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Cannabis oil has a lot of properties that may improve human health
Cannabis oil has a lot of properties that may improve human health


Employed by all civilizations since man is man, cannabis oil has a lot of properties that may improve human health, as we can demonstrate by different scientific and clinical studies. We talk about its history, how to elaborate it, the uses that can be given to it and, of course, its benefits.




Previous data to know:



Imagine that you have to live with intense headaches, your health is getting worse day by day, and moreover, all medicines prescribed by doctors have no effect on you, but quite the opposite. Sounds familiar? Do you know this case? So in this post we will try to solve your doubts, overturn some myths and even will have time to tell you a real story of success s. What?… what am I telling you? Please, read.


It is not a secret all benefits and positive effects that cannabis oil has on human health, a product that has been used since ancient times, although its use has been banned for generations and nowadays endorsed by scientific community.


One of the latest research comes from a very close place, specifically, the University of Seville, where a group of medicinal plant scientists have discovered that cannabis seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids. For that reason, its correct consumption is beneficial for cardiovascular and brain health. “The oil of the whole cannabis plant has good organoleptic characteristics, which are especially noticeable if we consume it without heating,” concludes the research, as Muy Interesante magazine published.


It is very important to remark that cannabis oil, developed from industrial hemp chemovars, is enriched in Cannabidiol (CBD) as its main active principle, being one of the most interesting cannabinoids from a therapeutical point of view, providing the main medicinal effects to those conditions it is indicated.


Infographics about marijuana oil


Infographics on the multiple benefits of cannabis oil
Infographics on the multiple benefits of cannabis oil


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What is cannabis oil?


We know that if you have come here it’s because the term cannabis oil does not sound like Chinese and it is very familiar for you, but, you know what? What does cannabis oil contain? It is an oil in most cases made of olive oil or cannabis seeds oil, and cannabis extracts which are rich in cannabidiol, our non-psychoactive cannabinoid.


Besides this, there are also other non-psychoactive cannabinoids present in this oil, among others, cannabigerol (CBG), cannabicromene (CBC) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).


On the other hand, cannabis seed oil, is an oil extracted purely from cannabis seeds, and is a cannabinoids free product, only enriched with healthy fatty acids.


The uses of both substances are very diverse, as well as the way to consume it, although it is true that, in most cases, people do it orally.


For this reason, and especially, when the goal is therapeutic, and cannabis has not been consumed before, many people maybe would be wondering…


How is the taste of cannabis oil?


All depends on the way in which it is manufactured. The most usual, natural, and the one that most people recommend, is a blend with extra virgin olive oil or better with cannabis seeds oil. Something that is not surprising considering the pleasant taste and aroma that this product has and which it is still present in cannabis oil after being produced and blended.


In addition, it is also possible to perceive a pleasant herbaceous flavor, as if it were an infusion. Hereby, it is very important to consider that taste is very influenced by the sort of cannabis seeds we crop to manufacture our cannabis oil, because it will be crucial to determine cannabinoids and terpenes content in the final product.


Cannabis oil and its medicinal properties


As you well know, we have been telling since the beginning of this report that the list of properties what are associated with cannabis oil are really wide, but without any doubt, the first one that should be mentioned is its low toxicity and the lack or practically, secondary effects, as long as its use is correct, ie: taking it as sublingual spray and in the recommended dosage. If not, one of the most remarkable side effect that can occur, is a slight drowsiness, which appears at high CBD doses, or in cannabis oil extracted from strains with high THC and CBN content.


Cannabis oil has many properties for health.
Cannabis oil has many properties for health.



Coming back to the properties of cannabis oil, and according to a study published in Research Gate in December 2015, some of the main advantages are the following:


-Analgesic properties: For this reason consuming cannabis oil helps reduce  pain caused by fibromyalgia, trauma, osteoarthritis or arthritis, among others.


-Anti-inflammatory properties: both internal and on the skin (skin application), so, the use of cannabis oil is also performed in cases of acne, for example.


-Vasodilatory properties: hence, helps to relieve symptoms of varicose veins being good also for cardiovascular health, thanks to its vascular relaxant condition. All this related to antiinflamatory properties of CBD and other non psycoactive cannabinoids as THCV.


-Relaxing properties: by reducing stress levels, anxiety or applied to those who feel nervous due to different conditions. Something that will be noticed more or less, also, depending on the cannabis chemovar utilized to produce the cannabis oil, given by cannabis seeds chosen to grow.


-Reduces nausea: especially nausea caused by chemotherapy in people with cancer. In this regard, we can also mention cannabis oil as a possible tumoral growth inhibitor to be used in the future, supported by several studies which have shown that cannabis oil could inhibit the growth of cancer cells in vitro. In case of pregnancy, as can be read on Dr Fernando Caudevilla s website, expert in medicinal cannabis, it is not recommended to use cannabis oil in pregnant women due to the possible side effects on the child, such as weight loss or even, it could affect the correct cognitive development of the fetus. Several contraindications which have to be studied more deeply.


-Suppresses muscle spasms: hence, there are many people who are suffering epilepsy and consuming medicinal cannabis oil to take benefits from its positive effects.


-Neuroprotective properties: These are properties inherent to all cannabinoids, but those present in cannabis oil rich in THC and CBD have been reported.  Different researches have shown that cannabis is positive in case of people with parkinson and Alzheimer diseases,  among other neurodegerative disorders.


-Reduces blood sugar levels: so that,  it could be applied to patients with diabetes. In this way, Dr. Caudevilla explains that:


“some preliminary studies indicate that cannabinoids could have beneficial effects on the autoimmune component of type I diabetes, although these results are not clarified with certainty.There are also clinical trials that have tested the efficacy of Sativex (drug obtained from standardized cannabis plant extract for sublingual administration) in the treatment of diabetes symptoms as diabetic neuropathy, one of the most frequent and troublesome complications in long term diabetes evolution”.


All these properties mentioned above may vary depending on the manufacture of cannabis oil, ie. The sort of extraction used to manufacture the oil, it implies clean and green processes like CO2 extraction and alcohol or olive oil maceration. If it is made with alcohol or CO2 extraction, the final product becomes a high concentrated product in cannabinoids and terpenes. In this case the effects are much stronger, even though the most important is the level of two main cannabinoids (CBD and THC) and terpenes, which are responsible to perform high-valued biological actions in human body.


The stronger in all those active principles cannabis oil is,  the more powerful are the effects on human body.


Alcohol has the chemical property to extract and concentrate very well cannabinoids and terpenes, with almost no toxicity, so that, you must handle with care the way you do the extraction and eliminate solvent, controllling the final concentration in cannabinoids in the product you are going to consume.



Medicinal Benefits and Effects of Cannabis Oil


Many things have been said about the effects of Cannabis oil and the medicinal benefits inherents to it. Most of them are true, and have been tested by science, others, are by now waiting for clinical trials, but patients who have already used cannabis oil afirm that they take diverse advantages from it in specific aspects, other patients, as may occur with other medicines in continuous evolution, don’t feel any improvement in their health, withdrawing the cannabis oil treatment.


From PevGrow, we want to talk about what diseases can be treated with Cannabis oil or which ones can be improved having determinated  beneficial effects on them, as can be the case of muscle pain, migraine, depression or asthma.

Also we must consider the benefits it has on psychological disorders, such as autism, or degenerative ones such as Alzheimer, among others.


Of course, mentioning the benefits that Cannabis oil can have on certain serious diseases, does not mean that we do not have to take the medicines our doctor prescribes, but we consider that it is a point of view to take into account very seriously, especially if we see that the expected results do not appear.


Of course, if you go to the doctor in order to see if you can try to combine that medicine with cannabis, it is likely the doctor says no to your proposal, but there are numerous general practitioners who later have specialized in natural medicine and other alternative therapies, these doctors know well the effects of one type of medicine or another, and they are the best prepared to advise you better in your case.


Coming back to the most common diseases that Cannabis oil can treat or in which can improve some health conditions, we can include the following:


-Cannabis oil and Alzheimer disease: rather than cure it (because, unfortunately, this disease still has no cure), what this natural product achieves is to diminish the symptoms of this neurodegenerative condition that usually affects people over 65 years.


Among the properties associated with Cannabis that benefit people who suffer or who are likely to suffer from Alzheimer, we can include the following: cannabis is neuroprotective, reduces inflammation and is an antioxidant, in addition,  stimulates neuronal tissue.


As far as prevention is concerned and although many may shock them, researcher Gary Wenk believes that both adults and young people (middle-aged, of course) could avoid dementia by taking “a daily cannabis drag”,  as it is reported on Sensi Seeds website.



-Cannabis Oil and Cancer: This has been talked about over and over and it is known that Cannabis oil helps reduce nausea caused by chemotherapy. Since chemotherapy induces vomiting, in addition, also causes diarrea, and Cannabis oil is a tested medicine to help control that.

If these symptoms are not pleasant, even less are those that cancer or chemical drugs which are prescribed to treat it produce. On one hand we can not forget about headaches or muscle aches, as well as the general discomfort that many people suffer, classical symptoms which occur in many cancer cases.


On the other hand, one of the most known chemotherapy side effect is usually loss of appetite. As we have told a lot of times in PEV Grow, one of the virtues of medical cannabis is to increase the appetite.


At this point, you may be wondering, but cannabis oil can be used for all types of cancer? Although we are not doctors and there is still much to discover waiting for the scientific community agrees, the truth is that positive effects have been demonstrated in people suffering from the following types of cancer: cerebral, lung, blood, breast, prostate, liver, pancreas, skin, bladder or ovaries, mainly.


It should be pointed that in cases of people with cancer, cannabis oil is not only given to adults, but has also been supplied to children, of course, in doses suitable for them and with excellent results. Children and parents  have been able to verify by themselves. If you surf the net a bit, you’ll find different documentaries from reliable sources that talk about it.

-Cannabis oil and epilepsy: although it is not a very common disease (in Spain people affected is around 8 per thousand), it is well known and, in fact, only in our country, as confirmed by, there are a total of 20,000 new cases diagnosed in a year, so, it is a disease which can affect to anybody too.



Usually as with many other diseases, treatment for this disorder is pharmacological, but, again, nature and, in particular, cannabis consumed as oil, has many benefits to prevent and stop outbreaks suffered from people with epilepsy.


With respect to the benefits that cannabis oil has on the epilepsy, it is possible to mention, mainly, the antispasmodic effects. In fact, a number of investigations confirm this, especially if we are talking about patients in whom traditional medicine has no effect (ie. between 20% and 30% of patients).


In this sense, we would also like to mention the reasearches made from Dravet Foundation in Spain (Dravet syndrome is a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy) which support the clinical benefits that cannabis oil can give to patients with refractary epilepsy and, specifically, to children with Dravet’s syndrome.


In the United States, a group of scientists at the Langone Medical Center at New York University have discovered the positive antiespasmodic effects of cannabis for these people, facts that traditional medicine has not been able to alleviate yet. As an example of overcoming, Scientificamerican portal talks about the 8 year old girl, Charlotte Figi, who has managed to reduce “drastically the seizures” that her illness causes.



-Cannabis oil for muscle pain: back, shoulder, leg pain … muscle pains can be very varied, but they all have the same consequences: they leave patients who suffer them really tired, in addition, reducing mood and good mental health, sometimes, not allowing them to sleep, thus aggravating muscle pain, especially back pain.


For all these cases, cannabis, consumed as an oil, acts as an anti-inflammatory, thus reducing pain considerably. In addition, it also acts as a natural analgesic, but without the side effects that the chemicals may give you and, of course, reduces stress that these pains causes, allowing patients to be more relaxed, rest better and also improving their mood. If it is your case and you have never tried it … why do not cheer up and tell us you experience?… As you know, start dosing slowly and try every day testing little doses. That’s the key.


-Cannabis oil and Parkinson disease: tremors, blunder walking, physical blockages, or slowness when performing daily physical actions are some of the major symptoms of Parkinson. A disease that usually affects those over 65 years, but also occurs in men and women from the age of 40 (according to Muy Interesante magazine, in 2% of the diagnosed patients).



This neurodegenerative disease, in which 85% of cases originates from genetics, can be treated with Cannabis oil, according to a study by a group of scientists from the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).


This study discusses how, thanks to Cannabidiol, an active principle present in cannabis oil from hemp strains, people affected by parkinson reduce the main symptoms: tremors, sleep disturbances, anxiety or depression, in the latter case, acting as natural anxiolytic.


– Cannabis oil for asthma: this disease which affects respiratory tract could be well reduced and diminished its major symptoms in an effective and natural way thanks to several active components such as cannabidiol an terpenes, in particular, due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are attributed to them. By the moment we do not know much more about it, but there are evidences that cannabis improves bronchial constriction. Of course, in these cases more than ever, cannabis has to be consumed vaporized, or included in spray preparations which can be developed with cannabis oil specially extracted.


In addition, thanks to cannabis oils, completely natural, we can avoid the possible side effects owing to pharmacological treatments for asthma, such as anxiety or high blood pressure.


-Cannabis oil for depression: as we have mentioned so far, there are numerous diseases that lead to depression, especially when the patient is very affected psychologically by them and is not able to find a proper solution. However, cannabis oil improves one’s mood. In this sense, it should be mentioned that there are types of medical Cannabis that are more suitable than others to treat these types of problems.


Of course as in previous cases, it is very important to control the dose to be given to the patient or that we are going to take by ourselves, if would be the case.


-Cannabis Oil for Fibromyalgia: People who suffer from fibromyalgia undergo a long unpleasant experience until they are diagnosed. The main symptoms of this disease (muscular pain and chronic fatigue) may be well confused with common symptoms such as those caused of poor diet, lack of sleep or bad posture. However, pain which these people suffer completely blocks them, having to leave their work and other daily activities in their daily life, which often causes them to enter in a state of depression. There is a  lack of understanding, until they are diagnosed.



Dr. Mary-Ann Fitzcharles, a professor of medicine at McGill University, found in a study on the benefits of Cannabis for people with fibromyalgia that 72% of people who had been taking 1 gram of Cannabis every day felt strongly reduced their pain. Excellent data considering that traditional drugs only achieve these effects, at most, in 8% of people. In addition, Cannabis is a much more cheaper and  a much more natural alternative than traditional medicines.


-Cannabis Oil for Autism: Following the success experienced in patients with epilepsy and the number of known cases of cannabis-related success in the world regarding autism, a group of researchers from Israel decided to carry out a new research to show whether these benefits are indeed substantiated or not. Thus, some of the properties associated with cannabis with regard to autism is that it drastically reduces anxiety which causes them becoming violent against people around them and against themselves. Thanks to cannabis oil they calm down, giving way to being more sociable people.


– Cannabis Oil for Migraine: If you are suffering from migraines or know someone close to you that suffer, you know well that the feeling is horrible and painful. It’s as if you were drilling your head and was going to explode. That pain makes the vast majority of people who suffer migraines get, as a consequence, nausea too (since migraine is a neuropathic condition). So, in order to end both the pain, which is nevertheless an inflammation, and nausea, and after all we have told you so far, cannabis oil will act, on the one hand, as a natural painkiller and, on the other hand, as a remedy to stop nausea (antiemetic). In all these cases, taking Cannabis oil is also a good and a quick solution to end that horrible headache.


How is Cannabis oil taken?


In addition to its medicinal use, as we have discussed in the previous section, Cannabis oil also has many other uses, being a very versatile product. These include:


-Cannabis oil for cooking: although it is true that smoking cannabis is the most common way to consume it, especially as a recreational product, Cannabis oil is also used in the kitchen due to its nutritional value, and in this case, Cannabis oil is the best way to consume it, eventhough cannabis seed oil is free of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is preferable to combine some pharmaceutical cannabis oil form with a cannabis seed oil for cooking.


Also, those people who use cannabis oil exclusively for medicinal purposes can combine cannabis seed oil and cannabis oil with food, resulting in a very pleasant experience. People use it to dress salads or make desserts. Of course, you must be very careful with the amounts of oil that are used, especially if it is the first time you take or if it is going to be shared. Not everyone tolerates cannabis in the same way.



Brownie made with cannabis
Brownie made with cannabis


-Cannabis oil for vaping: As we said before, the most common way of using cannabis is by smoking, but not if we talk about the oil from the plant. Thanks to cannabis consuming devices such as bubblers or pipe, you will be able to inhale Cannabis oil, with the advantage that you save on paper (you will not have to roll up any joint to smoke it). In addition you will avoid the harmful and toxic compounds providing from the vegetal combustion, not forgetting that being merely an oil the effect is more powerful than if we smoke it as in  a joint.


-Cannabis massage oil: Whether for muscle pains caused by sports, bad posture or as a result of illness and, of course, also for pleasure, a massage is always welcome. If in addition, we employ cannabis oil to do that the results will be flawless. Thus, as we mentioned in the section on medicinal properties of cannabis oil, this is anti-inflammatory and analgesic product, so the pain is reduced to minimal expression. But it also helps us to reduce stress and sleep, and to be better the rest of the day. Would you demand more beneficial properties from it?


-Cannabis oil for the skin: In fact, cannabis oil, besides being an antioxidant, is also moisturizing and contains potassium and calcium, so that, on one hand, it will eliminate the impurities from the skin, helping you to regenerate it, later, feed and moisturize it.


Till this point, currently it is not strange to see natural cosmetic products that include this oil, nothing better than make your daily cleaning with this oil, without the need to add other components. Among other things, Cannabis oil is recommended to close scars as well as to treat acne without leaving marks.


-Cannabis oil for pets: That’s what you read. Cannabis oil is also used for dogs. But in what way? Mainly for a medicinal purpose. There is an increasing number of dogs that are treated naturally with Cannabis oil to relieve symptoms caused, for example, by epilepsy. Many data are not yet known to this respect. What is known is that in dogs the effect is much stronger than for humans, so we must take more cautions regarding to ajust the correct dosage.


RICK SIMPSON’s Biography


Rick Simpson, was a Canadian doctor who claimed he cured cancer to himself (among other diseases that he also cured with cannabis) with extracts providing from the hemp plant. Simpson also claimed that cannabis can cure or control other serious medical problems. Simpson’s cancer was a type of skin cancer and he made his own cannabis oil extracts by himself,  which was then applied to his skin.


The idea came to him watching a report on medical cannabis, he thought that had nothing to lose if he tests on him the effects of that product.


Said and done. He asked a friend to let him smoke a joint and began to feel very relieved. So, without thinking twice, he went to the doctor who was treating him to get also a Cannabis prescription, but his request was refused. Time was passing by and his desease progressed getting worse, despite doctor’s refusal, he decided to test the effects of a cannabinoid concentrate in the form of a natural oil. The results were amazing.


As Simpson explained in more than one chance, the pain he suffered was considerably reduced, it permited to go back to sleep well and began to regain the weight he had lost in recent times. A kind of miracle, but with a natural medicinal plant: Cannabis.


Doctors, by the way, did not want to know anything about that possible natural medicine made of cannabis. Rick Simpson wanted to help people who, as the same way he suffered before, had got skin diseases, showing how these patients were also cured, not only of melanoma but also of other conditions.


Things were further complicated to him soon after, since Simpson was imprisoned because Canadian authorities thought he was offending public health. He is currently in Europe (after asking for political asylum) and keeps researching on his famous oil.


Of course, he has also many detractors, including many members of the medical community, but at this point, we leave opinions to be considered freely. Undoubtedly, seeking on internet, you will find many cases of diseases and cancers whose patients say they have been cured with cannabis, and you can also see detractors about this type of treatment..


The difference between Rick Simpson’s oil and the one we can sell is that his oil contains very high levels of THC with also other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG in fairly concentrated amounts. However, CBD oil in our catalog contains a very high level of CBD, being free of THC, hence, it has no psychoactive effects on the brain, and cannot bring you legal troubles.


Would you like to know how to make Rick Simpson’s oil?


With 500 grams of perfectly dried marijuana buds, approximately 60 grams of Rick Simpson’s marijuana oil can be produced, this amount is valid for a 90-day treatment. The oil can be vaporized, ingested, or applied directly to the skin. In order to adjust the dose, Rick Simpson advises 3 takes a day of a grain of rice sized, then the dose is doubled every 4 days until reaching 1 gram per day (after 5 weeks), that will be the dose that must be taken until disease is cured.


Once the treatment is finished, Rick advises to continue taking the oil as a preventive product, but already in lower doses (1 gram per month). We emphasize from PEV Grow that, this self-production system, as well as the way of treatment, is translated from the page of Rick Simpson into other languages, so that, he exposes that each consumer has the responsibility to believe or not in him.


Material needed to make homemade marijuana oil

We already know some benefits of consuming marijuana oil, we will move onto its elaboration. For this, we will need:


Material needed to make Oil
Material needed to make Oil

– 500 ml of olive oil (it is advisable to use virgin olive oil)
– Strainer
– Saucepan
– Container (if possible of glass) that has a lid or allows us to close in a hermetic way to avoid “contaminate” the oil we make.
– 50 grams of marijuana (several strains with high CBD content are recommended, among others: Purple Orange or OG Kush, but you can take a look at our list of medicinal seeds)


5 Steps to make marijuana Oil

Once you have all the necessary stuff, the main steps to develop the cannabis oil are as follows:


• Step 1: Fill the saucepan in half with water and put it to heat

Fill the saucepan with water and put it to heat
Fill the saucepan with water and put it to heat

• Step 2: Grind the marijuana buds and add them to the saucepan with oil. Also add the olive oil (500 ml ) stirring the mixture vigorously. Take care of use a medium level of heating.

Grind the marijuana buds and add them to the saucepan
Grind the marijuana buds and add them to the saucepan

• Step 3: During one hour and with the help of a spatula, remove the contents. After this time, remove it from the heating source and let it chill.

During one hour remove the contents
During one hour remove the contents

• Step 4: In order to separate the oil from the water, put the mixture into the refrigerator once it is cool and take it out when the oil solidifies. When this occurs, separate it from the water and let it melt out of the fridge until it returns to its liquid state.

separate the oil from the water
separate the oil from the water

• Step 5: Pour the oil through a strainer so that all remaining vegetal matter is removed, until only the liquid is left and pour it into the glass jar you have chosen. The smaller you choose, the better will be to dose the amount of oil.

Pour the oil through a strainer
Pour the oil through a strainer

You can already take it!

Where is Cannabis oil sold? Where you can get it?


Surely, if you have come with us so far is because you were interested in the consumption of cannabis oil, whether for medicinal, aesthetic or recreative. In either case, there are many of you who ask us where you can buy it. In PEV Grow, of course, we have a very complete section about cannabis oil that differs by their uses and formats.


Products we sell in our growshop:


-Sublingual CBD oil: Oil for medical uses which has undergone strict quality controls before being launched to the market. Undoubtedly, the easiest way to get your own natural medicine, very effective to treat all the ailments  we have mentioned before.


-Cannabis oil blended with olive oil: the most comfortable format for using hemp in the kitchen. So you can dress your salads or prepare other sweet and savory dishes with which you will delight your palate and the the rest of the senses.


-CBD hemp oil in capsules: just like sublingual oil, in this case it is also used for medicinal purposes, because there are people who take it better in this way.


CBD skin cream: in this case, goals can be very different, although, mainly, they are made to end with muscular pains or migraines. In this same format there is also a sun cream as well as a wide listing of different aromas to use them as a cosmetic.


Many of you also wonder, How much CBD oil costs? Everything depends on the use you are going give to the product. The one that has medicinal purposes (with the highest CBD content), of course, is the most expensive, but also keep in mind that the duration of the package in which it is sold is long, since it is not necessary to be exceeded in its consumption. Afterwards, those used for massage or for cooking are more affordables for everyone.


Cannabis Oil, our loyal ally


Now, you have a generalized idea about Cannabis oil is, its uses, properties and benefits, then you will probably agree with us that this product is one of those indispensable, if we rely on natural medicine and the power of plants…

Plants should always be in our home…Do you believe in nature?


By Noelia Jiménez, PevGrow Team

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