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At Pevgrow, we understand that climate control is crucial for the success of your indoor cannabis cultivation. Humidity plays a fundamental role in the development of your plants, and our humidifiers are the perfect solution to maintain it at optimal levels.

When is a Humidifier Necessary?

It is essential to use a humidifier when humidity levels in your growing space are low, especially during the plant growth phase, or in dry climates where ambient humidity does not reach the desired levels. During the cloning cutting phase or seed germination, it is good to keep the humidity around 80%, 60% to 70% during the vegetative phase, around 50% during pre-flowering, and below 50% from the bud fattening phase until harvest.

Our Humidifier Models

  • Neptune Hydroponics Ultrasonic Humidifier: This model is ideal for increasing humidity without raising the temperature of the space. Available in various membrane configurations to suit your specific needs. We recommend using rainwater, air conditioning, or osmosis water to extend its durability. There are models with 1, 3, 5, and 9 membranes, the 1 and 3 membrane models are perfect for cutting cabinets or for Mushroom Grow Tent, but they are also suitable for grow tents of 1M x 1M or 1.2M x 1.2M and the 5 and 9 membrane models are better for double cabinets where 2 lights are placed.
  • 12 Membrane Ultrasound Humidifier: Perfect for significantly raising the humidity in large grow tents. Its simple and effective design makes it a cost-effective and efficient option. They can be placed in buckets with distilled water to increase relative humidity quickly.
  • Monzón Humidifier: With a capacity of 5 kg/h of humidity and 120 m3/h of air volume moved, this humidifier is ideal for large cabinets or grow rooms up to 120 cubic meters at most.
  • VDL 8L Megamist Humidifier: Designed for grows such as 2.4 x 2.4 M or 3 x 3 M grow tents, this compact and efficient model allows you to maintain perfect humidity control in your growing space, also ideal for small rooms that do not exceed these approximate dimensions.
  • Pure Fogger Humidifier: Offers a large vapor capacity and quiet operation, ideal for continuous and effective humidification. It generates about 4 liters of humidity per hour and is special for grow rooms up to 150 M2.

Benefits of Humidifiers in Indoor Cultivation

  • Prevention of Plant Stress: Maintaining adequate humidity prevents water stress in plants.
  • Improvement of Photosynthesis: The correct humidity level favors the opening of the stomata, improving photosynthesis.
  • Environment Control: Allows you to create an ideal microclimate for each stage of plant development.

At Pevgrow, we understand that precision in environmental control is key to a successful cultivation. That's why we offer a wide range of humidifiers to meet the needs of each grower. If your problem is the opposite, that is, you need to reduce ambient humidity, be sure to visit our section of Air dehumidifier.

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