Cinnamon Buddha Og

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Cinnamon Buddha OG feminized marijuana seeds by Humboldt Seeds have been created to try to perpetuate genetics that changed the paradigm of the cannabis market in the mid-90s. If you like American strains, I think this variety can become a one of your favorites, and if you want to know it better I invite you to read the following description.

What is the genetics of these feminized seeds?

Humboldt Seeds is a seedbank from Northern California, specialized in OG genetics since they appeared on the scene, and with Cinnamon Buddha OG they wanted to round out the loop, crossing the famous Triangle OG (Florida OG) with its clone Fire OG, giving as a result the one that until now can represent the best characteristics of the famous OG Kush. Her genotype is roughly 85% indica and 15% sativa, but she actually has qualities of both subspecies.

How do you grow Cinnamon Buddha OG indoors and outdoors?

In indoor cultivation, they produce very well when LST performance improvement techniques are applied, such as the SCROG method, since their structure is perfect for many well-developed branches to end at high altitudes. You can put 9 plants/m2 in 11-litre pots, giving 4 weeks of vegetative growth and doing a topping at the fourth node, and later another pruning to the secondary branches. In this way, vertical growth is stopped and the lower branches can reach the height of the higher ones, leaving a fairly uniform canopy.

In outdoor crops they behave very well in regions with a Mediterranean or continental climate, and it is not necessary to germinate the seeds too early, since their hybrid vigor allows them to develop at full speed. To achieve the best results, it is important that the plants have a lot of substrate, at least 40 liters but if you have the possibility of transplanting directly into the ground, they will surely thank you. Outdoors, it is advisable to do several prunings to try to get the Cinnamon Buddha OG to generate as many buds as possible, and once the buds begin to form, I recommend you to be vigilant to protect the plants in case of rain or hail.

When are these Humboldt Seeds seeds harvested?

Its flowering period can be considered standard, the most extended among the majority of hybrids and polyhybrids on the market. In indoor cultivation they need about 9 weeks of flowering, in outdoor crops in the northern hemisphere they are harvested at the beginning of October, and outdoors in the southern hemisphere the plants are usually cut at the beginning of April.

How much do Cinnamon Buddha OG produce?

Like other OG Kush, these plants produce between 400 and 550 grams/m2 indoors, and outdoors each plant can give more than 1000 grams, but for this you have to germinate the seeds before mid-spring and transplant them into the ground. mother as we have seen before. One of the best qualities of Cinnamon Buddha OG is its ability to produce trichomes and essential oils, being one of the highest yields in the world in this regard.

How is the aroma and flavor of Cinnamon Buddha OG plants?

The aroma and flavor of this weed is a true delight, earthy and spicy in equal measure, with citrus notes and a spicy touch that sticks in the nostrils after exhaling the smoke through the nose. If you like cannabis extractions such as rosin or BHO, you will enjoy this cannabis a lot, since in addition to getting a great return due to its large amount of resin, it concentrates and maintains its nuances to give a very powerful flavor intensity.

What kind of effect does this marijuana have?

It has a full effect, one of those that affects both the body and the brain in equal parts, and thanks to its great power, it will surely satisfy all types of consumers. At first you feel a very stimulating high that changes your perception of things, improving your mood and speeding up your thoughts and ideas. At the body level, you don't notice much heaviness, rather it is a muscle relaxation that helps to eliminate tension and muscle and joint pain. You have to know that Cinnamon Buddha OG can reach 30% THC, so I recommend treating it with respect.

Buy feminized seeds Cinnamon Buddha OG from Humboldt Seeds at the best price online

Fans of OG varieties are in luck, because this strain can become the paradigm of Kush, since it is made up of 2 of the best representatives of all time. At Pevgrow we will be happy to send these seeds or anything else you need for your crop in the shortest possible time and with a very interesting quality/price ratio.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Humboldt Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Kush
Phenotype: Phenotype 85% Indica/ 15% Sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Early October
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Early April
Indoor production: Indoor production 14,10 oz-19.40 per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production +35.3 oz/plant
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 9 weeks
Features: Features Tasty
Weather: Weather Sunny / Mediterranean
Temperate / continental
Effects: Effects Powerful
THC: THC Up to 30%.
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Citrus
Earthy (earth)
Symptoms: Symptoms Apathy
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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