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Sometimes, the difference between success and failure in your marijuana crop is something as simple and, at the same time, as important as knowing how to measure the soil’s pH. To avoid mistakes in this area, you can use ph meters, available at your trusted growshop, PevGrow.

A pH meter is an essential tool. It is a very cheap digital meter that is also very precise. With it, accurately measuring the crop’s soil pH will be very simple and fast.

What is a pH meter?

A meter such as Hanna’s is an electronic device with two essential parts: an electrode that is placed into the ground and a digital display to read the information the sensor picks up from the soil.

Its mission is to determine the soil’s pH. This indicator tells you whether the soil is alkaline or acidic or whether the balance between these two characteristics is neutral. Knowing this will be essential for you to understand how plants will develop in that soil, as the pH determines the chemical processes that make up the nutrients for your plants.

What is the pH meter for?

The pH meter will give you several readings. On the one hand, the pH of the earth, expressed in a range going from 0 to 14, 7 being neutral. Thanks to this information, you will be able to correct problems in the soil, and to prevent an excess of alkalinity or acidity from spoiling your marijuana plantation. Additionally, knowing the pH is also important to be able to establish the soil’s salinity, a factor related to the soil’s conductivity.

Also, the meter will provide you information regarding the substrate’s temperature, a very important value for the development of the plants and to regulate the water contributions necessary to guarantee an optimal feeding.

How does it work?

If you want to know how this device works, you will have available a comfortable user guide. But the pH meter is very simple to use. Simply place the tip of the meter into the ground. An electrode responsible for the measurements is located in that part of the apparatus.

One of the great advantages of Hanna’s pH meters is that they are recalibrated on their own. With other devices, you will have to recalibrate the electrode from time to time to avoid errors. But these models make the readjustment by themselves.

Additionally, you have controls to monitor the battery charging state and decide whether you prefer to see the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Remember that the device has a work range going from 0ºC to 60ºC.

Once the meter is used, it is important that you clean the electrode area properly, and to keep it in a place without humidity afterwards.

What meter to buy?

If you are thinking about buying a pH meter, Hanna is what you are looking for. Additionally to the device itself, which stands out for its speed and operation simplicity, you will receive a certificate from the manufacturer guaranteeing the sensor’s calibration. This is very important, as it ensures that the measurements are accurate.

The Hanna pH meter package also includes batteries and very complete and useful instructions for use. You can comfortably receive your meter at home, if you request it through PevGrow. It will arrive quickly and you can start using it immediately.

As you can see, with very little effort and a small investment, you will have a pH meter to help you ensure your marijuana plants grow in the most suitable soil.

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