Siberian Ruderalis
Siberian Ruderalis
Siberian Ruderalis
Siberian Ruderalis
Autoflowering / Regular / Regular autoflowering

Siberian Ruderalis

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Khalifa Genetics
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Siberian Ruderalis by Khalifa Genetics are autoflowering marijuana seeds offered in regular version, and represent the ancestral genetics of many of today's automatic varieties. If you want to discover all the details of this original strain, don't miss the following description.

What is the genetics of these seeds?

It is a pure genetic from a region near Lake Chebarkul, a cold and inhospitable land of modern Russia where it is difficult for other types of plants to thrive. Siberian Ruderalis belongs to the cannabis subspecies ruderalis, as its name indicates, so they are fast-maturing autoflowering plants, and that is their secret to being able to mature and continue with their progeny in that habitat.

What is Siberian Ruderalis like in general terms?

These are plants that grow very fast, they begin to flower with just 2 or 3 weeks of life, but they do not stop increasing in size during the flowering phase, so that end up being like the Auto XXL modern. They produce enough resin to be a pure species, they are incredibly resistant, and their chemotype is rich in CBD, so it can be a genetics used as medical marijuana. About a quarter of Siberian Ruderalis specimens acquire 90,019 purple tones and during the maturation phase, regardless of their temperature.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

Indoors they develop very well with a continuous photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. throughout the cycle, from germination to harvest. 9 plants / m2 can be put in 11-liter pots, and allowed to grow naturally without pruning or other production optimization techniques.

Outdoors or in greenhouses they can be grown throughout the year, even in cold places as they are used to low temperatures. It is important that the roots have enough space to grow well, but it is not necessary that it be a substrate rich in nutrients, because it is better if it is loose and aerated.

It is important that the fertilizations are soft and widely spaced, these plants do best with low levels of nutrients, and can be of organic origin. Another issue to take into account before cultivation is that the seeds contain a thicker shell than usual to protect the germ from the cold, so it is difficult for them to hydrate to germinate. The best way to germinate these seeds is by wearing down a part of the outer bark with the help of sandpaper, or by cracking them so that they open mechanically, in the video you can see a graphic explanation of these methods:

When is it Harvest the Siberian Ruderalis from Khalifa Genetics?

Its total life cycle ranges between 9 and 12 weeks, counting from the day of seed germination until harvest, both indoors and outdoors. It is a life span similar to that of most autoflowering varieties on the market.

How much do these seeds normally produce?

Its bud yield is in the average of the current commercial seeds, being able to produce more than 14,10 oz per 3x3ft ( 400 grams / m2 ) in indoor cultivation, and about 5,4 oz/plant ( 150 grams per plant ) in outdoor cultivation. The trichome yield is quite high for being a moderately wild variety, but this genetics has been selected for the production of charas in their natural habitat.

How is the aroma and taste of Siberian Ruderalis?

Although its fresh aroma is of medium intensity, once dry and cured this marijuana has a complex smell full of nuances that is very pleasant. On the palate it is sweet, floral, citric, and with notes of pine and spices, far removed from the usual flavors, making it ideal for people looking for something new.

What kind of effect does this herb have?

It is a really medicinal effect, because it does not cause much mental stimulation, but its high CBD content is perceived in a very relaxing way, especially at the muscular level. It can also be a good choice for consumers looking to taste good without getting too high, and even as a substitute for tobacco for heavy smokers.

Buy Khalifa Genetics Siberian Ruderalis seeds at the best price online

These seeds are special for connoisseurs who want to grow something out of the ordinary, for inexperienced growers due to its ease of cultivation, and especially for fans of crosses, as it is of the few regular autoflowers available on the market today.

Video: Siberian Ruderalis

Data sheet and characteristics

Type Type
  • Autoflowering
  • Regular
  • Regular autoflowering
Banks Banks
  • Khalifa Genetics
Phenotype Phenotype
  • 100% Auto
Indoor production Indoor production
  • 14,10 oz per 3x3ft
Outdoor production Outdoor production
  • 5,4 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination Crop cycle since germination
  • 9-12 weeks
Features Features
  • Resistant
Effects Effects
  • Medicinal
  • Relaxing
Flavor and aroma Flavor and aroma
  • Floral
  • Lemon
  • Pine
Symptoms Symptoms
  • Pains

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