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The best regular cannabis seeds from all over the world are at your disposal in this category, where we have brought together the best known banks both in Europe and America to have one of the most complete catalogs of regular marijuana seeds from all over the Internet.

Regular seeds What are they?

They are the original cannabis seeds, those of all life because they are the normal in nature. Regular seeds can produce both females and males, unlike feminized seeds which in principle should only produce female plants. Regular seeds can also be autoflowering, or rich in CBD, as these formats have nothing to do with the sex of the plants.

Regular cannabis seeds were the only seeds sold until relatively recently, but nowadays their sales have been overtaken by other seed formats. This is because many consumers find it more difficult or expensive to grow regular seeds because they do not use male plants, preferring to have only females from the start of the crop.

What are the best regular seed banks?

How are regular seeds made?

They are the easiest to make, because you only have to let a male and a female flower close to each other to get seeds naturally, that's why in some cases they are also known as natural seeds. When the males flower they form small balls in the nodes, which when they open release pollen that travels in the air, when this pollen comes into contact with the female flowers it sticks to them, and if it is fertile it will form seeds.

From the regular seeds will come out approximately 50% males and 50% females, although there are many factors that can intervene in the definition of sex, such as genetics, environmental parameters, or the possible stress that the plants may suffer during cultivation. This distribution between males and females many times is 70%/30% or 80%/20%, and even 90%/10% or directly 100% of the same sex, although in most occasions it is 60%/40%.

How to sex regular seeds? or in other words, how to differentiate between male and female seeds?

It's really easy, although it's true that when you don't have experience it can be more complicated. From now on you won't have any more problems to do it, you just have to pay attention when they start to flower, and look at the knots of the plants to see if white hairs or little balls come out of them, because if they are hairs they will be females and if they come out little balls they will be males, it's as easy as that.

When do regular plants sex?

In indoor growing it is easier to guess when cannabis plants are going to start flowering, because we are the ones who change the photoperiod of vegetative growth to flowering. Depending on the variety, it will take between 7 and 25 days to show the first pre-flowers after changing the photoperiod to 12/12.

Sexing regular seeds outdoors

Outdoors they start flowering from mid to late summer usually, it also depends on the genetics, and in this case also on the environmental conditions. When grown outdoors all processes and phases of cultivation are slower than indoors, but both indoors and outdoors, males usually sex before females. If you want to know more about how to differentiate male plants, this article will solve all your doubts.

Regular or feminized seeds, which are better?

Surely the most puritanical people tell you that regular seeds are better, but in reality it depends on the type of consumer, the conditions of your crop, and the use you want to give to the seeds, will be better some seeds or others, I give you a couple of examples to explain this.

For a novice grower can be easier to Autofem seeds because you do not have to change the hours of light of your crop or separate the males. For a grower who wants to make crosses will be better regular seeds, because in principle they are more sexually stable, although this is not always the case. We have a very interesting article about the pros and cons of growing regular or feminized seeds, which I recommend you to read to see all their differences.

What are the best regular seeds?

This question is very subjective, because it depends on the interests of each user, for some the best are the most productive, for others the most powerful, and even for many the best regular seeds are the most fashionable at any given time.

For this reason we thought it would be best to separate each of these categories, and so we can see the best regular marijuana seeds of each classification, and that everyone can choose the ones you prefer according to their interests.

Most productive regular seeds

  • Chronic: It is possible that there are plants more tasty, powerful, or resinous, but few beat it in production. Another quality of the Chronic of Serious Seeds is its ability to perform well even when conditions are not the most ideal.
  • Super Skunk: Years go by and this plant continues to deliver impressive results both indoors and outdoors, even in the hands of inexperienced growers, regular Super Skunk from Sensi Seeds always produces very well.
  • Critical Mass: The original Critical is still offered in a regular version, and Mr. Nice Seedbank is one of those banks that prefer the purity of regular seeds. This variety is the one that produces more in less time.
  • Northern Lights: Another classic that as with the Super Skunk, remains a favorite for those looking to get big harvests of buds with regular cannabis seeds.
  • Skunk#1: Before the advent of automatics, Skunk#1 regular seeds were among the most recommended for inexperienced growers, because they always produced dense, heavy buds with minimal care.

Most potent regular seeds

  • Destroyer: This excellent sativa cross from the Cannabiogen seedbank produces an impressive high, with great euphoria, lots of mind and body stimulation, and at least 2 hours with no comedown.
  • Jack Herer: The best polyhybrid of Europe in the 90's, very complete genetics in every way, but stands out for its broad spectrum effect, as it relaxes the body but greatly accelerates brain activity.
  • MK Ultra: One of the first commercial regular seeds with OG Kush genetics worldwide. Like the mind control program of the same name, this weed takes you to an other-dimensional psychological state.
  • Zamaldelica: Just like Destroyer, this ACE Seeds strain combines 3 very special pure sativas, and that combination results in a weed that reaches up to 27% THC, something impressive.
  • White Russian: Just saying that it is a cross between White Widow and AK-47 is enough to give you an idea of the power of these regular seeds from Serious Seeds, a classic that will not go out of style.

American regular seeds

  • Buddha Tahoe OG: One of the best versions of OG Kush in regular seed, the bank that has possibly worked more with this type of genetic. Very dense and resinous buds, with intense flavor and brutal power.
  • Underdawg Cake: This plant mixes a great specimen of the Cookies family with a Diesel of extreme flavor, and the result is worth trying, because it has everything you can ask for a cannabis plant.
  • Tangieland: DNA Genetics has some top quality crosses of Tangie in regular seeds, and the best example of these is Tangieland, which fuses the citrus flavour of Tangie with the potency of Candyland.
  • Qush: One of the latest contributions of the great Subcool to the cannabis industry. Crossing Bubba Kush x Space Queen, with a devastating relaxing effect, and a dense smoke full of nuances that falls in love from the first puff.
  • Barbara Bud: The star variety of the Canadian bank The House Of The Great Gardener, with a very appropriate medicinal effect to treat different diseases, and the sweetest and earthy flavor you can imagine.

How to plant regular seeds indoors?

When planning your indoor cultivation of regular semis, it is important that you germinate twice as many seeds as you want to harvest, that is, if you can fit 9 plants in your closet at the end of flowering, the ideal is to germinate about 18 regular seeds.

During the vegetative growth phase you will see that future males glean more than females, do not worry, it is not for lack of light, it is because the constitution of the males is usually more elongated and vertical growth to pollinate by gravity. This is the only difference with regular seeds in growth, otherwise they are grown exactly the same, with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness until you want them to start flowering.

Most male plants start flowering before the females, but if you want to keep an eye on them and discard them as they show their sex, I recommend you keep an eye on them from day 7 of flowering. Once you eliminate the males there will be much more light for the remaining females, which will still have time to cover the freed space.

Growing regular seeds outdoors .

In outdoor crops where they germinate early, you can do a trick to know the sex of the plants long before they start to flower, and that is taking cuttings that after rooting are put with a photoperiod of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. It is very important to label the cuttings well to know which plants they belong to, and so when we know their sex we can discard the outdoor plants we don't want. Sometimes when regular seeds are germinated outdoors very early, they show pre-flowers during the vegetative growth phase, but without starting to flower, only a few flowers per node. In this way we can also know the sex of our plants without waiting for them to start flowering at all, so we can save a few months of care to some plants that later discarded. But this does not happen with all genetics, usually happens with indicas and hybrids, but rarely happens with sativas, so it is more advisable to use the previous method.

If you do not want to complicate you can do the same as in indoor growing, germinate about twice regular seeds of the specimens you want or you can harvest, and wait until mid-summer to check their sex. And if you want to get the best results both indoors and outdoors, I recommend you take a look at our guide to growing marijuana.

Frequently asked questions about regular cannabis seeds

What are regular marijuana seeds?

They are cannabis seeds that can produce both male and female plants. Despite the fact that in the commercial market they have less and less weight with respect to other formats, regular seeds are still the ones that are most grown around the world, because in the major producing countries they are the ones that are used to a greater extent.

How long does it take for a regular seed to grow indoors?

It depends on its genetics, since sex is not a factor in the flowering time or maturation of plants. To know how long it takes a regular seed indoors or outdoors, it is essential to know their genetics, and most commercial brands put in the data sheet of the variety what it takes to bloom.

How to make a regular seed is female?

Although their sex is genetically preconceived, there are factors that increase the ratio of females to males. The white or bluish light during the growth phase helps the emergence of females, as well as high humidity during this cycle and pre-flowering. One should try not to stress them to be pure females, as some plants may show hermaphrodite signs when exposed to stressful situations.

where to buy cheap regular seeds online?

You are in the right place, because in this category you have available the best regular cannabis seeds in the world, and as always with the best quality/price ratio and the most attentive service. Read the descriptions of the ones you like the most and choose the one that suits you best.

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