6 marijuana strains similar to Sour Diesel

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Marijuana buds amidst mechanical tools and a car
Marijuana buds amidst mechanical tools and a car


Sour Diesel, with its distinctive fuel aroma, giant calyxes, those characteristic leaves, and its energizing effects, is an iconic strain in the world of cannabis, so much so that it could be considered one of the top 10 of all time. It emerged on the east coast of the USA, where an elite clone known as ECSD (East Coast Sour Diesel) was selected and another great phenotype was later isolated in Europe, Sour Diesel Riri, both of extraordinary quality.

These cuttings traveled the entire world, but not all growers have access to them, and for those who adore their unique characteristics but wish to explore varieties with similar profiles that they can obtain, we have prepared a selection of six strains that include hybrids and autoflowering versions of the Sour Diesel variety. These strains promise comparable experiences in terms of aroma, effect, and genetics.



Strains Similar to Sour Diesel:



  • Original Auto Sour Diesel (Fastbuds): This autoflowering version retains the essential characteristics of Sour Diesel, offering a similar experience in a shorter life cycle. It is ideal for those seeking the quality of Sour Diesel in a more manageable format, easier cultivation, and a generally faster harvest.
  • New York Diesel (PEV Seeds): This strain is a variant of Sour Diesel that combines its traits with additional genetics for a more complex profile. It offers a similar flavor with additional nuances and an equally invigorating effect, although it has a somewhat more relaxing comedown. This variety gave rise to the whole CBD wave in Europe, its cultivation is easier than that of Sour Diesel, and the structure is much more compact.
  • Sour Kush (Private Reserve): A cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, Sour Kush offers a balance between the sour flavors of Sour Diesel and the potency of OG Kush. It is perfect for lovers of Sour Diesel who are looking for an experience with an extra touch. The buds of this variety are impressive due to the low ratio of leaves to calyxes, as well as for their large amount of trichomes that cover them.
  • Amnesia Sour Diesel (Humboldt Seeds): Combining the qualities of Amnesia and Sour Diesel, this strain offers a strong cerebral effect along with the characteristic diesel aroma. It is the most sativa strain of this list, the one that achieves the highest concentration of THC, and usually the one that grows tallest and requires more nutrients, so it is more recommended for experienced growers.
  • Diesel Haze Auto (Expert Seeds): An autoflowering option that mixes Diesel with Haze like Amnesia Sour Diesel, but in this case with a much faster and simpler cultivation, especially for novices. For an autoflowering strain, it is notable for the large amount of terpenes in its essential oils, providing a flavor and effect profile similar to Sour Diesel, but with a touch of Haze that adds complexity.
  • Chemdawg (Spain Seeds): As one of the strains that gave rise to Sour Diesel, Chemdawg offers a similar profile in aroma and effect, being an excellent option to experience the roots of Sour Diesel. The flavor is just as intense or even more so, but leans more towards the Kush side, spicy, citrusy, and less gaseous or fuel-like than the Sours.




Comparative Table:


Variety Bank Type Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield THC CBD Flavor and Aroma Effect
Sour Diesel Classic Hybrid High High High Low Diesel, Earthy Energizing, Cerebral
Original Auto Sour Diesel Fastbuds Autoflowering Medium Medium Medium Low Diesel, Earthy Energizing, Quick
NYC Diesel PEV Seeds Hybrid High High High Medium Diesel, Citrus Energizing, Cerebral
Sour Kush Private Reserve Hybrid High High High Low Diesel, Kush Potent, Relaxing
Amnesia Sour Diesel Humboldt Seeds Hybrid High High Very High Low Diesel, Citrus Cerebral, Potent
Diesel Haze Auto Expert Seeds Autoflowering Medium High High Low Diesel, Haze Energizing, Cerebral
Chemdawg Spain Seeds Hybrid High High High Low Diesel, Spicy Potent, Cerebral



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Exploring strains similar to Sour Diesel is an excellent way to discover new experiences while maintaining what we love about this legendary strain. From autoflowering versions to complex hybrids, these six strains offer a range of experiences that capture the essence of Sour Diesel in different forms. Each of these strains promises a unique journey through exciting flavors and effects for any cannabis enthusiast, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to try this tasty and legendary marijuana, with the 6 options I propose in this article you can do it in the best way.

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