Monguis: types, effects and all the information

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Image of a man meditating with a picture of some Monguis overlapped.
Image of a man meditating with a picture of some Monguis overlapped.


Monguis have been the vehicle used by many civilizations throughout history to communicate with their gods. There are many different varieties, emerging in different parts of the earth’s geography, with different shapes, colors, and especially effects.

Very little is known about the monguis that we harvest in our mushroom breads or in the forest, because laws limit research, but it is clear that they are very special beings. In this article we will try to discover them a little more, are you curious? Well, I won’t make you wait any longer…



🎯 What is a Mongui?



Mongui is one of the Spanish names for magic mushrooms, that is, hallucinogenic mushrooms, but mainly referring to psilocybe. The word Mongui began to spread in northern Spain in the 90s and became popular years later through internet forums.

These are mushrooms that are usually small in size, grow in soil that usually contains excrement, and have different levels of psilocin and psilocybin.


🚀 Types of Monguis, photos and descriptions


Among all the varieties of monguis that exist, the most common are Mexicana, Ecuador, Colombia, Hawaii, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India and Golden Teacher. Below you can see the photos and characteristics of each one:


Image of Mexicanas Monguis growing up outdoors*
Image of Mexicanas Monguis growing up outdoors*


Monguis from Mexico are average strength and smooth visual effects. It is usually the variety chosen by users who are starting out in the world of entheogenic mushrooms. They invite meditation and introspection, with thoughts that can be very revealing.


Image of the Ecuador monguis variety*
Image of the Ecuador monguis variety*


Ecuador Monguis tend to grow in clusters, very close together, with great density in very little space. They are small mushrooms, but be careful, their effect is much more powerful than that of Mexicana mushrooms, spiritual, mystical and soul purifier.


Photograph of 2 copies of Colombian monguis*
Photograph of 2 copies of Colombian monguis*


Colombian Monguis are larger than those from Mexico and Ecuador, are easy and strong growing and their power is in the average of the psilocybes classification. They cross very well with other varieties, which is why they are chosen by many mycologists to create new strains.


Photograph of an indoor cultivation of Thai Koh Samui monguis*
Photograph of an indoor cultivation of Thai Koh Samui monguis*


Thai ones are a very special kind of mongui, they grow with fleshy stems, very wide hats and large size in general. Its effect is powerful but very fun and social, that is why it is the strain chosen to celebrate ancestral rites.


Image of the Hawaiian monguis variety*
Image of the Hawaiian monguis variety*


Although this strain of monguis is not really from Hawaii, it has become popular as a Hawaiian variety. Its cultivation is really simple, forming large and fleshy mushrooms with a touch of brownish color.


Image of a Cambodian monguis growing kit*
Image of a Cambodian monguis growing kit*


This variety of mongui has the typical hat of the psilocybes of Southeast Asia, that is, in conical form. Its growth is strong but slower than other strains, a good choice for beginners.


Image of a Vietnam monguis bread*
Image of a Vietnam monguis bread*


Vietnamese monguis tend to grow spontaneously near rice fields, especially in humid areas. They are mushrooms with a very big hat compared to the foot, they have a light yellow color and their cultivation is really easy.


Photograph of large monguis of Golden Teacher variety*
Photograph of large monguis of Golden Teacher variety*


It is a variation of the Monguis from Mexico, much more powerful and above all, faster and more productive. Its effects are very philosophical, but with a great load of quality visuals, happiness, motivation, hallucinations and well-being.


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👌 Where to find Monguis ?


Apart from the geographical areas where each strain originates, there are areas where this type of magic mushroom tends to grow spontaneously. Most of the Monguis are saprophagous, that is, they need excrements for their growth, but there are others that can come out in pastures, wetlands, forests or on the banks of rivers.

They are fungi and as such, they need hot and humid conditions, although there are specific cases of monguis that grow at high altitude in quite cold places.


Monguis online for sale

Another way to get psilocybes is through online stores that sell magic mushrooms. A few years ago you could buy them ready to eat, but the law changed and now only self-cultivation is allowed.


✨ Growing Monguis


Harvesting fresh magic mushrooms is as easy as inoculating monguis spores into a sterilized substrate and maintaining ideal temperature, light and humidity conditions for a few weeks.

They also sell ready-made monguis bread, so you don’t have to use spores or anything. At first it may seem like a mess, but in time you’ll see how growing monguis with a growing kit is as easy as growing lentils.


⭐ Monguis Effects


The kind of Monguis effect depends on the strain, but normally there are similar sensations after consuming these hallucinogenic mushrooms, and each potency is defined by having a higher or lower proportion of each of these effects:

  1. Creativity
  2. Stimulation
  3. Happiness
  4. Visual hallucinations
  5. Sense amplification
  6. Philosophical thoughts
  7. Wellness


Magic mushroom dose calculator



⛳ Conclusion


We’re looking at one of the most mysterious living beings on the planet. Monguis have the ability to reset the human brain, helping with mental blocks, fears, anxiety, depression and other common disorders in people in the 21st century. And you, do you have any interesting experience with Monguis? If so, I’m waiting for your comment, and if you liked the article you can do us a favor by sharing it.

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