Marijuana’s butter

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Marijuana'S butter

Marijuana’S butter


Marijuana’S butter is the basic recipe to make a multitude of different dishes in a unique way, especially pastries.


Its popularity is widespread because cannabis recipes are a different way to consume marijuana and the use of butter is recommended for therapeutic consumers, who can benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabinoids in a delicious way without being a smoker.


In addition, with cannabis recipes in general, and butter in a particular way, we can use manicure remains and smaller buds, which allows us to get the most out of our harvest.


It’s very easy to prepare and consists of very few ingredients, then we tell you step by step how to make marijuana butter.






– 20 to 40gr of marijuana. When using leaves and manicure debris the amount should be higher than when using buds. The amount of marijuana in this recipe is variable and will depend on the taste and intensity sought by each person.

-1/2 L. of water

– 250/300 gr of Butter


What we need to make marijuana butter

What we need to make marijuana butter




1. Put the water into boil in a pot or recipe and, while, undo the marijuana buds well until they’re crushed.


Boil the water

Boil the water and let it stand


2. Let it stand and put the crushed marijuana inside the pot. Now we must prevent the water from boiling so that the THC won’t degrade so that we must control the fire throughout the process, adjusting if required.


Avoid boiling water so THC will not degrade

Avoid boiling water so THC will not degrade


3. Remove for 10 minutes.


Remove carefully


4. Put the butter in the pot with the water and marijuana and stir for 30 minutes until the butter is undone and the mixture is completely integrated.


Add the butter

Add the butter


5. We glue the liquid to remove the vegetable remains. It’s best to use a fabric strainer during this step.


Strain mixture

Strain mixture


6. Leave the resulting liquid in a container and put it in the refrigerator. When the butter solidifies, we can remove the remains of water.


7. Once the water is removed from the butter, we re-introduce the mixture into the refrigerator and we have ready our cannabis butter.


Remove the water and put it back in the fridge


This recipe we can consume it alone, directly smeared in bread or we can use it as a base to prepare infinity of dishes with a greener touch, we’ll only have to substitute the traditional butter for marijuana butter. It’s very easy, you can try to prepare your marijuana cake marijuana cake, cupcakes, brownies and everything you can think about.

Do you dare to try it??




Some advices:


Marijuana doesn’t affect all people in the same way and there may also be variations depending on how you use them. If we take marijuana we must take into account that it takes longer to affect us than if we smoke and we must be responsable. It will always be best to consume a small amount until we have verified how it affects us since until we do the digestion we’ll not notice its psychoactive effect (in the case of having chosen to make the butter a variety that has this effect).It’s better to stay with little than have a lot at the begin.

By Geaseeds, Collaborator Piensa En Verde

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