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Auto CBD-Victory

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Dutch Passion
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Auto CBD-Victory are marijuana seeds autoflowering created by Dutch Passion, which are a real revolution in the market, as they are the first to contain high levels of CBDV. In addition to this cannabinoid, Auto CBD-Victory is rich in cannabidiol, and contains less than 0.3% THC, so it can be considered very interesting non-psychoactive medicine to treat multiple diseases.

What is Auto CBD-Victory like in general?

During the first stages of life it stays quite compact, without stretching too much in height and branching quite. After 3 weeks of vegetative growth it starts to open up its structure, widening the distance between nodes and separating the branches from the main trunk.

Barely a week later the first pre-flowers start to appear, but continues to grow at the same time as starts to flower. During this phase you can see the changes almost daily, and as soon as the Auto CBD-Victory stops its growth is focused on fattening the buds to finish with shape and volume of corn on the cob.

What are the genetics of these autoflowering seeds?

Dutch Passion does not reveal the genealogical origin of this new strain, they just say they used their genetic research source. What seems clear is that they used CBD-rich autoflowering from their catalogue in order to stabilize the very special chemotype of Auto CBD Victory.

Contains a 75% sativa and 25% indica according to the seed bank, although it is clear that it must also carry some ruderalis to get the autoflowering. What is clear is that this strain is a breakthrough in the market, and its genetics will pave the way for many others.

How to grow Auto CBD-Victory indoors and outdoors?

In indoor cultivation is advisable to mark a continuous photoperiod of many hours of light per day, being 20 hours on and 4 off the highest yield of buds get. It is very interesting to add microvida to the substrate and the first irrigations, as well as root stimulator, since a well-developed root system is key to getting the best results with these plants so fast. If you put 9 plants/m2 in 2.9 US gal(11 liter pots) with spongy substrate and rich in nutrients, you will get to fill the entire illuminated area of dense buds and good size.

Outdoor is special for terraces or small gardens for its discretion, but where it behaves best is planted in pots mother earth or large capacity. Try to place in a very sunny place, remember that the more light the better, and as in indoor is good to add micro-life and root stimulator in the first irrigations. The best season for outdoor cultivation is in summer, but can be harvested at any time of year, provided that the temperature does not fall below 10 º C.

When is this medicinal variety harvested?

It needs about 70 days of total cultivation, from germination to harvest time, although there are factors that can delay the maturation of the buds, such as some types of stress. In indoor crops with all parameters controlled usually ends earlier than outdoors out of season, because cold, low light incidence, pests, or even deficiencies can lengthen its growing cycle.

How much does Auto CBD-Victory produce?

The buds are large in volume, dense, and of considerable hardness, so the total production is quite high when grown correctly. The resin yield is also quite high, as well as terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

In indoor cultivation can get a harvest of 17.6 oz per 3x3ft (500 gr/m2), and outdoors if conditions are good and has no limiting factors can get to give more than 3,6 oz/plant(100 gr per plant).

How is the aroma and taste of this plant of Dutch Passion?

The aroma is reminiscent of some old Skunk/Haze crosses, with woody undertones with a piney background that lingers in the nostrils. In the flavor is also discovered a subtly sweet vinegar taste, original and pleasant to the palate.

What kind of effect does Auto CBD-Victory produce?

The production of cannabinoids is medium, although with a unique profile so far, so its effect can not be compared to any other. If you like to get high these seeds are not for you, because psychoactivity is nil due to its low concentration of THC, which does not reach 0.3% in any case.

But the best of Auto CBD-Victory is its content of CBD and CBDV, which usually reaches 4% to 6% of each of them, something unprecedented so far in marijuana seeds. The effect is totally medicinal, so it allows to function perfectly, but taking advantage of the medicinal properties of both cannabidiolcomo of cannabidivarin.

Buy Dutch Passion Auto CBD-Victory seeds at the best price on the market

The price of these seeds may seem a bit high, but this bank of the Netherlands has been 4 years researching to stabilize this genetics, and that has a value, obviously. In PevGrow we bring it to your home with the guarantee of the best quality/price ratio on the market, and the best after-sales service.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Autoflowering
Banks Banks
  • Dutch Passion
Genetics Genetics
  • Haze
  • Skunk
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 25% Indica / 75% Sativa
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 17.6 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 3,6 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination Crop cycle since germination
  • 70 days
Features Features
  • High CBD
Weather Weather
  • Cold climates
  • Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Temperate / continental
Effects Effects
  • Medicinal
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Wood
Symptoms Symptoms
  • Stress

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