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Stromboli Auto

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Stromboli Auto are autoflowering marijuana seeds created by Paradise Seeds from the combination of several of the best genetics of all time. This seed bank from the Netherlands once again surprises the entire cannabis market with genetics that pay homage to one of the most powerful volcanoes on the planet. Below I describe the best qualities of this plant so that you can have a minimal idea of ​​what you can achieve.

What is the genetics of these seeds from Paradise Seeds?

To produce these seeds, the Paradise Seeds R&D team cross-pollinated a Gorilla Glue phenotype with classic Afghan genetics, and the resulting cross was combined with a modern autoflowering strain. This complex mix has a mostly sativa genotype, although it may result in more indica-like phenotypes as it is not 100% uniform.

What does Stromboli Auto look like?

They are plants of compact size but with a lot of branching, which form a very robust structure, with a strong trunk and stems and of good thickness, medium distance between nodes, and fan-shaped leaves. The buds are large as well as dense and rocky, very light green in color and orange pistils, with a velvety appearance due to the large number of trichomes that cover them.

How are these seeds grown indoors and outdoors?

These plants appreciate having enough quality substrate, rich in nutrients but sufficiently aerated so that the roots can colonize it as quickly as possible, since it is a key factor to achieve the best results. In indoor cultivation you can put a continuous photoperiod from the beginning to the end, but to maximize the performance of the plants it is important that they have many hours of light, so we think that 18 or 20 hours of light per day may be ideal. It is not good to do apical pruning because it can slow down its growth, but it can be very interesting to do a low pruning during pre-flowering to better use the energy to produce large buds at the upper tips.

In outdoor cultivation, the best season to achieve the highest possible production is in summer, but they can really be grown throughout the year except in winter in temperate regions. Outdoors they can take better advantage of the greater light output of the sun when they are planted in pots of more than 15 liters, but care must be taken with the thickest buds because if they get wet the dreaded fungi can appear, which can ruin the harvest.

When are Stromboli Auto harvested?

They are very fast seeds both to grow and to flower, since their cultivation does not usually last more than 10 or 11 weeks in total, that is, from the time they germinate until they can be harvested, no more than 70 or 77 days usually pass. In some cases it may require an extra day to finish maturing, especially in outdoor crops in those regions where night temperatures can drop below 12ºC.

How much do these autoflowering seeds produce?

It is such a grateful variety when it has everything you need that in indoor cultivation it can easily give you about 550 grams of buds, and outdoors each plant can give around 150 grams when grown in a season with many hours of direct sun.

How is the aroma and taste of Stromboli Auto?

During cultivation they can go fairly unnoticed until the resin begins to appear, but from that moment you have to be careful because its aroma can become very powerful. It is an aroma reminiscent of the forest, with clear notes of pine and fruit so appetizing that it makes you want to bite a bud. The taste has a herbaceous, spicy and somewhat spicy touch, which together with the pine gives the smoke much body and leaves a very pleasant bouquet in the mouth, and when exhaling the smoke remains a fruity aftertaste reminiscent of the passion fruit.

What kind of effect does this cannabis have?

You could say it’s full effect, because it affects the body and minds equally. At first it can feel like a high in the mood coupled with a torrent of ideas circulating through your brain at full speed. Little by little a physical relaxation is added that increases until leaving you immersed in a very pleasant contemplative state. It is a perfect weed to end the day, of those that are very enjoyed lying on the couch watching movies.

Buy Stromboli Auto marijuana seeds from Paradise Seeds at the best price online

This plant has everything any cannabis user could want, fast and simple cultivation, high production of buds and resin, aroma and intense flavor, and especially a potency that satisfies even people with greater tolerance to cannabis. In Pevgrow we will be happy to send you these seeds or everything you may need for your crop with the best quality/ price ratio and in the least time possible.

Data sheet and characteristics

Type: Type Autoflowering
Banks: Banks Paradise Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Afghani
Gorilla Glue x afganas x Ruderalis
Phenotype: Phenotype Mainly sativa
Indoor production: Indoor production 19.40 per 3x3ft
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 5,4 oz/plant
Crop cycle since germination: Crop cycle since germination 70-77 Days
Features: Features Sativa seeds
Effects: Effects Powerful
THC: THC +20%
CBD: CBD < 1%
Flavor and aroma: Flavor and aroma Fruity
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