How to create a cannabis club in Spain

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Como se puede crear un club de cannabis
Como se puede crear un club de cannabis


Welcome dear reader! This week in PevGrow the most prolific marijuana blog in the country, I have a question that I want to shed some light on, and is, how can you create a cannabis club? As Jack the Ripper said, “Let’s go by parts”.


What is a cannabis club?


Cannabis clubs are associations that source and distribute cannabis among their members, of course all of them of age, and in an environment of privacy that reduces the risks associated with the black market or indiscriminate cultivation.


These cannabis clubs have emerged in countries where cannabis consumption has been decriminalized, as is the case in Spain, and I will calmly explain all the steps you need to take to create a cannabis club in Spain and not have any problems.


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? Creation and registration


First of all, like all this kind of things, it entails a paperwork and some necessary requirements, the first of them is to hold a constitutive assembly, where they must pray at least 3 founding members, as a board of directors, occupying the positions of president, secretary and treasurer. These 3 members must approve and ratify the club’s constitution, as well as the founding minutes that will be signed by all the founding members.


The statutes of cannabis clubs in Spain usually follow the statutes created by the first registered cannabis club, the Basque club Pannagh. Once you have all the documentation ready, you must present it before the registry of your autonomous community, to make it official.


In addition, it is recommended to join FAC, the federation of cannabis associations, to legitimize its operation, and promote the movement of association in cannabis clubs throughout the country.



Registration of members


To join the club, new members must complete a registration form, pay a membership fee, and provide national identification to prove age of majority. In this application, they acknowledge their habitual use of cannabis, their willingness to voluntarily belong to the association, and have no criminal record against public health.


The most important part of this request, is the forecast of consumption, ie the new member determines the approximate amount of grams consumed per month, and whose total sum taking into account all members, legitimate to the association to supply marijuana to its members.


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? Production


The cannabis club must self-produce the cannabis consumed by its members, whose level can never exceed the maximum sum of all the grams that will theoretically consume all of its members


In the case of not being able to use its own cannabis, the club can resort to what is called a joint purchase, where the board of directors buys the cannabis from a third party. The conditions are the same as in the case of producing them of own form, the sum of the total will not be able to exceed the sum of the forecast of consumption of all the partners, that is like maximum 60 gr by person to the month. There is no doubt that the board of directors must be fully transparent, and notify all partners in a detailed way the purchase price of cannabis and record in their ledger.


? How it works


One of the basic rules of operation that every marijuana club must comply with is not to advertise or advocate the use of cannabis. The structure of the club must be participative and democratic, in spite of that there are positions with certain powers, so that the decision making is more rapid, it will be necessary to make participants of all the decisions to each and every one of the members.


As the association grows, jobs should be assigned to those who perform functions in the club, such as production, accounting, administration, etc. And receive a salary for it, with a perfectly legal contract.


This detail is one of the most common mistakes, and it is very important, because a failure of this caliber can ruin your wonderful club after all the effort, Don’t mess it up!




? Conclusion


In this article you have been able to learn more about the procedures and regulations that must be complied with in order to found your own cannabis club in Spain, a simple process in which you simply have to be careful and comply with the law, and your cannabis club will be the new Pannagh!


We have a legal team that can help you create a cannabis association in Spain. Get in touch with us and we will try to facilitate the work passing you a budget adjusted so much for the creation as of the maintenance of your cannabis club.


If you liked it, help me to make it reach more smokers and curious, sharing it in social networks, I will be eternally grateful! Ah! and if you leave your experience in the comments section, you can share them with the rest of #PevGrowlovers, participate in our community and win fantastic rewards!



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  1. Hi🙂 good day I would love to get some legal advice for opening a club ?👌
    I wait your answer in email🙂

    • HiLukas, a colleague will contact you shortly to discuss all the conditions.
      Thank you for trusting PEV Grow.

  2. Hello!Me and my friend want to open club in Valencia! Can you help as with that, to do it all legal.
    Thank you

  3. Dear Alan Martinez

    We are planning to open our own CSC in Spain, Malaga province, but we have a couple of questions and uncertainty around the necessary requirements and legal regulations to create and maintain a club. We would like to know about the licensing and their fees as well.

    Could you please put us in contact with someone who could get these informations?

    Kind regards

  4. Hello,

    I would love to open a cannabis club in Barcelona.

    • I would love to open a club too brother

  5. Hello Alan,

    Love the article.
    We would like to get in touch with you or one of your colleague’s in order to know what we need to do to open up a cannabis social club in Costa Blanca Alicante region.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hello Lisa, my partner will call you with all the information.

      Thank you.

  6. Hi is it legal to grow cannabis on behalf of our members in a location outside the club could you advise me please kind regards John

  7. Hi my name is Steven
    Am looking on moving to Malaga from the uk. I am looking on opening a cannabis club if you have any information on witch solicitors to use, and if I still need a president secretary and treasurer. And and as much information.
    Thanks Steven

  8. hello me and friends are looking into the possibility of opening a club up in barcelona region is it possible you could help and send over any information you may have to provide. thanks

  9. Dear Alan,

    Hope this message finds you well.
    I’ve been struggling for a while to get all of the information regarding opening a CSC in Spain.
    Would you be so kind to connect me with someone that has the ability to advise me legal wise on how to get a step closer into starting this new adventure.



  10. Hola me and my partners are very interested in opening a cannabis social club in the Costa almeria. We would be very grateful for any help that your legal team could provide and we look forward to working with you.

    Thank you. James

    • Hola James, a colleague will contact you by mail and introduce you to the project.

      Thank you for your interest.

  11. Hi Alan

    I’m trying to start an association in Sevilla

    Please email me with any information to help me, I am a British citizen but have been in Sevilla for 2 years (No NIE)

  12. Dear Alan,

    can you please send me any more information you have on the topic of opening a cannabis club in Spain? Thank you very much!!

  13. Hello !
    We are going to make a new cannabis club in Torrevieja, Alicante and we ask you for an advice.
    We appreciate any help, and will be happy to get guidance how to make it all legal, because we are going to grow best buds in the region, no doubts.

  14. Hey, Alan,
    Me and my friend want to start a cannabis club in alicante. My question are, if the clubs need to provide their own weeds for their members where can he get it from or does the clubs need to cultivate their own weeds.

  15. Hi there Alan,

    I would like to be contacted by your team who can help and assist in the creation of the club in spain and the necessary steps to be taken in making sure it is 100% compliant by law.

    Thank you

    • Hi Shawn, a colleague will contact you to give you all the information you need to open a private cannabis club without any problem.


  16. Hello Alan,
    We are a few steps into building a cannabis club and would like some guidance and advice,
    We have the founding members and are currently stuck on the articles of associations (cannot find the original ones written by club pennagh).
    We also need further guidance to make this club possible
    Look forward to hearing from you

  17. Hello Allan,

    happy new year!

    really nice information on this site. Thank you very much for providing them!

    I would appreciate if you could send me further information.I am planning to open a CSC in Andalusia.

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  21. Hello I am from Malaga, Spain… To make this a short message… I would like to do something similar to BENCE RARAI with the difference that I want to focus towards elderly people with major pains (I just went through a major cancer removal and know of the pain level” and feel for all the people who dont have access to cannabis…. Also if it is possible I would like to do it based on the “honour code” which means that if you are financially comfortable you can give generously so the people who have nothing still can be relieved of their pains for free or for whatever they can afford….
    I am in the Malaga area so if you could refer me to someone local that would be fantastic… and please send me all the info that you feel I will need to make this process a little easier and most importantly make sure that the structure is established soundly and the most important that we will operate 100% legally
    Looking forward to your reply
    Regards, FRank Deacan

    • Hello Frank, a coworker will send you all the information you need to set up a private 100% legal cannabis club.

      • Hi please send me the same info



        • Hi can brits start a cannabis club in spain legally? Thanks

      • Hi Alan

        I live in Ibiza and would like all the information and solicitor to start the process

        Kind regards

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    Looking into to opening a cannabis club in barcelona. Any just you can email me? I have a few questions if possible. Thanks!

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    I hope you are well and having a good week.

    Could you or one of your colleagues get in touch with me – i’m looking to start a CSC in the canaries and was wondering what legal services you and the team could potentially offer?

    Thanks in advance

    • welcome, we are interested in creating a social club. contact us as soon as possible

  26. Dear Alan Martinez

    We planning to make our own cannabis Social club in Spain Granada area,in the last couple of years i read everything what i found on the Internet,but i have a couple of questions maybe you can tell me the answer:)
    I would like to know the full registration price of the club?The second question: i want a make a small(50-100 member) club a real non profit club on full legal way respected the rules, so the question if i do everything on the proper legal way can i have problem with the police?i read a some bed things the police closed some clubs but maybe because was working on an illegal way.I just love this plant i love cultivating i dont want to be rich from this:)i just believe in this plant!!

    Thank you,i hope you can help me with this information ans sorry if my English is not the best 🙂
    Sorry i sent this here but I didn’t find any other contact

    • Hi friend, my coworker will write you for explain all conditions for make a cannabis club in Spain.

      Thanks for your comment.

  27. Looking for any info in helping me get a club set up in spain/Canary Islands,
    Thanks Alex

  28. Hi I am really interested in creating our own social society and would really appreciate your help. So would love to chat if you have time. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Jessica, soon a colleague will contact you to give you all the information.


      • Hi Alan

        I am really interested in starting a cannabis club in spain, preferably Barcelona, I am a British citizen but I travel to Spain frequently. Can you please send me any information that could help me achieve this.


    • Hello, we are looking into the possibility of opening a cannabis social club in mataro, spain. We would like to know how and if you can help us with any more information. Thank you

      • Hi Mauricio

        A colleague will send you an email with all the necessary information, from there we will start working together if you are interested in the offer.

        Thank you for trusting PEV Grow

      • Hi Alan,

        Looking for information on how to go about obtaining the necessary licence needed to open a social club.

        Thank you,

        • Hello Nathan, a colleague will contact you shortly and give you all the information.

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  29. I think its a great idea, not really sure how I can get involved since I live in Canada. I am always open to any business opportunities.

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