulting in poor performance and an unsatisfactory experience. On the other hand, thanks to the air fans we can compensate a bit for the heat caused by the lights, and also prevent pockets of humidity that can eventually lead to fungus.

Although often overlooked compared to other more expensive equipment, the need for a air fan in our indoor growing space is extremely high, and thanks to its low price it represents a very interesting investment. Understanding why we need it, what we need it for, how it works and where to place it correctly is fundamental, so I invite you to read the following paragraphs.

What is a cultivation air fan?

An air fan is a device consisting of an electric motor and a set of blades, usually made of plastic in the most basic models and metal in the more expensive or industrial ones. This simple device has several applications in our growing

  • Distributes the air in the room, achieving a more uniform temperature throughout the growing area. Say goodbye to heat peaks in specific zones.
  • Move stale air. This stagnant air can lead to the appearance of diseases, which could compromise the harvest and increase expenses by having to use products to treat such diseases.
  • It distributes the fresh air introduced by the intractor throughout the crop, improving the quality of the environment.
  • Eliminates any unnoticed moisture accumulation, avoiding condensation problems.
  • When CO2 generators are used, it helps to disperse the carbon dioxide to areas further away from the dispenser, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Plants develop wind resistance, making their stems and branches stronger. This results in thicker, more compact buds. However, we must be careful not to give the air fan too much power, as the goal is to generate a gentle, steady breeze, not an uncontrollable storm.

How are air fans used in indoor marijuana growing?

As a general rule, it is recommended to place at least one air fan per square meter of cultivation area. It is preferable to distribute several air fans instead of using only one, no matter how powerful it is. It is not necessary to complicate the search for the perfect model, unless we can afford those that are incorporated in front of the bulbs, working in a synchronized way and saving electricity consumption.

It is important to keep the air fans working 24 hours a day, when we turn on the grow lights to compensate for the temperature and when they are turned off to avoid the dreaded pockets of humidity that can end in fungus. It is advisable to keep ventilation to a minimum to ensure that the plants follow their life cycle optimally. When plants are small, it is good for them to have some airflow to move them, thus strengthening their stems quickly and fattening them more.

The force of the air fan should not be excessive, we only need the leaves to move slightly. If the wind from the air fan hits the plants directly, it can cause burns and have a negative effect instead of benefiting them. If more power is needed to keep the temperature under control or to avoid pockets of stale air, it is preferable that the wind does not reach the plants directly, and air conditioners may be the best solution in these cases.

All types of air fans for indoor growing, at an unbeatable price

Clamp fans ideal for crops in small tents, stand fans, wall fans, floor fans, fans with remote control and timer, and fans with manual regulation. The choice of each model will depend on the type of cultivation we have.

If you are growing in small spaces, such as grow tents or for cuttings, clip-on air fans are ideal. These air fans are low-powered and are designed to generate a gentle breeze without affecting the development of the plants. They can also be placed directly on the reflectors, dissipating heat and allowing the bulb to be brought closer to the plants.

An improvement on clip fans are oscillating clip fans, which are highly recommended for installation in indoor grow tents. They are powerful and move from side to side, preventing the buildup of moist or stale air in the tent. You can place them on the horizontal bars in the middle height of the tent so that they oscillate and cover the whole area. You can also place them on the roof rails so that they generate a current of air from top to bottom, strengthening the branches of your plants.

Floor-standing air fans are the most popular and successful, perfect for room growing or indoor drying rooms. They are powerful and can move air in spaces larger than a tent, even the air generated by two 600W bulbs. This allows you to simulate outdoor conditions. Your plants will respond with stronger stems and better water absorption, but it is important to remember not to overdo it with air intensity on plants.

If your plants are tall or take up a lot of space at air level, causing shading, industrial floor air fans are best suited. You will be able to direct the air flow where you want it, helping to ventilate the lower area of the plants and avoiding the accumulation of humid air that can lead to powdery mildew.

For large rooms where there is not enough room to move around, the wall-mounted air fan with remote control is an excellent choice. You can hang it on the wall and control it with a remote control. It has several functions, such as generating bursts of air in different intensities, with consecutive spurts and pauses. It also works like floor standing air fans, with 3 speeds and oscillation capability. It is easy to install and convenient to use in large rooms where there is not much space between floors.

Floor fans are very useful models for tent and dryer crops. Sometimes, inside our tent, plants grow a lot and generate shade at the bottom, which can cause pockets of humidity and lack of air circulation, resulting in the formation of mold. With these types of air fans, we can ventilate the lower areas without taking up too much space, as they are practically flat.

Buy air fans for indoor marijuana growing at the best price online

Don't wait any longer and boost your crop with our high quality air fans! With our wide selection of models, you will find the perfect air fan to optimize ventilation in your growing area. Do not ignore this essential element and guarantee an appropriate air exchange and distribution, homogeneous temperatures and an environment free of humidity and diseases. Take a look at this section and choose the air fan for your crop now.

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