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Air humidifier 

Do you live in a warm dry climate and do you want to increase the humidity level of a particular space? In this section you'll find the best ultrasonic humidifiers to achieve your goal.

In Piensa en Verde we only sell ultrasonic humidifiers because they are the best ones for growing marijuana, they manufacture more steam and they are also quieter and longer lasting, they also don't give off heat compared with those that produce humidity by temperature or by condensation of air.

Humidifiers help you to improve air quality by increasing relative humidity in dry or very hot environments. If you have any doubt about the relative humidity of a particular room, the easiest you can do is to buy a hygrometer, you can find them from a few euros in our catalog of measuring instruments

Which is the right humidity for your crop?

In the vegetative phase the relative humidity should oscillate between 40-70%.

In flowering period I recommend you never exceed 55%, an excess of moisture can cause the appearance of fungus and mold on the buds.

A tip: For your home I recommend a relative humidity between 40 and 60%, in this way you will get a pleasant comfort for you and yours.