Auto Bigger Bud - Bulk Seed Bank
Auto Bigger Bud - Bulk Seed Bank
Auto Bigger Bud - Bulk Seed Bank

Auto Bigger Bud

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PEV Grow presents Auto Bigger Bud from Bulk Seed Bank. This variety appears after a few years of work and genetic stabilization, in which has been genetically combined a Bigger Bud and a Ruderalis, in which the organoleptic properties of its seasonal variety have been kept intact, reducing the flowering period to only 7-8 weeks, A real wonder!

What's Auto Bigger Bud cannabis plant like?

An autoflowering variety, indica dominant at 80%, very fast growing, matures between 7 and 8 weeks of flowering, with a flattened structure, vigorous and produces large buds and covered with a layer of spectacular resin. Its distance between knots is medium and if you grow it outdoors, thanks to its Ruderalis genetics, it shows a Spartan resistance to insect attacks and moisture.

What's the taste of Auto Bigger Bud?

Its taste reminds a lot of the typical Afghan varieties, some spicy notes sweetened with some fruity hints and a musky finish, which make each puff an unforgettable experience.

What's the effect of Auto Bigger Bud?

Its effect is balanced, a mix between body and mind that makes you enjoy a happy and fun mental climb, with a very pleasant body relaxation, which without leaving you asleep is perfect to read a good book or simply lie down and relax while watching a good movie.

How do you grow Auto Bigger Bud?

In indoor crops, it doesn't usually present problems with humidity and fungi, although you should check it periodically so that it is always between 30% and 70% and if you live in an area where the outdoor humidity is always high, you will have to install a dehumidifier and have it plugged in all the time. Put it at 18 hours of light during the whole cycle of culture, in flowerpots of 2,9 US gal (11 liters) with which you will fit up to 9 plants by 3x3ft (m2). In flowering, to increase bud size add Brutal Buds.

In outdoor crops, is a medium-sized plant, which will not have problems camouflaging in the garden with other plants, so it will go unnoticed to neighbors. From the beginning, put it in a large pot of 6,6 US gal (25 liters), avoiding the transplants because you would not have margin of maneuver to reactivate it and it would stay really small. It will flower in any climate, as long as the minimum temperature is not less than 50ºF (10ºC).

How much does Auto Bigger Bud produce?

Under the spotlight, Auto Bigger Bud is a champion, giving away crops of up to 17,6 oz per 3x3ft (500 grams per m2) and outdoors, you can cut between 1,76 and 4,2 oz per plant (50-120 grams per plant).

Looking for a productive autoflowering seed with a powerful effect? Stop looking! Bulk Seed Bank Auto Bigger Bud, now available at PEVGrow!

Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Autoflowering
Banks Banks
  • Bulk Seed Bank
Genetics Genetics
  • Afghani
  • Bigger Bud x Ruderalis
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 80% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 17,6 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 1,76-4,2 oz per plant
Indoor height Indoor height
  • 2,3-4,59 ft.
Crop cycle since germination Crop cycle since germination
  • 7-8 weeks
Features Features
  • High Yielding
Weather Weather
  • Cold climates
  • Medium

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