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Delicious Seeds 

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Delicious seeds, a Spanish marijuana seeds bank, was created in 2008 with the aim of contributing with a step towards higher quality in the cannabis world.

PEV Grow is proud to present you one of the best positioned Spanish seeds banks in the world.

As one of its founders I will tell you a bit about its history ...

It all started on an autumn afternoon in 2008 when Ruben, Roberto and I had stayed in the offices of our headquarters in the city of Torrent (Valencia), among other things, to attempt to write some article for Sofsecrets magazine and also to modify the last advertising we made regarding the latest collection of World of Seeds (The Medical Collection).

It was a tough summer since we have had a lot of problems with one of our breeders, which somehow brought us some discussion and substantial economic losses, however and despite this, making a fair balance, we were very happy with the results obtained well into the autumn of that year.

We realized that we already had a wide range of marijuana genetics and some of them had been positioned even with high standards of quality at medicinal level, being highly valued by the general public and by our customers (Grow Shops) in particular .

It was when we decided to take advantage of the very high ratios in THC, THCV and CBD (note that we started to show even CBN results in our World of Seeds package) that some of the strains were giving us and we started to propose new crosses, after an arduous selection and testing it became the basis of Delicious seeds presented at the Spannabis fair in 2009.

All this, coupled with an innovative marketing team, under the concept that what we were creating were really delicious marijuana seeds “extremely delicious”, came up new and colorful packagings that contained marijuana feminised seeds as spectacular as Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose, Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer , Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue or Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice.

All these cultivars are now award-winning and also an important part of every sybarite cannabis repertoire, completing that year the Delicious Seeds catalog with Delicious Seeds Critical Kali Mist, Delicious Seeds Critical Sensi Star, Delicious Seeds Critical Super Silver Haze, all with THC levels above 20%, reaching 25% in many cases.

New autoflowering hybrids were also born, such as Delicious Seeds La Diva and Delicious Seeds Il Diavolo, with high medicinal value and high extraction yields in BHO.

Later on, and from 2010 onwards, already without my participation, the good Rubén refined his focus developing cultivars suitable to bring them to the top, culminating with genetics very high in CBD content and featured by interesting terpene composition.

The seeds bank were incorporating in its catalog new autoflowering seeds such as Delicious Seeds Auto Dark Purple, Delicious Seeds Critical Jack Herer Auto, Delicious Seeds Critical Neville Haze Auto, Delicious Seeds Delicious Candy, Delicious Seeds La Bella Afrodita, and the feminized Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose and Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue as autoflowering formats. All of them are very robust plants and of great yields both in indoor and outdoor crops.

The repertoire of feminized cannabis seeds that have been incorporated in recent years include sativa hybrids of a very defined character such as Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy and Delicious Seeds Caramelo, going through hybrids 60/40 or even 50/50 as Delicious Seeds Sugar Candy and Delicious Seeds Desconocida Kush, to reach up to the most indica phenotypes with slight earthy flavor but with outstanding terpenic sign as Delicious Seeds Marmalate and Delicious Seeds Delicious Candy.

Other notable hybrids highlighted for their incredible effects, aromas and flavors are Delicious Seeds Original Juan Herer (a Jack Herer adjusted to Rubén's palate, very fanboy of the Amsterdam Old School), and Delicious Seeds Jagg Kush, of course, another Jack Herer made up of Skunk "spinal cord".

The catalog is complete with chemotypes with high CBD and maximum medicinal potency such as Delicious Seeds Blue Ace CBD, Delicious Seeds CBD Jam, Delicious Seeds Deep Mandarine and Delicious Seeds HoneyBells (new strain of the CBD family for 2017),  we cannot forget either the "Early" versions of feminized strains such as Delicious Seeds Sugar Black Rose, Delicious Seeds Marmalate, Delicious Seeds Delicious Candy and Delicious Seeds Caramelo.

In PEV Grow we put at your disposal this special Cannasseur repertoire that we know will please the most demanding palates ...

Do you feel like tasting our Delicious seeds with us?