Complete Indoor Growing Kit 60X60X140 cm.
  • Complete Indoor Growing Kit 60X60X140 cm.

LED Indoor Growing Kit 60X60X140 cm

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If you are a cannabis lover and want to grow your own plants at home, this indoor growing kit with cabinet  and LED lighting is perfect for you. This kit contains everything you need to grow indoors, without worrying about the weather conditions outside, and thanks to the light spectrum of this light you can get the tightest and most resinous buds.

What does the LED grow kit with tent contain?

60 x 60 x 140 cm grow tent

This tent is perfect for growing cannabis plants indoors with total control of environmental parameters. It has the right dimensions to take advantage of the space efficiently and has a strong and durable structure. Without a doubt, one of the best grow tents on the market. Robust, durable and highly functional, with a washable Mylar fabric canvas and a reflection power of 95%, which maximizes the distribution and use of light. Quality zippers guarantee long life and reinforced seams ensure greater strength. The installation is simple and fast, even a child could install it in less than 10 minutes. Ideal for small spaces, but capable of holding up to 4 medium sized plants or being used as a grow and/or maintenance closet of mothers.

Armario Dark Street II de 60 x 60 x 140 cm.


5 feminized or automatic seeds to choose from

You will be able to choose between different types of feminized or automatic seeds, according to your preferences and needs. All seeds are of high quality and will allow you to obtain a quality harvest. We offer you 5 marijuana seeds to choose from PEV Seeds, either feminized or autoflowering. You can select between these options:

- Jamaican Lambsbread: Sativa with a motivating and cheerful effect and a high production.

- Bruce Banner 3: Very tasty polyhybrid, with a great resin production and a devastating effect.

- Hash Plant: Mainly indica, very easy to grow, ideal for extractions.

- Blueberry Auto: Autoflowering version with indica genetics, tasty and with beautiful colors.

- Mamba Negra Auto: Automatic hybrid of excellent taste, powerful and with a great production.

- Amnesia Lemon Auto: Autoflowering with a sativa effect, good perfomance and Haze flavors.

Enjoy a wide variety of possibilities to select the one that best suits your needs: sativa, indica, hybrid or auto.

60w Super Star LED system

This LED lighting system is perfect for cannabis cultivation, as it has the necessary power to obtain a quality harvest. It also consumes very little energy and emits very little heat, which is ideal for indoor growing. This Super Star LED lighting system by Solux comes fully assembled, you won't have to do a thing! Just connect the Plug & Play cable and hang it in the grow tent or grow room. The system has a passive cooling system that dissipates the heat emitted by the LEDs effectively and quietly, without the need for additional fans.

During the vegetative growth phase, place the equipment at a distance of 70-80 cm from the highest tips of the plants, covering an area of 1 m2. In flowering, it is recommended to bring the Super Star equipment up to 15-25 cm from the tips to illuminate an area of 0.5 m2. To cover 1 M2, 4 systems of 60W are needed.

The lifetime of the LED system is 50,000 hours, with an efficiency of up to 2.4 micromoles/J and a color temperature between 2700K and 4000K. It is appropriate for the vegetative growth phase as well as for the flowering and maturation of the plants.

Kit de iluminación de bajo consumo

Tripack de Top Crop

Top Crop Tripack fertilizer package

This fertilizer pack contains the necessary nutrients for your cannabis plants to grow healthy and strong. The pack includes fertilizers for the growth phase, flowering and to increase resin production. Top Crop Organic Fertilizer Kit: Root Stimulator, Growth Fertilizer and Flowering Fertilizer packaged in 100 ml and 250 ml bottles respectively. This organic pack provides you with nutrients for 2 crops and the most refined taste and aroma in your buds. It includes a brochure with instructions for use and 2 measuring cups to measure the right amount of nutrients at each stage of cultivation. Combine these fertilizers with Top Crop substrate to optimize results, but it is not obligatory.

Anti-odor filter (optional)

If you are worried about the smell that your cannabis plants may give off, this anti-odor filter is the perfect solution. It eliminates any odor that may be released from the grow tent, while ensuring discretion and preventing problems with neighbors or family members. If you intend to use this grow kit only for the growth phase, you probably don't need a carbon filter, although some strains can smell even at this stage. However, if you plan to use the kit also for the flowering phase, a carbon filter is a must. If this is your case, we offer you several options for the tent

- Mountain Air de 237 m3/h: The best, with great durability and efficiency, and a washable outer jacket.

- Odorsok de 225 m3/h: The cheapest, but its lifetime is much shorter than the others.

From our point of view, it is worth choosing Mountain Air or Odorsok if you live in an apartment or in an area with close neighbors, but the final choice is yours.

Filtro antiolor

Termohigrómetro con sonda Cornwall

Thermohygrometer with probe

This device is essential for measuring the temperature and humidity inside the grow tent. It will allow you to monitor the growing conditions of your plants and adjust them as needed. This Cornwall device is extremely practical, as you can place it outside the grow tent to check the environmental parameters without having to open it. It is important to always place the probe at the height of the tallest tips of the plants to get the most accurate readings inside.

Its display is digital and on it you can see the temperature and humidity of the growing area constantly, as well as check the maximum and minimum parameters that have been recorded, to have all the environmental data necessary to adjust the power of the extractor, increase or decrease the indoor ventilation, use a humidifier to increase the relative humidity if necessary, or on the contrary, use a dehumidifier to decrease it. It is extremely necessary to have a good thermo-hygrometer in any indoor cultivation.

Extractor helicoidal 125 mm.

Vents TT 2-speed extractor fan

This extractor fan is perfect for ensuring proper ventilation inside the grow tent. It has two speeds and is very easy to install and use. This extractor has 2 adjustable power speeds (145 M3/h and 187 M3/h), with 100 mm diameter outlets. Its consumption ranges from 21 W to 33 W, and it is very quiet (27-36 dBa)

Extractor helicoidal 100 mm.

Helical extractor

This extractor is ideal to complement the Vents TT and increase the efficiency of the ventilation system. With its installation, you get an adequate air flow for the growth of your cannabis plants. 100 mm helical extractor fan. This line extractor is used as an intractor to introduce fresh air into the crop. It is very efficient, silent and its power reaches 107 m3/h. Also, its energy consumption is very low.

Maceta cuadrada negra 7 litros

5 black 7 liter pots

These pots are perfect for growing cannabis, as they have the right size and allow a good oxygenation of the roots. These pots are made of plastic and measure 20 x 20 x 27 cm, and are the classic pots for indoor growing. They are made of quality materials and have a raised bottom to facilitate water drainage.

Ventilador de pinza fijo

Fan with clamp

This fan is essential to maintain a good air circulation inside the grow tent. It can be fixed anywhere thanks to its clamp. This small 2-speed fan is very practical, as it has a clamp on the back that allows it to be fixed to the tent structure.

Tubo aluminio flexible de 102mm.

10 m. flexible tube for extraction

This flexible tube is necessary to connect the extractor and the anti-odor filter, allowing the extraction of stale air from the grow tent. Aluminum tube 10 meters long and 102 mm. in diameter, perfect for connecting both the extractor and the intractor in indoor cultivation.

Jiffy 33 mm.

5 jiffys for germinating seeds

These jiffys are ideal for germinating cannabis seeds easily and effectively. You only have to moisten them and once they have swollen place the seeds inside, and in a short time you will see how they begin to sprout. The best thing is that you can see how the tips of the roots emerge through its outer net to check when you have to transplant.

Temporizador analógico

Analog timer

This timer is necessary to control the light and dark cycle in the grow tent. It is very easy to program and will allow you to control the exposure time of your plants to the light. It is a mechanical programmer of the Cornwall brand, with 96 tabs representing 15-minute intervals over 24 hours. This timer is ideal for controlling the photoperiod of your crop.


Bottle of 500 ml PH reducer

This pH reducer is essential for adjusting the pH levels in your irrigation water. It will allow you to maintain proper acidity levels, which is crucial for a healthy growth of your plants. pH reducer solution in a 500 ml bottle of Plagron brand phosphoric acid, ideal for balancing the pH of the nutrient solution of your favorite plants.

Kit de gotas para medir el PH

pH measuring drop kit

This drop kit is necessary for measuring pH levels in irrigation water. Just add a few drops to the water and compare the color with the color chart included in the kit. PH test kit in drops to measure the acidity level of the irrigation water. It is only necessary to mix the water with the reagent included in the kit and compare the color with a table to obtain the PH value. It is a simple and economical way to control the pH of the water for your plants.

Buy LED indoor grow kit with tent at the best price online

This indoor growing kit with grow tent and LED light is the perfect choice for cannabis lovers who want to grow their own plants at home. It contains everything you need for a successful and quality crop, from the grow tent to the seeds, fertilizers, lighting system, ventilation, temperature and humidity control. With this kit, you will get an excellent harvest of buds in an easy, economical and discreet way. Don't wait any longer to start growing your own plants at home!.

  • Is the shipping discreet?

    Yes, the shipment is 100% discreet, no one will know what you have bought, also the sender is SITE OF SHOPS ONLINE.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world although you need to know the current legislation in your country to make sure that you do not break any regulations with the germination of the seeds.

    We cannot be made responsible for the wrong use that some people decide to give to the seeds, so please don't act against your national laws.

    Due to problems with customs you can check here for restrictions to certain countries.

  • What payment methods and currencies do you accept?

    We accept the following payment methods: Bank transfer, Cryptocurrencies, cash, credit and debit cards and cash on delivery (Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal).

    You can change the currency on the top right to know the price of the products in your local currency and of course pay this way.

  • How long does it take to ship my order?

    In 24/48 hours we will ship your order.

  • Are the seeds guaranteed to germinate?

    If you live in a country where the cultivation of cannabis is legal and you decide to plant the seeds, it is good that you know that all the seeds that we commercialize have germination guarantee.

    If you germinate with the method of paper napkins and you have followed all the steps that we indicate here, you will only have to return us the seeds not germinated in their original packaging and when we receive them we will proceed to the change.

    Then we take care of requesting the return to the seed bank, we do not transfer this responsibility and time to our customers.

  • What if I receive a bad or damaged product?

    If you receive a broken product due to transport, you have to notify us within 24 hours for insurance coverage, always contact us as soon as possible and we will fix the problem!

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