Easy Recipe for Medicinal Cannabis

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*imagen de un recipiente lleno de miel de marihuana con hojas de marihuan detrás*
*Image of a container filled with marijuana honey and another with pieces of honey panels and marijuana leaves around it.


Honey Cannabis honey is one of the most versatile ways to harness cannabinoids to improve our health. There are many ways to make this recipe for marijuana honey, the one we present to you today is one of the simplest, as we will be using cannabis olive oil to make it, you can also do it if you have at home marijuana butter.



⭐ Selection of varieties to make the best marijuana honey

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Make sure that the variety of marijuana you will use for the oil or butter is of good quality, if you are a user usual We recommend hybrids modern and powerful such as Gorilla Glue or Wedding Crasher for the most effective results. Keep in mind that if it is for medicinal use, the better the strain and the higher the cannabinoid content it contains, the more benefits the marijuana honey will have.

Choose cannabis strains with a high percentage of CBD if you don’t tolerate the psychoactive effects of THC very well, as cannabidiol has many properties of its own. However, some of the best strains for making medical marijuana honey are those that have a THC to CBD ratio of 1: 1 as they are the ones that cause a greater entourage effect, such as the tasty CBD C99.



*imagen de un recipiente lleno de miel de marihuana con 3 cogollos detrás*
* Picture of a container full of marijuana honey with 3 buds behind it



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⛳ Selecting the best honey


The quality of marijuana honey will not only depend on the best cannabis, you should also choose good honey. Beware of supermarket honey jars as most of them contain added sugar. But if you have the option to buy honey from a small farm or cooperative, don’t hesitate, the more natural the better.

If you use organic honey make sure you get a much healthier natural product, and if we want to prepare more cannabis honey medicinal we must also take this into account, in order not to improve our health on the one hand and worsen it on the other.



✨ Ingredient and material necessary for prepare marijuana honey


  • 500 gr. of bees honey
  • 40 gr. of marijuana oil (or 50 g of marijuana butter)
  • A saucepan
  • A silicone spatula
Ingredientes y materiales necesarios para preparar miel de marihuana
Ingredient and material necessary for prepare marijuana honey



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👌 Preparation for making homemade marijuana hone


In a saucepan over low heat we heat the marijuana oil (or butter), and when you take a low temperature we begin to mix well, add the honey a little at a time and continue to mix without stopping.


*Al principio cuesta integrar el aceite cannábico con la miel, pero poco a poco se va homogeneizando la mezcla*
* At the beginning it is difficult to integrate the cannabis oil with honey, but gradually it will homogenize everything*


You will see that at the beginning of the mixing, it is clear that the oil does not dissolve with honey, this is normal, since they are different temperatures. On low heat, do not stop mixing all the contents, you will see that the honey will gradually become more liquid as it heats up. It must never boil or overheat, as we seek only the union of oil and honey. For this process it is not necessary to cook above 60ºC.


*Poco a poco la mezcla se va estabilizando hasta quedar totalmente homogénea*
*Gradually the mixture stabilizes until it is completely homogeneous*


When you see that the oil has integrated with the honey, you have to continue stirring for a few more minutes and remove from the heat. Pour the honey into an airtight container or tupper, but let it cool completely before covering it. Subsequently this container must be stored in a cool and dry place, although you can also keep it in the refrigerator.


*Con la mezcla todavía caliente vertemos la miel cannábica en los recipientes donde la vayamos a conservar y la dejamos enfriar*
*With the mixture still hot, pour the cannabis honey into the containers where we will keep it and let it coo.*



🚀 Recommended dose of marijuana honey


As for the dose to be taken, this is already relative, because many factors influence the strength of the strain marijuana and its THC content, the person’s weight, tolerance, or questions like if you have an empty stomach for example … I recommend you try small doses, not to go further and check, which is the best option.

Remember that when consumed ingested, the effect of marijuana can last up to 1 ½ hours fully perceptible. We advise not to make up for it before you have felt the full effects so as not to overdo it, but if necessary don’t worry because no one has died from a cannabis overdose, you can just lie down to sleep and in a couple of hours it will go away. If you’re using a CBD-rich, low-THC strain, you won’t have this problem, so it can be a good option for people with low THC tolerance.



✅ What Uses Can I Give Marijuana Honey?


Good question … and what an easy answer … To sweeten everything that comes to your mind !.

From brewing an infusion to baking a marijuana cake, simply adding a teaspoon of honey will transform any dish into a cannabis delicacy packed with healing properties.



🎯 Benefits of Marijuana Honey


It must be taken into account that honey already contains many properties, and some of them coincide with those that cannabis also has, so it produces a powerful synergy:


  • Anti-inflammatory: This quality is sure that we all know it. A glass of warm milk with a heaping spoonful of honey to relieve that sore throat.
  • Dry Skin: Used as a moisturizer in many gels and creams.
  • Immune system: there is no better ally to strengthen it than taking a teaspoon of honey frequently.
  • Power: Healing, honey can be used to sterilize infected wounds, speed recovery and prevent the appearance of cysts, especially after laparoscopic surgery
  • Antibacterial:Even when applied in low doses, honey can slow down the activity and increase in bacterial biofilms, which are the layers where microbes accumulate.
  • High blood pressure: Thanks to the calming effect of honey on blood vessels, it can be very effective in lowering blood pressure.


If we add to all these benefits that honey offers us the multiple properties that marijuana contains, we obtain a very therapeutic product that can also be used in a very simple way. We can say that if we combine these two natural components, we get a delicious medicinal elixir, because honey can enhance the following benefits of cannabis:


  • Analgesic: THC is effective for treating pain, but together with honey it can reduce pain in the throat or stomach.
  • Antiseptic: Split both cannabis and honey are highly effective for use as an antiseptic, but are also helpful in maintaining curing and healing of diseases while avoiding the possibility of infection.
  • Anti-inflammatory: it is one of the best known properties of marijuana, especially the one that contains high levels of CBD, and combined with honey increases the synergy in this sense.
  • Relaxing: We have known for a long time the relaxing effect of cannabis, especially indica and hybrid genetics, but what you may not know is that when mixed with honey this effect multiplies, basically due to its high sugar content, honey. is known as “cannamela”
  • Antioxidant: Honey also has the potential to exert an antioxidant action by inhibiting the formation of free radicals, thanks to the action of flavonoids and other polyphenols such as phenolic acids, and a CBD to stop oxidative stress , make marijuana honey one of the best antioxidant drugs.



🧐 Conclusion


Honey Marijuanais one of the most effective ways to reap the benefits of cannabinoids, as it can be consumed in many different ways, it is very easy to prepare and the synergy created by the its medicinal properties makes it almost magical.



👾 Frequently Asked Questions


How long does marijuana honey work?

As with all products c Cannabis-based edibles, marijuana honey takes 45 to 90 minutes to take effect when ingested. There is a way to take it in a way that works faster, and that is by holding a small amount of marijuana honey under the tongue for 3 to 4 minutes to take it sublingually.

Does marijuana honey expire?

In principle, it has no expiry date, like normal bee honey, but we always recommend storing it in a cool and dry place, or directly in the fridge, because if exposed to high temperatures or humidity it can lose some of its medicinal properties.


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