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OGKZ Auto are autoflowering marijuana seeds created by Humboldt Seeds with the intention that everyone can try one of the best genetics of all time and in any circumstance. Very versatile and resistant plants, with automatic and very fast flowering, a level of resin only comparable to elite clones and a flavor that has set trends in the last 25 years.

What is the genetics of these autoflowering seeds?

It is the automatic version of OGKZ, a polyhybrid that mixes OGKB (OG Kush Breath) with Zkittlez, and we must admit that it is a great job because it has brought out the best of this variety, its excellent flavor and an unusual amount of resin. Its genotype is mainly indica, with a touch of sativa that improves the effect and the right ruderalis genes to achieve spontaneous autoflowering.

What does OGKZ Auto look like?

Impressive, one of those plants that you can spend hours looking at for its beauty achieved thanks to the combination of flowers and colorful leaves full of large white resin. Its morphology is moderately compact, it has a controlled height and shows a medium distance between nodes. The buds are medium-sized but extremely tight, with an elongated shape, and a truly spectacular layer of sticky trichomes.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

Its cultivation is very simple both indoors and outdoors, in fact this was one of the maxims of the Humboldt Seeds breeders when creating this new genetics, that everyone can get a quality harvest with minimal effort even if you have never grown cannabis for your own consumption. In indoor cultivation it is better to put a continuous photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness or 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness during the entire cycle, but since these are autoflowering seeds they can receive the number of hours of light that you prefer 16 plants/m2 can be placed in 7-litre pots, without pruning to avoid wasting growth time, and it is best to use a specific quality substrate for marijuana, to which we can add microlife to accelerate and strengthen the root system of the plants.

In outdoor cultivation, it is enough to plant the seeds in pots with a good substrate and place them in a very sunny place, but in order for them to give you the best of themselves, it is advisable that the pots are at least 20 liters and the substrate is from a cannabis brand known. Although you can get several harvests each year with these seeds, keep in mind that they will produce more light they have available, both in power and in hours, and if you are only going to grow once it is better that it be from late spring until late summer.

When are OGKZ Auto harvested?

They are very fast in all phases of cultivation, so much so that they only need between 70 and 80 days in total to be fully ripe and ready to harvest, counting from the day the plants sprout until they are cut.

How much do these Humboldt Seeds produce?

The yield in indoor cultivation is estimated between 450 and 550 grams/m2, and in outdoor cultivation each OGKZ Auto can give you between 60 and 140 grams heavy dry. The production of resin, terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids is higher than that of most autoflowering varieties in the current market.

How is the aroma and taste of OGKZ Auto?

Its aroma is very captivating, a fruity, floral and oil mixture that charges the environment in indoor crops and can be smelled from a long distance outdoors. The flavor perfectly intertwines the nuances of its Zkittlez and OG ancestors, a blend of grape, lemon, wood, pine, incense, cinnamon, and the gassy, ​​fuely touch typical of the descendants of Chemdawg strain.

What kind of effect does this herb have?

The effect is somewhat more relaxing than the normal version, although it maintains the psychoactive part at its full intensity. It speeds up your thoughts a lot, inspires, changes your perception of things and causes you to laugh, but as time goes by, physical relaxation, which at first is not very noticeable, increases, plunging you into a very pleasant contemplative state.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks Humboldt Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Kush
Phenotype: Phenotype Mainly indica
Indoor production: Indoor production 15,8 oz-19.40 per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 2,2 oz-5 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 70-80 Days
Features: Features Indica seeds
Weather: Weather Cold climates
Effects: Effects Happiness
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Citrus
Symptoms: Symptoms Nerves
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Leave us your opinion or ask us any questions you have about this seed and participate in the raffle!
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