Marijuana Male plants, how to identify them, uses, differences, and peculiarities

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Figure of a man simulating Michelangelo's David with a marijuana plant in the background and a bud for a head.
Figure of a man simulating Michelangelo’s David with a marijuana plant in the background and a bud for a head.


When humans had not yet established a relationship with cannabis, all plants of this species were monoecious, that is, they contained flowers of both sexes. It was the man’s hand that began to disaggregate females and males when he realized that the most interesting were those of the female sex, and at present most commercial varieties are dioecious. Can you tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant? Do you know the uses that male cannabis has today? Well, this article is about that, so read carefully because this interests you.👉



 ⭐ How to know if marijuana is male or female, visual differences



During the vegetative growth phase, male and female marijuana plants are practically identical, and the only significant difference visually is that males stretch more than females , as if they were spiked for lack of light. They do this to try to always grow larger than the females and thus be able to pollinate by gravity.

Once they begin to bloom it is very easy to differentiate the male cannabis from females, because male pre-flowers are like little balls called stamens, which are actually pollen sacs that will gradually grow. The pre-flowers of the females are different, in this case they are like hairs that are normally white, they are called pistils and 2 come out of each calyx.

If you let the flowering continue, you will see that the male marijuana forms small clusters of sacs, which once they mature open and release the pollen. On the other hand, the females produce their famous buds, which are nothing more than the accumulation of calyces that protect the seeds when they are pollinated, and if they are not pollinated they become quite fat.

Another easily noticeable difference between male and female cannabis is the amount of resin they produce. You will see that females generate a large amount of trichomes both in buds and in the leaves closest to them, while in male marijuana it is difficult to find specimens that resonate a lot.

Image showing the different flowers of male and female marijuana plants *
Image showing the different flowers of male and female marijuana plants *

Male and female Marijuana, other differences

Female plants normally give off a very intense aroma during flowering, especially during the fattening and maturation phase of the buds. On the contrary, male marijuana hardly smells, unless you rub its stems and smell your fingers it is very difficult to assess whether it smells good or not, and they usually do not smell more than the females before flowering.

Sometimes you find male individuals that smell a lot and good from the moment they start to flower, and even have the ability to produce a lot of resin, but usually they end up being hermaphroditic marijuana.



 ⛳ Male marijuana Is it smoked?


If you smoke the flowers of a male marijuana plant, you will understand why only female buds are smoked, because the taste has nothing to do with that of a good bud. This occurs due to the small amount of resin normally produced by males, together with the taste of the pollen itself contained within the male cannabis flowers.

If you find a male with resin and you want to smoke it, there is a good way that the pollen does not spoil the flavor, and that is by doing a dry extraction or using solvents. For this you need alcohol, gas, or sieves of different lengths, one of around 150 microns, which separates the vegetable matter, and at least another one of about 45 microns so that the pollen is filtered and the trichomes are clean.



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 ✨ Effects of male marijuana


If they do not have resin they will not place, or at least not with pleasant effects. There is a very beautiful phrase in the cannabis world that says “Nature is wise, the male does not hitreferring to the male of marijuana but also as an allusion to sexist abuse. But this is the case, it does not normally cause perceptible psychoactive or physical effects.

On the other hand, if you do what I told you before extracting the resin mechanically or with solvents, then the effects of male marijuana plants can be remarkable, and they can become like that of females.



🚀 Male marijuana seeds


For a few years, the majority of marijuana growers for self-consumption buy feminized seeds, among other things for the convenience and savings of not removing the male specimens, but are there male marijuana seeds as such? The answer is no, there are no “masculinized” seeds, although they could be made.

To find male marijuana plants you have to sow regular seeds, also called standard or natural ones. These are the original seeds, and thereforeof them both female and male, and also hermaphroditecan come out or intersex.



✅ What is male marijuana for?


  • Pollinisation: The most important mission that marijuana males have today is to pollinate female specimens to produce seeds. The seeds from a cross between male and female marijuana will always be regular.
  • Industrial: In industrial hemp crops of dioecious varieties to obtain fibers, male plants have the same utility as females, since they are mainly used by the stems, which are the same.
  • Medicinal: Despite being much less interesting than females for this task, many people take advantage of male cannabis to extract cannabinoids and later use them medicinally. The roots of marijuana are also being used lately for their therapeutic benefits, and in this case it does not matter if they come from females, male, or hermaphrodites.
Visual summary of what male marijuana is used for
Visual summary of what male marijuana is used for



🎯 Male marijuana, real photos


Below you can see photos with several examples of the evolution of male cannabis plants, from showing the pre-flowers until they open and release pollen, going through the fattening phase of these.


Imagen donde se pueden ver las primeras preflores de una planta de marihuana macho*
Image where you can see the first pre-flowers of a male marijuana plant *


Fotografía macro donde se puede ver como las flores macho del cannabis comienzan a formar racimos*
Macro photography where you can see how the male cannabis flowers begin to form clusters*


Imagen de una planta de marihuana macho abriendo los primeros sacos de polen*
Image of a male marijuana plant opening the first pollen sacks *


Imagen de una planta de marihuana con muchas flores macho abiertas, soltando polen que se puede ver depositado en la superficie de las hojas*
Image of a marijuana plant with many open male flowers, releasing pollen that can be seen deposited on the surface of the leaves *



👾 Conclusion


Today we have seen the different uses that can be given to male cannabis, solved some doubts, and above all we have reviewed the differences between male and female marijuana plants. Now I’m sure you know how to perfectly distinguish the different sexes of our beloved plant, but if you have any questions, let us know, we will try to solve them.👉😜

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