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In indoor cannabis cultivation, a well-ventilated environment is just as crucial as light or water. Fans play a fundamental role in creating an ideal climate for your plants. At Pevgrow, we offer a wide range of fans designed for every specific need of your grow.

Why are Fans Necessary in Cannabis Cultivation?

Fans are essential for:

  • Preventing Excessive Humidity: They move air and prevent the formation of moisture pockets, reducing the risk of fungi.
  • Strengthening Plants: Air movement helps to strengthen trunks and branches, which is vital for supporting the weight of the buds.
  • Improving Herb Drying: During the drying phase, adequate air circulation is key for even drying.

Models Available at Pevgrow

Cornwall Electronics Clip-On Fan: Ideal for small indoor growing spaces like cutting cabinets or even for Mushroom Grow Tent, this fan is perfect for moving air and strengthening young plants. It attaches to the vertical bars of the cabinet structure thanks to its practical clip.

Cornwall Electronics Oscillating Clip Cabinet Fan: Excellent for installation in Grow tents with one light, it provides efficient circulation without taking up valuable space. Like the previous model, it has a clip for attachment, but in this case, it oscillates to better move the air inside the grow.

Cornwall Electronics F125 Pedestal Fan: Versatile and powerful, it can be used on the floor, hung on the wall, or on a table, ideal for larger grows such as rooms or halls, but can also be used in large grow cabinets.

Cyclone 40 cm Stand Fan: Creates a natural-like environment, strengthening stems and branches for an abundant harvest. Like the previous model, it can be used to move the air in large cabinets or grow rooms.

Cyclone 40 cm Wall Fan with Cord: Perfect for uniform and efficient ventilation throughout the grow space, typically in large cabinets or grow rooms, where it is fixed to the wall and thanks to its oscillating function does an ideal job.

Cornwall Electronics Industrial Floor Fan: For growers who require a more powerful airflow, available in two sizes and powers. These types of fans are special for large rooms and industrial grows.

Check Out These Other Products for Total Climate Control

For complete climate control, we invite you to visit our other categories:

  • CO2 for plants: Increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your grow and watch the yield multiply.
  • Electric Timers: Control lighting and other devices automatically.
  • Grow tent humidifier: Increase humidity so your plants can develop at full speed during the growth phase.
  • Air Dehumidifiers: Reduce excessive humidity and protect your grow from evil fungi such as powdery mildew or botrytis among others.

Keep in mind that maintaining the correct environmental parameters is essential to achieve both the highest yield and the best quality in the organoleptic properties of cannabis.

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