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Today, I want to talk to you about the Cannabis Association THC Valencia, one of the smoking clubs with the longest history in the capital of Turia.

This association of cannabis smokers has been with us for more than a decade, they continue as the first day, justifying the recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis.

They are a group of heterogeneous and tolerant people who welcome anyone in person, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or religion, who wants to become your mailman, pastry chef, waiter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, family member of everyday life.



What are they doing?

  • They claim to claim the right to personal use of this substance. Organize recreational activities.
  • They provide first-hand contradictory information to those who request it.
  • They organise conferences, cultural courses, conference screenings, encourage responsible use.
  • They follow the Facility’s recommendations in terms of operation since they are partners of this national federation.



What do they want to achieve?

A fairer policy with the consumer, supporting the amendment of Articles 367 and 468 of the Penal Code, in line with the amendment of the Law on Consumer Protection.
Coordinate work with that of public institutions, building a framework for dialogue and collaboration.



Why is that so?

THC Valencia believes that the current prohibitionist policy creates more conflicts than it solves and fails to address the problem of mafias and illegal trafficking.

They firmly believe that other social policies that are more tolerant and in line with social reality can be developed.



Cannabic cups THC Valencia

We now present to you the list of winners in all editions of the cannabic cup:


First Association Cup THC Valencia 29 January 2011




Black Domina
Lemon Thai. (Amnesia Haze)
3º Somango x Mobi Dick
4º Citronella. (Cannatonic)
5º Cheedar. (Cheese)
6º Dance hall
Banana Joint
Critical Super Silver Haze
9º Dolce Haze
10º Critical jack
11º Grapefruit Haze
12 Channel +



White widow x Jack herer (Mobi Dick)
2º Skunk x afgana (Critical+)
3º Green Poison
Northern Light Blue
5º Lemon venon.
6º Nice 01
7º Lola Loca
8º Bubba Kush
10º Orange Bud
11º Amy.
12º Himalaya.



1º Banana Joint
2º Rica kush
Northern light blue
Jack 47
5º Mix: x18,c+,black domina.


Second edition of the THC Valencia Cup, 28 January 2012.






1 SATIVORRO Award, (Diesel Asociación LA MACA)
2 Kelo Award, (blue elite)
3 Kelo Award, (cream caramel)



1 FERRANIX Award, Fresh Diamond
2 Akhen Award (Afghan Cross) Evil Seeds
3 Ruben Award, (Critical Jack) Delicious Seeds



1 CHIANPIT Award, (Session Reus)
2 Riki Award (Lemon Thai)
3 THC Pau Award (Morango Haze) Family Ganjah


Awarded by the popular jury

Outdoor Raul: Somango x Reina Madre
Indoor Tyxone: Swiss Mango


Third edition of the THC Valencia Cup 26 January 2013






1º Naranhall – Bud Cueva
Critical Man – Family Ganja
Dance Hall -Reggae Seeds
Caramelo – Delicious Seeds



1º Tsunami – Life Time Seeds
2º Cream – Kelo
3º Tiamat – Cen de Alacannabis



1º Pepi Berry – Pepita SeedsMás
Melon Gum – Dr Underground
3º Sour Diesel – Ferranix



1º Siskaberry – Jeep
La Moreneta
3º Blusmog -El Buixot grow shop (Gandia)


Fourth edition of the THC Valencia Cup 25 January 2014



1. Somanta Biohazard Seeds
2. Sour Power Hortilab Seedbank
3. I.S.S. Jardala Seeds



1. Ice Chunk Cultiva´t Growshop
2. Peyote Purple Cannamed Asociación
3. Session x Sage Bud Cueva Growshop



1. L.A. Cream Nine Milles
2. Truki Lemon OG Pepita Seeds
3. Sugar Black Rose Delicious Seeds



1. Sour Diesel x SSH 20 Caballero shc
2. M8 Sankara Growshop
3. California Hashplant x Haze THC Valencia



1. Truki Lemon OG Pepita Seeds
2. Fire alien str. OG R. Spanish South Mountain
3. Marmalate Delicious Seeds



1. Rob OG Association AEC Gandia
2. Great White Shark Monkey Verde
3. Clemenvilla Kush Acmefuer



1. R-Kiem R-Kiem Seeds
2. Sugar Big Grow
3. Sour Diesel Acmefuer


Fifth edition of the THC Valencia Cup 31 January 2015




In the group of associations


Hash category

59,38 thc% 1 Girl scout fresh frozen
52,31 thc% 2 Candy OG
52,44 thc% 3 Milkibar (ACMEFUER) Fuerteventura




BHO category

57,78 thc% 1 Bubble Gum
59,17 thc% 2 Critical Mass
67,02 thc% 3 Pain killer Cream (Gianni Crema, THC Valencia)




OUTDOOR category

14,67 thc% 1 Upstream (AICC) Peyote, Alicante
13,75 thc% 2 Moneymaker (SHC) gh caballero, Barcelona
16,72 thc% 3 Super Lemon Haze (We flowers) Barcelona




INDOOR category

17,10 thc% 1 Ultra White Amnesia (Sustar) Vergara, País Vasco
17,14 thc% 2 Critical Bilbo (THC Valencia)
12,72 thc% 3 Super Lemon Haze (The Weed Club) Zarautz




Sixth edition of the THC Valencia Cup 30 January 2016





Seed bank:



First Prize: Yuzu de Choko Seeds
Second Prize: OG Kush de Gourmet Seeds
Third Prize: Gipsy Widow de Exotic Seeds



First Prize: Strawberry Mist de Old School Genetics Collective
Second Prize: ISS de Jardala Seeds
Third Prize: OG Kush de Gourmet Seeds





First Prize: Sour Fire Lost fresh frozen de Old School Genetics Collective
Second Prize: BEL de Manoverde Seeds
Third Prize: Green Bay de Manoverde Seeds





First Prize: Tangie Auto de Blimburn Seeds –
Second Prize: White beethoven de The Spanish South Mountain
Third Prize: Muestra#2 de Genofarm




Grow shops:



First Prize: Super Silver Haze (Green House) de Cultiva’t
Second Prize: Cheese de Tierra Madre
Third Prize: Washing Machine de Grow Castellet



First Prize: Dance Hall de El Bruixot
Second Prize: Mandarine Bud de Tierra Madre
Third Prize: Cream Caramel de THC Caravaca



First Prize: Cannatonic de Grow Castellet
Second Prize: OG Kush de Sant Yerbasi
Third Prize: Mandarine hash de Tierra Madre



First Prize: SFV OG Kush de Sant Yerbasi
Second Prize: Jack Herer de Mas que plantas
Third Prize: Ripper Haze de Dr.Feis


Category Associations/Clubs:



First Prize: White OG de Agruk
Second Prize: Sagan Delight de We Flowers
Third Prize: Acid de Greenardó



First Prize: Cheesecake de Fr J
Second Prize: Holy Grail Kush de We Flowers
Third Prize: Juan Herer de Rk THC



First Prize: Glaze Cherry de HQ BCN
Second Prize: Black Domina x Critical de Rk THC
Third Prize: Somango x Neville’s Haze de Choko



First Prize: White Widow de Greenardó
Second Prize: Green Poison de THC Caravaca
Third Prize: Ed Rosenthal de Green Lemon


Seventh edition THC Valencia Cup 28 January 2017





1º Bruixot Berry de El Bruixot
2º Super Silver Haze Cultiva´t
3º OG Kush de Gourmet Seeds



1º Cheese x Tangie de Rivera Verde
2º Toxic de Ripper Seeds
3º Washing Machine de Ripper Seeds



1º Sour Ripper de Ripper Seeds
2º MR Sour R de MR Hide Seeds
3º Mandarine ICE de Tierra Madre



1º Hostia Puta de Terra Grow
2º Zombie Kush de Ripper Seeds
3º Lemonice de Ripper Seeds





1º MR Buba de NO+CRI-Chesses
2º Narkosis 13 de HQ BCN
3º Elephant BUD de AICC



1º Shoreline de Cannamitch
2º Jamaicana de ACAM-Pakistan
3º Tangie de NO+CRI-Chesses



1º Dry Sift Chessdog de The Keeper Collective
2º Tangie de Safor Green
3º Tange x Banana de Safor Green



1º Cherry Puf x Pineapple Collision de Originals BCN
2º Criminal OG de Green Lemon
3º Dab4life de Unnamed Gen


Eighth edition THC Valencia Cup 27 January 2018



Octava Edición Copa THC Valencia

Cartel de la Octava Edición Copa THC Valencia






1º Mundokanna Grow Shop – Mk Gs Kush
2º Cultiva´t Grow Shop- Skunk X Widow
3º The Grow House – Mandarina Kush



1º Optopus Led – Skunk X White Widow
2º Ripper Seeds – Washing Machine
3º Fega Grow Seeds – Sir Jack Auto



1º Ripper Seeds – Sour Ripper
2º Dr Green Grow Shop – Mango Kush
3º Moñigolandia Grow Shop – Papi Chulo Purple



1º Terra Grow Shop – Terra White
2º The Grow House – Golden Gage
3º Supreme Straints – San Fernando Lemon Kush





1º Association Original Bcn – Purple Platinum #06
2º Pedro Campoi – Gorila Glue #4
3º Association Papilon Calpe – Tin Tin Kush



1º Oscar Kñamon – Critical M8
2º Paolo Zorzi – Head Banger
3º Thc Valencia – Girl Scout Cookies



1º Association Life Guadalajara – Caramello
2º The Garden Club – Moby Dick
3º Association The Plug – Thin Mint



1º Association Papilon Calpe – Amnesia Top
2º Conejo Verde – Enemy Of State
3º The Garden Club – Ice Cream



1º The Garden Club – Lemon Og Kush
2º Asociation The Plug – Moanshine
3º Juan Presa – Yumbolt


Ninth edition of the THC Valencia Cup 2019

We will know the next Cannabic Cup for the next edition in 2019, which will be a success.

As soon as we know the next date, we will post it on the blog, stay tuned!

If you want more information about this Cannabis Association in Valencia you can visit their Facebook page

Now it’s your turn, have you participated in an edition of the THC Valencia Cup? Tell us about the experience below…

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