How to avoid the most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana?

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Picture of a cook smiling despite all the incidents in his kitchen.
Picture of a cook smiling despite all the incidents in his kitchen.


Making your own recipes with cannabis is not a challenging task. However, you must be very careful with the way you do the process. Marijuana groceries have become incredibly popular. This is because they do not involve health risks, as it is the case with smoking, they are easy to eat, produce stronger effects and ensure discretion.

Nowadays, there are preparations of all kinds, including sweet or salty ones and some other successful experiments that combine particular but successful flavors. Nevertheless, there are certain mistakes when cooking with cannabis that people usually make. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.👉



🧐 Adding too much marijuana.



Cooking with cannabis doesn’t just mean adding a good handful of weed to your preparations, putting on butter and hoping for the best. This is an activity that, like any other, requires exact steps and measurements to obtain good results. If you make cannabis butter, for example, the fat will adhere only to a limited amount of vegetable matter.

Many believe that adding too much cannabis will translate into better potency, but this claim is far from the truth. In addition, too much cannabis will also negatively affect the taste of your food. Make sure you use the right proportions or you will have a stronger dish than you expected.



🎬 Not to decarboxylate the weed.


Adding a few buds to your food or blending a lot will not cause any psychotropic effects. The reason behind it is that marijuana must first be activated through a process known as decarboxylation. This consists of applying heat to the weed to turn THCA cannabinoid into the psychoactive THC.

This happens by itself when you light a joint or use a vaporizer. However, when you cook, you are totally responsible for this step. So, what you should do is to remember that you need to decarboxylate the weed, and to do that, you just need to bake it at low temperatures for an hour or more.



👾 Cooking at very high temperatures.


The reason why you should decarboxylate cannabis at low heat and slowly is related to the fact that high temperatures destroy the sensitive compounds of the weed. The same thing happens when cooking. If you prepare your dish with too much heat, not only will you lose its power but you will also ruin its flavor.

If you have successfully completed decarboxylation, this is the other stage of preparation that requires more attention. Otherwise, you will end up burning all the goodness of your recipe infused with cannabis and, probably, also destroy its characteristic taste.



🎯 Crushing the buds excessively.


Any common grinder can facilitate the crushing of the buds. But, this also means that you can do it more than necessary and grind the flowers too fine. Yes, this may help you get much more, but it is totally unnecessary and counterproductive.

Powdering cannabis to cook groceries is not good at all. In most cases, you will get a more bitter, green and herbal taste. In addition, you will lose the power of your preparation. Try to get a medium-thick result every time you crush your buds.



🔥 Forgetting the water when making cannabutter.



This is one of the most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana. When you prepare cannabutter, you need weed, butter and water. This last ingredient will maintain the preparation to low temperature and, consequently, it will avoid the butter being burned. Also it will eliminate part of the unwanted green color of the cannabis, which will do that your edible does not taste to leaves, and will prevent that the extreme heat destroys the sensitive compounds of the cannabutter.

You don’t have to worry about the water as it will not reduce the power of your preparations. In the case of the cannabic butter, the cannabinoids will join the fat. Then, in the final step, you only have to get rid of the layer of water on the solidified butter.



✅ Not to strain the cannabutter properly.


Do you know that you could ruin your majestic cannabutter recipe if you do an improper strain at the end? Many people tend to squeeze the butter through the gauze to get as much material out, but this can negatively change the result. Squeezing the butter can result in more bitterness and vegetable matter in the preparation.

In addition, another serious error is using an improper strainer. If it is not thin enough, it will allow the large particles of weed to reach the butter, which will ruin its consistency, flavor and strength.



🚀 Not mixing well the ingredients of the recipe.


This is a major fault not only when preparing groceries with cannabis but also when cooking any other recipe. Think about eating a slice of bread with a piece of yeast in the middle, would that be nice for you?

This is what you should remember when cooking with cannabis, since the same thing can happen with THC. If you lazily mix the ingredients when you add the cannabis, the potency of each dose will be completely inconsistent. This means that one portion may be highly concentrated while another will not generate any effect; there is nothing positive in either scenario.



➕ To limit your preparations to baked goods.


What comes to your mind when you think of cannabis groceries? People often think that when it comes to cooking with marijuana, all they can do is make brownies, cookies or cupcakes. However, infused recipes can be as numerous as your imagination can reach.

There are drinks, chocolate bars, salty dishes for dinner, gummy bears and much more. So, why not take advantage of your creativity to recreate as many preparations as you can? You’ll have a great evening of cannabis if you find out how to prepare appetizers, main courses, desserts and infused cocktails.



📖 Spending too much money.


As you read, this is another of the most common mistakes when it comes to cooking with marijuana. Yes, doing it is incredible, but this does not mean that you should spend a fortune when preparing groceries with cannabis.

All these preparations are intended to concentrate weed compounds. Therefore, you can use buds and even sugar leaves to make your dishes without sacrificing its quality or your money.



☕ Eating big portions.


After you have overcome all possible obstacles, don’t be tempted to eat the whole dish in less than ten minutes. This is a mistake that many novices make with cannabis groceries.

You may not feel anything after eating a piece of brownie or drinking an infused beverage, but this is normal. It can take up to 45 minutes to feel the effects and start flying through the clouds. Using marijuana with groceries is very different from smoking. Remember that fact.



🧐 Here is a summary image to make it clearer:

Most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana
Most common mistakes when cooking with marijuana



👌 Conclusion


Cooking cannabic recipes requires practice, a lot of attention and patience. But… Don’t get discouraged! These tips will help you to make really tasty preparations with the effect you are looking for. Obtaining good results is totally possible if you avoid these common mistakes when cooking with cannabis. 😜


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