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Delicious Seeds: the largest variety of quality feminized seeds


Buy marijuana seeds from Delicious Seeds bank at the best price in the market. Discover all the catalog and opinions at our online store!

Delicious seeds, Spanish seed bank, was created in 2008 with the aim of providing a point of quality in the cannabis world. PEV Grow is proud to present you one of the best positioned Spanish seed banks at an international level.

As one of its founders I am going to tell you a little about its history and my personal opinion of what they are today...

It all started on an autumn afternoon in 2008 when Ruben, Roberto and I had met at our headquarters in Torrent (Valencia), among other things, to try to write an article for Sofsecrets and to modify the last advertisement we made referring to the last collection of World of Seeds (The Medical Collection). It was a hard summer and we had had problems with some of our breeders, which brought us some discussion and substantial economic losses, however, and despite this, and making a fair balance, we were very happy with the results obtained well into the fall of that same 2008. We realized that Delicious Seeds already had a wide catalogue of genetics and some of them we had even positioned them with high quality standards at a medical level, we had very positive opinions by the general public and by our customers (Grow Shops) in particular. It was when we decided to take advantage of the very high ratios in THC, THCV and CBD that some of the varieties provided us and we began to propose new crosses, which after an arduous selection and testing became the basis of Delicious seeds at the Spannabis fair in 2009.


Discover the Delicious Seeds catalogue:

All this, together with an innovative marketing team, under the concept that what we were creating were really delicious seeds, emerged new and eye-catching packagings that contained feminized marijuana seeds as spectacular as the Northern Light Blue or Fruity Chronic Juice, both award-winning and part of the entire repertoire of sybarite cannabic.

Completing that year the catalog Delicious Seeds with the Critical Kali Mist, Critical Sensi Star, Critical Super Silver Haze, all with THC levels above 20%, reaching levels of 25% in many cases. All with very high medicinal value and high extraction yields in BHO.

The repertoire of feminized marijuana seeds that the laureate bank has been incorporating in recent years includes hybrid sativas character well defined as Cotton Candy and Caramel, through hybrids 60/40 and 50/50 as Sugar Candy and Unknown Kush, to reach indicas with earthy flavor but with terpenic mark highlighted as Marmalate or the precious Eleven Roses. Other outstanding hybrids for their incredible effects, aromas and flavors are Original Juan Herer (a Jack Herer very to the taste of Ruben, very fan of the Old School of Amsterdam), and Jagg Kush, of course, another Jack Herer with Skunk spine. Without forgetting the "Early versions" of their legendary feminized varieties such as the Sugar Black Rose Early Version.


At PEV Grow we offer you this special Cannasseur repertoire that we know will please the most demanding palates...

Would you like to taste the most delicious seeds?

Delicious Seeds: autoflowering seeds that will surprise you

The auto-flowering Delicious Seeds varieties offer us a range of exotic flavours, characterised by colours that give each of them an unparalleled beauty, which will certainly not leave anyone indifferent.

Delicious Seeds, is a Spanish seed bank that was created in 2008, which today, 10 years later, is one of the top 10 on the international scene. Their varieties are absolutely incredible, and their breeders team has been selected with a delicate and meticulous selection process, and among the most outstanding qualities they had to meet, was that the professional cultivation of marijuana was for them their top priority, and live this profession as you have to live it, with all your heart.

Delicious Seeds Auto Seeds Catalog :

Auto Dark Purple

The Delicious Seeds Auto Dark Purple, is one of those works of art. Its origin lies in the genetic fusion between OG Kush and Purple Kush Auto, with purple colors and a Kush genetics that fall in love at first sight. If you opt for an indoor crop, I use 9 pots of 11 liters and I'm satisfied, is my favorite when I want to make extractions of resin or hashish. In outdoor crops, with a well worked substrate and some quality weekly irrigation, you will have a truly brutal specimen, with a low height, with which you will be able to collect up to 70 gr per plant. I always recommend using a definitive pot of 18 liters, to avoid slowing its growth with transplants.

Auto Northern Light Blue

Another of Delicious Seeds most outstanding creations is the Auto Northern Light Blue. This variety has been created with a careful lineage between Northern Lights x Blueberry Auto, selected for its impressive Indica properties. If you decide to grow indoors, you can enjoy a compact plant, with thick trunks and plenty of resin. In just 90 days, using 11 litre pots, you will be able to collect up to 500 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, does not usually exceed one meter in height, and if you work a good quality substrate, you can easily reach 90 grams per plant.


Auto Critical Jack Herer

The Auto Critical Jack Herer of Delicious Seeds, has a name that speaks for itself, uniting two of the most laureate genetics of the world of cannabis. Inherited from Jack Herer, its incredible taste and from Critical its fast flowering period. Indoors, under the spotlights of a LEC lighting system of 315 W behaves like a real lioness, giving the best of himself and getting to collect up to 450 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, if you have the opportunity to plant it directly on land will be a real beast. Do not go too far with the fertilizer because it is delicate to over-fertilization, and you can get up to 80 grams of the best marijuana per specimen.

Auto Sugar Black Rose

For lovers of the sweetest varieties and Indica genetics, Delicious Seeds has created the Auto Sugar Black Rose. Its narcotic effect is long-lasting and also possesses unparalleled beauty. If you grow it indoors, you must bear in mind that you must have a good extraction system, because from very early an intense aroma derived from its Afghan genetics. In outdoor crops, with good weather conditions, and many hours of sunshine, you can get up to 80 grams per plant.


This is just an appetizer of what Delicious Seeds catalogue of auto-flowering varieties can offer, and it's that Candy Auto de Delicious Seeds, La Diva Automatic de Delicious Seeds, La Critical Neville Haze Auto and Sweet Afgani Delicious Auto also stand out.

Discover all the auto-flowering varieties of Delicious Seeds, and know the incredible characteristics that have turned these strains into true living cannabis myths and have elevated Delicious Seeds to the status of one of the best seed banks on the international scene. Buy now the autoflowering varieties of Delicious Seeds, at Pevgrow, your trusted online Growshop!

Delicious Seeds: enjoy its medicinal varieties

The CBD-rich varieties of Delicious Seeds, are not a product of current fashion, but have been developed for some time, because in Delicious Seeds were aware of the medicinal properties that could report cannabis to its consumers.

In the current panorama, the consumption of varieties rich in CBD has suffered a considerable increase, especially because in the last decade, the CBD has been the subject of study by the scientific community, which has realized that more and more people were trying to solve clandestine diseases, where traditional medicine could not provide a conclusive solution, with the intake of CBD.


That is why Delicious Seeds has created varieties such as CBD Jam. The high levels of CBD Jam, make it a perfect choice to take day by day, as it has almost no psychoactivity. In indoor crops, needs a good root space to develop its best version, therefore, I recommend you use 9 pots of 11 liters, and if you put the plants under a 600W spotlights you can get up to 500 grams per m2. If you opt for an outdoor crop, requires many hours of sunlight, and in the last phase is certainly delicate to over-fertilized, if you know how to carry can give you up to 500 grams per plant.

Auto Blue CBD

Another of the varieties rich in CBD of Delicious Seeds is the Auto Blue CBD. With THC/CBD ratios ranging from 1:1 to 1:2, it becomes a perfect medicinal variety. It is characterised by its ease of cultivation and resistance to attack, but I personally love growing it indoors because it behaves like a real beast. If you grow it in 11 litre pots using 9 pots, you will accelerate its growth to the maximum, it is not uncommon for you to rub the figure of 500 gr per m2. In outdoor cultivation, I recommend that you use a definitive pot of 18-20 liters and in a worked substrate you can reach up to 100 gr per plant.


In PevGrow, you will be able to buy these varieties rich in CBD of Delicious Seeds and others like, Candy Auto of Delicious Seeds and Honeybells of Delicious Seeds. Switch to medical marijuana from the hand of one of the greats, Delicious Seeds!

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