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Golosa Early Version

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Golosa are feminized marijuana seeds of great popularity in Delicious Seeds, so it is not surprising that they have released a faster version, Golosa Early Version. It has many admirers in the cannabis world, and it is not for less, since it has a powerful citrus flavor, with bitter and sweet nuances. The aroma of its flowers is soft and fresh, reminiscent of a day in the mountains. They are medium-sized plants with few branches, very resistant to pests and easy to grow.

What is the genetics of these feminized seeds?

This is an original cross between an American variety known as Bay 11 and the delicious Golosa from Delicious Seeds, which was later combined with a ruderalis genetics to shorten its flowering time as much as possible while still being photodependent plants. Genetically it is a polyhybrid with 80% indica, 10% sativa, and another 10% ruderalis.

What does Golosa Early Version look like overall?

They have the classic morphology of the indicas, with a fairly bushy and columnar structure, provided with branches that do not separate much from the main trunk and give it a fir-tree appearance. They produce a large central tip that concentrates good part of the total yield of buds, which are very dense, very resinous, and usually turn dark colors during the flowering phase.

How do you grow these seeds indoors and outdoors?

Thanks to its compact build and low height, it lends itself very well to the Sea Of Green configuration in indoor cultivation, and by putting 16 plants/m2 in 7 liter pots a high yield is achieved in a short time . It is not necessary to prune the main tip, because it is about getting 16 giant buds surrounded by some satellite branches for every square meter.

In outdoor cultivation it is important to germinate the seeds as soon as possible for several reasons, firstly because they need a long time to reach a good size, and secondly because the Golosa Early Version start to flower before most normal flowering plants. In order to get the most out of its yield, we recommend planting in pots of more than 30 liters, or directly in the ground. They are plants that are very resistant to pests and fungi, which also do not involve many difficulties during their cultivation, so they are seeds suitable for all types of growers.

When are Golosa Early Version harvested?

Although its growth is not as fast as that of sativas, it has such a fast flowering cycle that in general the total cultivation time is one of the shortest. In indoor cultivation it requires about 6 or 7 weeks of flowering, and outdoors or in outdoor greenhouses they are harvested aat the beginning of September in the northern hemisphere, and at the beginning of March in the southern hemisphere.

How much do these seeds from Delicious Seeds produce?

Its production is very high wherever you look, reaching 19.4 oz per 3x3ft ( 550 grams/m2 ) in indoor cultivation, and more than  35.3 oz/plant ( 1000 grams per plant ) in outdoor crops. Another important issue is the large amount of trichomes it produces, excellent news for those who use the remains of the harvest to make their own cannabis extractions.

What is the aroma and taste of Golosa Early Version like?

The aroma is very sweet, fruity, with a background of licorice, and a touch of spices, something unique and far removed from the usual smells of commercial marijuana. The flavor is very complex and original, as it combines notes of ripe fruit with nuances reminiscent of pippermint, maintaining the liquorice aftertaste that lingers in the mouth for quite some time.

What kind of effect does this cannabis have?

Especially sedative and narcotic, because despite having a THC level of 26% and causing quite a bit of psychoactivity, the most remarkable thing is its ability to relax the body until it leaves you in a catatonic state, ideal for relieve pain, reduce tension, calm anxiety, and help to fall asleep fast and lasting.

Buy Golosa Early Version seeds from Delicious Seeds at the best price online

These seeds have everything you can look for in cannabis plants, they are very fast, easy to grow, high production of buds, resin, and THC, powerful effect, and above all a surprising aroma and flavor even for the most experienced palates.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks Delicious Seeds
Phenotype: Phenotype 10% sativa/ 80% índica/ 10% Rudelaris
Indoor production: Indoor production 19.4 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 35.3 oz/plant
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 45 days
THC: THC 26%
Disease: Disease Anxiety
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Fruity
Symptoms: Symptoms Bloating
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