Regular marijuana seeds



We offer you the best regular marijuana seeds online. Buy the cheapest seeds on the market! The most assorted stock of genetics at the best price.

In Piensa en Verde we are always at the forefront of new genetics, offering you new breeds and new varieties of marijuana seeds, in different formats, such as feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and no less important as regular seeds.

What are regular seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds are the seeds produced by the female plant naturally for millennia, without the intervention of the hand of man, so that the plant reproduces its genetics without alterations of any kind.

Breeders use them as a genetic reserve for the development of new crosses, and so, to obtain their own genetics, whether feminized or automatic.

Regular seeds are also highly demanded to stabilize crosses as a mother plant genetic reserve.

Which are the most productive?

Hybrids with Indica predominance usually have larger and more compact buds, but today, you can enjoy hybrids indica / sativa with typical effects of sativa varieties and with high levels of production and short flowering periods.

Our breeders, due to their genetic reserves from regular seeds, have reproduced the most demanded genetics worldwide, emphasizing cannabis varieties of high medicinal value and potency.

Nice examples are all those crosses of Afghani descent as:

  • 501 st OG (crossbreed using 50% Skywalker OG x Rare Darkness #1)
  • 8 ball Kush (an excelent pure landrace with a very high yield in indoor crop and an intense noble wood taste)
  • 9 Pound Hammer (polihybrid Goo Berry x Hells OG x Jack the Ripper, with THC levels over 25%)
  • A-Train (a crossbreed Trainwreck x Mazar-i Sharif)
  • Afghan Big Bud (hybrid Afghani x Big Bud)
  • Afghan Haze (crossbreed 50% Afghani x Haze, with high yield and fruity taste, it harvest 30 days before than pure Haze strain).

We are sure that all these news will delight your demanding palates.

Do not forget that very soon you will be able to enjoy all theese genetics in feminized and autoflowering format, both for indoor and outdoor crops.

We are waiting for you!