Magic truffles: everything you need to know about these hallucinogenic mushrooms

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Imagen de una trufa mágicas y microdosis con un fondo mostrando una persona viviendo sus efectos alucinógenos
Image of a magic truffle and microdoses with a background showing a person living its hallucinogenic effects.


Magic truffles are neither truffles nor magic, it is true, but they are becoming more and more searched for their multiple properties, and why not to say it, for their wonderful effect. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about magic truffles, from what they are and the best varieties to the effect they produce and their legality in different countries. Don’t miss this complete guide about magic truffles!



⚠️ What are magic truffles?



Magic truffles are hallucinogenic mushrooms that contain psilocybin, a psychoactive substance that produces effects similar to LSD and mescaline among other psychedelic drugs. They are also known as “magic mushrooms”, but it should be clarified that they are actually sclerotia and not truffles like those used for cooking or flavoring. Although they are not addictive and do not cause physical harm, it is important to be cautious when consuming them and follow the dosage and safety recommendations, in this sense I invite you to read this article that talks about the effects of truffles and magic mushrooms. Magic truffles have become popular in recent years as a natural option for the expansion of consciousness and exploration of the psyche, so much so that some countries have begun to legalize their consumption and are investigating their medical applications in different fields.



👾 Best varieties of magic truffles


There are different varieties of magic truffles, each with its own characteristics and potency levels. Some can be more intense and others softer, and their appearance and texture can also vary. In addition, magic truffles are also classified according to their origin, which can influence their flavor and the experience they produce when consumed. In general, the choice of one variety or another will depend on the preferences and needs of each person, however, below you can see the main characteristics of the best varieties of hallucinogenic truffles.


Atlantis magic truffles: one of the most popular varieties

The Atlantis magic truffles were discovered in meadows in the state of Georgia (USA) and are related to the Mexican truffles. But there are some factors that make this psilocybe unique. In appearance, Atlantis magic truffles are lighter in color and larger than many other magic truffle varieties. However, size or color has nothing to do with the potency of the mushrooms. The shape or texture is also not important in deciding the potency or the type of effect it produces. Compared to their close relatives (Mexican psilocybe A.) the Atlantis have a slower growth, but are also more potent, this has to be taken into account.

The hallucinogenic Atlantis truffle produces quality visual effects, and stimulates creativity and inspiration. At the beginning it starts with a pleasant feeling of euphoria and wellness, which gradually gives way to a stretch of greater introspection. The potency of these psychoactive mushrooms is medium, higher than that of Mexicans, but lower than others such as Hollandia or Valhalla.

Although you cannot buy ready-to-eat Atlantis truffles, if you want to try this variety of magic mushrooms it is best to buy Atlantis spores and grow them yourself.


Magic truffles hollandia: An excellent breeding job

This is the magic truffle preferred by many psychonauts. It has been grown in Holland for a relatively short time, which gives it its name, but it is gaining more and more followers for its incredible effect, very colorful and visual. Hollandia are very special hallucinogenic truffles, since they are the fruit of more than 2 years of work of the best grower and producer of psilocybes in the Netherlands. They emerged with the intention of improving the potency of other Dutch truffles, and seeing the success they are having, it is clear that they have succeeded because they have become one of the most consumed.

Thanks to modifications of the substrate and applying other cultivation techniques, the psycho-mycologist has managed to double the psilocybin content in these sclerotia compared to others, such as Atlantis for example. A representative feature of this variety is its good taste, something rare in these mushrooms, which are usually bitter by nature. The trip with Hollandia begins with a slight distortion of reality, the shapes change and little by little the visuals become stronger and stronger. It is not uncommon to experience permanent hallucinations during the peak 2 hours of the flight, which become increasingly milder until they disappear about 4 or 5 hours after having consumed them, although this may depend on many factors and each person may have a different experience.

Given the impossibility of acquiring magic truffles prepared for consumption, the most interesting thing to do is to have a good kit for mycological studies to be able to cultivate your magic mushrooms at home.


Mexican magic truffles: what are they and what are their effects?

This variety of hallucinogenic truffle was discovered in Oaxaca (Mexico) and was the first in which Psilocybin was found. Although the indigenous people of South America had been consuming it in rituals for thousands of years, it was not until 1957 that Albert Hofmann, the creator of LSD, isolated Psilocin and Psilocybin, the psychoactive components of magic mushrooms and truffles. Mexican truffles are dark and quite smooth compared to other psilocybe truffles. This is the ideal strain to get started in the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and perhaps also entheogens in general. It is the least potent variety of our catalog, but beware, that does not mean that it can not give you a unique trip.

If we talk about effects, the Mexican magic truffle produces a pleasant feeling of euphoria and well-being, invites you to laugh and really brings happiness. It is a very spiritual, mystical trip, full of creativity and thousands of thoughts, no wonder it is related to the famous Philosopher’s Stone. There is an anecdote with this variety, it was taken by the great Timothy Leary in his first psychedelic experience, and after the session he said: “In 4 hours I have learned more about the mind, the brain and its structure, than in the previous 15 years as a psychologist”, with this you can get an idea of the power of these curious truffles.

If you are interested in trying this strain of magic mushrooms I have great news for you, as you can buy a Mexican mushroom bread at an incredible price in our store, with which you can harvest up to 5 times or more and enjoy higher amounts of psilocybin than with truffles.


Utopia magic truffles: what makes them different and what are their effects?

The hallucinogenic Utopia truffles come from the Low Countries and it can be said that they are a more powerful evolution of the Atlantis magic truffles, since they come from them, but they have important differences. The Utopia magic truffles, in appearance are of a very light color, their Atlantis origin is quite noticeable in the color and texture. But the fact that they need a longer growing cycle than these, about 10 months, gives them substantial differences, especially in terms of psilocybin content.

The potency of these truffles is strong, it is easy to enter a new dimension with Utopia magic mushrooms, so it is recommended to have experience with other truffles with a milder effect before trying these. The brain starts to work at a different speed, and the eyes-closed and eyes-open visuals blend together, making them ideal for sharing with friends. The colors are enhanced, and your mind creates thousands of impossible shapes. It is very common to visualize fractals as if you were looking through a kaleidoscope.

Right now it is forbidden to buy ready-to-eat hallucinogenic truffles, but you can still grow magic mushrooms quickly and easily, especially when you do it in a rye mushbag and use quality hallucinogenic mushroom spores.


Valhalla, magic truffles for experienced travelers

The Valhalla magic truffles appeared a relatively short time ago, and that is an advantage and a disadvantage, since due to their origin and the short time they have been discovered, they have not been studied as much as other types of magic mushrooms. But one thing is clear, and that is that they are the most potent truffles on the planet.

The type of effect of Valhalla truffles can vary depending on the person taking them, as they tend to boost your mood. Normally the effects start to be noticed about 20 minutes or half an hour after ingesting them, although in some cases it can take up to more than an hour. At first you notice how the senses are sharpened, especially sight and hearing, coming to perceive things that were impossible before. Then comes a funny phase, the bodies and objects are deformed, this is when the fits of laughter can come, your buddy and you stare at each other as if you had never seen each other before. In fact, you’ve never seen each other like this before, that’s for sure!

Despite the fact that psilocybin is a substance that appears to be quite harmless, the law prevents you from buying products containing this drug, but you can buy cultivation kits and all kinds of components and tools to grow magic mushrooms.


Truffles Tampanensis, another essential classic

The Tampanensis truffles owe their name to the land where they were discovered, Tampa (Florida) in 1977. This sclerotium is also called Philosopher’s Stone, due to the deep reflections it produces. It was cloned and its spores are still circulating, which is just as well, since it has only been found in nature once more, in Mississippi, but this one was not suitable for cultivation. Its texture is rougher than that of other truffles and they smell similar to nuts. Its potency can be considered average, the visuals with other varieties such as Hollandia or Valhalla are more potent, but the Tampanensis gives you a very pleasant and stable trip in all its phases.

The type of effect of Tampanensis magic truffles is very special, it invites you to socialize more than most magic mushrooms and enhances your senses to the maximum, especially creativity. The perception of space/time changes completely, making you feel more alive than ever, and connected to all the beings around you. As we said before, visual hallucinations are not the strongest part of the Tampanensis, although there are some. Choosing the right company you can live a cosmic experience, which is why this truffle is called the Philosopher’s Stone.

Since it is impossible to buy products containing psilocybin, the most interesting way to get this substance is to grow magic mushrooms by yourself, and for that you have at your disposal a lot of accessories for the cultivation of magic mushrooms on our website at very good prices.


Pandora magic truffles, if you open the box you don’t know what you will find.

The Pandora truffle comes from the Psilocybe Atlantis, and although there are stronger varieties, this sclerotium conveys greater well-being and relaxation than most. No wonder many put them among their top 3 favorite mushroom strains. Pandora is ideal for those psychonauts who already have some experience with psychedelic truffles. Their potency is high, although Valhalla and Hollandia can be more potent in terms of visual effects. With this strain you socialize better, you can say that the trip is more controllable.

The potency of the Pandora magic truffles is medium, although they come from the Atlantis, the Pandora are more similar in type of effect to the Tampanensis. They are perfect to be with friends, because with the company with which you feel comfortable the laughs are assured. Deep and mystical thoughts are also normal, as with the Philosopher’s Stone, it is normal to become more aware of everything around you when you are under the influence of Pandora.

Pandora is one of the most potent strains, but if you want a strain of magic mushrooms that are not only potent but also gigantic in size, I recommend you take a look at the hallucinogenic mushroom strain Moby Dick, one of the most complete strains of all time.


Pajaritos, a different kind of magic truffles

Pajaritos are a type of magic truffle found in Mexico, its name in Spanish is due to its size, smaller than other sclerotia. They are also called this way because of the effect, which seems as if small birds are fluttering around your brain. In other places they are called “Mayan Magic”, and have a number of qualities that make them unique as psilocybes. As we said, this mushroom forms a smaller sclerotium than most psychoactive truffles, but in shape, color and texture it is quite similar to other Mexican truffles. Its potency can be considered intermediate, more potent than Mexican truffles, but less than Atlantis, Hollandia or Valhalla.

The effect of Pajaritos magic truffles is pleasant, a very social trip that can become hilosophical and even mystical, but always in a bearable way. With high doses you can have visual hallucinations, but they will never reach the level of other more potent varieties. Pajaritos psilocybes are special for a quiet session with friends, and are best enjoyed outdoors, in nature and in the daytime.

Pajaritos is a very special variety from Mexico but in this country there are other legendary strains that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. Buy a Mexican mushroom bread at the best price in our store.


Nirvana Magic Truffles: Hold on tight!

This variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms has been created with the intention of uniting the psychoactive effects of 2 of the most consumed varieties worldwide. There are psychonauts who prefer to have a psychological experience, of deep revealing thoughts. On the other hand, many other users wish to have a fun session, with a lot of color, brightness, deformations and hallucinating visions. Both have the option to choose from a few strains that produce these particular effects, and now those looking for a magical experience, mixing philosophical and visual effects, have Nirvana truffles at their disposal, with a combined effect.

Although separately they may seem milder than other varieties of hallucinogenic truffles, it should be noted that when Hollandia and Utopia join forces, the result can reach a potential level. With a normal dose you can have a happy, motivating trip, with the body relaxed but the mind working above normal. Creativity is multiplied by bringing together these North American sclerotia, and the visions can become powerful, so we recommend adjusting the dose so as not to overdo it.

The Nirvana are magic mushrooms that became very fashionable at the time, but right now the variety that has more followers is without a doubt is Yeti, which are also thicker and have more psilocybin. If you are interested in Yeti hallucinogenic mushrooms, you can see more information here.


Truffles Galindoi, a magical and extrasensory experience

Coming from the forests of Mexico and Georgia where they grow naturally, and after being subjected to many tests, Galindoi magic truffles could be replicated in artificial environments. These sclerotia produce more psilocybin than other hallucinogenic truffles, although the taste, appearance and texture can be similar in many cases.

The effects are tremendously hallucinogenic, an extrasensory trip that will take you to discover what lies beyond the known limits, an unforgettable experience! It is important to take into account a series of warnings in this sense. Especially if you are just starting out, I recommend that you have a friend nearby to help you if you have a slump or are afraid of hallucinating too much. Go little by little and analyze how you feel. You should not take Sclerotia Galindoi Truffles if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or if you are going to drive any type of motorized vehicle, but neither this nor any other drug with psychotropic effects.

Just because you can’t buy ready-to-eat magic truffles doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the effects of this strain, as you can still buy Galindoi spores and grow this potent strain at home.


Cattaleya magic truffles: The most potent in the world

Cattaleya or Cattleya is the name of one of the most beautiful Orchid varieties in the world, and now also one of the most psychoactive magic truffles. These hallucinogenic mushrooms can give you the most wonderful experience of your life, but you have to treat them with a lot of respect, or else they can drag you into dangerous underworlds of your imagination. Cattleya hallucinogenic truffles are medium-sized and rather light in color, although they contain darker areas that cover the surface of the sclerotium. They come from the cross between the Nirvana and Valhalla truffles, and we can assure that they are an evolution of both, so much so that the Cattaleya are already considered the most potent magic truffles in the world. 

The Cattaleya variety has displaced Valhalla from the first place as the most powerful psychoactive truffle on the planet, a 6 on a scale of 5. At low doses it can be bearable, the tones and brightness of the colors are intensified, the sounds are accentuated, you feel a slight euphoria, and uncontrolled laughter comes to you for anything. But at high doses this strain can take you to a state of consciousness very different from the usual, breaking the filter of the ego through which we sift all our thoughts, presenting you with a new parallel reality that can be very useful to have different points of view of things. The set & setting is very important as with all entheogens, it is very important to choose the right place and company to fully enjoy the trip. The state of mind is also crucial, because if you are in a bad mood psilocybin will not make you better, on the contrary, it is very likely to increase your state of mind.

Everyone who has tried Cattleya magic mushrooms agrees on one thing, they are some of the most potent they have tried. Unfortunately at present it is not legal to buy truffles or psilocybin mushrooms, but luckily we can still buy the spores of hallucinogenic mushrooms  to grow them our own way.


Aphrodite: Magic truffles for mystical inspiration

If you are a fan of psilocybin trips you are in luck, because this variety is in the top 3 of all time. Aphrodite magic truffles are quite large in size compared to other varieties, and show vivid colors with brown and yellow tones. Their morphology is reminiscent of Cattaleya truffles and it is not surprising, as they are related, although it must be said that Aphrodite surpasses them in several aspects.

Regarding its effect, in the ranking of potency of hallucinogenic truffles, Aphrodite is placed in the highest place next to Cattaleya, reaching the maximum intensity in different aspects. It invites to introspection, with deep and philosophical thoughts that can help to overcome a temporary mental block. In terms of creativity it is a special variety for artists, as you can see everything from different points of view far removed from the natural state of mind. The visual and auditive hallucinations are stronger than most commercial psilocybin truffles, something to be aware of if you are not very experienced.

Aphrodite was one of the last magic mushroom strains to hit the commercial scene, and although it quickly amassed a huge fan base, it was quickly overtaken by other new American strains such as Rusty White, which you can now buy as a ready-to-grow mushroom bread.



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✅ Microdoses with magic truffles: what are they and what are they used for?


At the moment there is a small revolution with the consumption of micro doses of entheogens such as LSD or Psilocybin. People from all walks of life are seeing how their intellectual capacity and work performance improves with the ingestion of small doses of truffles or magic mushrooms, among others. Do you want to know how the consumption of small amounts of these substances works? It is really surprising, this form of hallucinogen consumption is causing a sensation in many of today’s leading companies. It is about taking advantage of the benefits of entheogens, without perceiving the most potent effects, that is, without leaving reality. The use of microdoses is spreading all over the world, and more and more people are taking advantage of their power.

When you take a high quantity of magic mushrooms the effects are total, altering your consciousness for several hours. However, when you consume a smaller amount, called “Sub-perceptual” or below the “threshold dose” you do not experience hallucinations, reality hardly changes, but you can perceive everything with greater clarity, improving concentration, mood and inspiration. The way of consumption is simple, but you must respect a cycle of days of rest between each intake.

The first day you take the first dose, that is the one that causes the greatest effect, but being such a low dose it will not affect you much. The following day you will perceive the possible side effects, and the third day is used to reset and start again, as a rest. The fourth day we start with a new cycle, we take another microdose, this time we will notice it less than the first day, the next day we evaluate its effects, and the following day we rest. The ideal is to repeat this cycle for 10 weeks, and after this time let the body rest for at least one month. It is interesting to take notes during the 10 weeks of microdosing, to note changes in mood, possible improvements, etc. Always without stopping the same activities we do every day.

Microdoses are improving the quality of life of millions of people right now, and it is a very simple treatment as you may have seen, but if you want to learn more about this practice I recommend you to read this other post of our blog where we talk about microdoses of magic mushrooms.



🚀 Are magic truffles legal in Spain?


In Spain the sale of products containing psilocybin is not allowed, since it is a controlled substance. What is allowed is to buy the spores of magic mushrooms, as is the case with cannabis seeds, as they are products that do not contain the controlled substance, and for that reason it is more common to find spores and accessories for the cultivation of magic mushrooms a for sale. In other countries it is becoming legal to sell magic mushrooms and truffles in specialized stores, as is the case in some cities in the USA and Canada. In the Netherlands they have enjoyed a fairly permissive law on soft drugs such as psilocybin for many years, and the facts show that it has not had a negative impact on society. 

Actually it is much more interesting to grow your own hallucinogenic mushrooms than to buy them ready to consume, not only for the pleasure and satisfaction of producing them by yourself, for many other reasons that we expose in an article of our blog that would not hurt to see if you are interested in this, because we talk about the cultivation of magic mushrooms with different methods.



🎯 Conclusion


Magic truffles and hallucinogenic mushrooms in general are here to stay. In this article we have seen what magic truffles are, the best varieties, their effects, and the effects of microdoses, as well as the legality in Spain and other countries. If you want to learn more about this topic, I leave you a guide to magic mushrooms so you can go deeper into it, and do not forget that we have a very practical tool when deciding the most appropriate amount to consume in each case, our truffle and magic mushroom dosage calculator.



🔥 Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for the magic truffles to take effect?

This depends on many factors, such as the dosage, whether you had an empty stomach or not, the potency of the truffles, etc. It usually takes between 45 and 90 minutes, sometimes less and sometimes more, so it is also very important not to redose more until at least 2 hours after ingestion, since it is possible that the effect has not yet been felt with full intensity.


What can magic truffles be eaten with?

It is possible that its taste is unpleasant, although it is similar to nuts or other dried fruits, there are many people who do not like it. If this is your case, you have several options to avoid having to swallow them, since they can be mixed with chocolate, yogurt, honey or anything else, but only to help you swallow better. You can also prepare a truffle tea by crushing them and mixing them with water, let them soak for 20 minutes and then drink the liquid and eat the truffle remains, you can also add honey”.

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