The definitive guide to the different types of bongs of 2024.

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Image with various types of bongs of different sizes, colors, shapes…
Image with various types of bongs of different sizes, colors, shapes…
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In the vast world of cannabis, choosing the right bong to smoke can make a difference in your smoking experience. From traditional glass to innovations with percolators, each type offers unique features. At Pevgrow, we’ve compiled a definitive guide to the types of bongs available this 2024, to help you find the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.



👾 Comparative table of different types of Bong



Type of Bong Features Recommended Use Advantages Disadvantages
Straight Tube Glass Simple tubular shape Herbs Easy to use and clean Basic functionality
Percolator Filtration through water Herbs/concentrates Superior filtration and cooling More complex cleaning
Bubbler Portable, bong and pipe combination Herbs/concentrates Easy transport, versatile Less water capacity
Beaker Wide base like a flask Herbs/concentrates Greater stability and safety Less flashy in some cases
Gravity Works inverted or with two chambers Herbs Intense smoking experience Requires more technique and practice
Recycler Multiple chambers for filtration Concentrates Continuous filtration Expensive, more complex design
Multi-Level Several chambers and percolators Herbs/concentrates Multiple levels of filtration Can be expensive and hard to clean
With Turbine Spinning disc to cool Herbs/concentrates Cool and entertaining smoke Can be expensive
Mini Reduced size Herbs/concentrates Economical and discreet Less effective in filtration
Mask Adapts to the face Herbs Unique experience, hands-free Impractical, difficult cleaning
Tilted Angle in the tube Herbs Comfortable for use Less stable than other models
Silicone Flexible and durable material Herbs Indestructible, ideal for travel May alter taste
Ceramic Aesthetic and functionality Herbs Decorative look Fragile, can break easily
Foldable Can be folded Herbs Convenient for storing Complicated cleaning
Curved Tube Curved tube shape Herbs Reduces risk of splashback Harder to clean than straight models
With Ice Notches for ice Herbs Cools smoke for smoothness Requires more maintenance



🎯 List of different types of bong for 2024


  • Straight Tube Bong:
    • Functioning: It has a straight tube from the base to the mouth. Offers a direct and simple path for the smoke.
    • Recommended for: Beginners and purists looking for an uncomplicated experience.
    • Advantages: Easy to clean and use. Efficient in terms of space and material.
    • Disadvantages: Can be more prone to tipping over due to its shape, and if it’s a glass bong you know what can happen…
    • Usage tips: Keep the water clean for a better taste experience.
  • Beaker Bong:
    • Functioning: Wide base similar to a laboratory flask that offers greater stability.
    • Recommended for: Those looking for a stable bong with a good amount of water for filtration.
    • Advantages: Less chance of spills thanks to its wide base.
    • Disadvantages: Can be bulkier than a straight bong.
    • Usage tips: Make sure not to overfill to prevent water from reaching the mouth.
  • Percolator Bong:
    • Functioning: Includes one or more percolators that filter and cool the smoke several times.
    • Recommended for: Experienced users looking for a smoother and cooler smoke.
    • Advantages: Excellent filtration and cooling of smoke.
    • Disadvantages: Harder to clean due to the additional parts.
    • Usage tips: Use specific cleaning solutions to reach all the nooks and crannies.
  • Multi-Chamber Bong:
    • Functioning: Has several water chambers for additional filtration.
    • Recommended for: Enthusiasts who want an extremely smooth and filtered smoke.
    • Advantages: Multiple levels of filtration and cooling.
    • Disadvantages: Complex to clean and generally more expensive.
    • Usage tips: Clean each chamber regularly to prevent resin buildup.



  • Gravity Bong:
    • Functioning: Uses the force of gravity to push the smoke into the lungs.
    • Recommended for: Experienced users looking for potent and quick effects.
    • Advantages: The Gravity Bong provides dense and fast hits.
    • Disadvantages: Can be overwhelming for beginners.
    • Usage tips: Start with small hits and gradually increase.
  • Recycler Bong:
    • Functioning: Recycles the smoke through several chambers before inhaling.
    • Recommended for: Aficionados looking for a smooth and fresh experience with less residue.
    • Advantages: Maximum filtration and cooling of smoke.
    • Disadvantages: Can be expensive and complicated to handle.
    • Usage tips: Watch the water level for optimal operation.
  • Ice Bong:
    • Functioning: Has notches or spikes to hold ice and cool the smoke.
    • Recommended for: Anyone who prefers a cold smoke.
    • Advantages: Fresh and smooth smoke.
    • Disadvantages: Need to have ice on hand.
    • Usage tips: Do not fill completely with ice to allow the smoke to flow.
  • Bubbler:
    • Functioning: Compact with a water chamber that provides basic filtration.
    • Recommended for: Smokers who want portability and functionality.
    • Advantages: Easy to carry and handle.
    • Disadvantages: Limited water capacity.
    • Usage tips: Keep the water clean for a better taste experience.
  • Mini Bong:
    • Functioning: Reduced version of a traditional bong, ideal for personal use.
    • Recommended for: Users who want discretion and ease of storage.
    • Advantages: Portable and generally more economical.
    • Disadvantages: Less water capacity and therefore, less filtration.
    • Usage tips: Keep it clean to avoid clogs due to the small size.



  • Mask Bong:
    • Functioning: Mask that is placed on the face with an integrated bong for direct inhalation.
    • Recommended for: Users looking for an intense and hands-free experience.
    • Advantages: Unique experience and intense hits.
    • Disadvantages: Not discreet and cleaning can be complicated.
    • Usage tips: Adjust the mask well to prevent smoke leakage.
  • Tilted Bong:
    • Functioning: Has an inclined inhalation tube for a more ergonomic position when smoking.
    • Recommended for: Users looking for comfort during extended sessions.
    • Advantages: Less strain on the neck and back.
    • Disadvantages: The inclined design can affect stability.
    • Usage tips: Use on flat and stable surfaces to prevent tipping.
  • Silicone Bong:
    • Functioning: Made with heat-resistant silicone, it is flexible and durable.
    • Recommended for: Users who travel or are prone to accidents.
    • Advantages: Almost indestructible and easy to clean.
    • Disadvantages: Some users prefer the taste provided by glass.
    • Usage tips: Check that the silicone is food-grade and heat-resistant.
  • Ceramic Bong:
    • Functioning: Made of ceramic, offers creative designs and is generally opaque.
    • Recommended for: Collectors and those who value aesthetics.
    • Advantages: Variety of artistic designs and maintains heat well.
    • Disadvantages: Fragile and difficult to see the water level.
    • Usage tips: Handle with care and clean gently to avoid damage.
  • Foldable Bong:
    • Functioning: Made of flexible materials that allow it to be folded for storage.
    • Recommended for: Smokers with limited space or who need to transport it.
    • Advantages: Extremely portable and discreet when not in use.
    • Disadvantages: Can be difficult to clean in the foldable areas.
    • Usage tips: Extend fully before filling to prevent spills.
  • Curved Tube Bong:
    • Functioning: Curved inhalation tube for a smooth smoking experience.
    • Recommended for: Users looking for an elegant and functional design.
    • Advantages: Reduces the risk of water splashing into the mouth.
    • Disadvantages: Can be a bit harder to clean than a straight bong.
    • Usage Tips: Tilt slightly when using to take better advantage of the curved shape.




🎬 Conclusions


Choosing the right bong is a personal decision that depends on your smoking preferences, ease of maintenance, and desired aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of a classic bong or the advanced filtration of a percolator, each option has its advantages. Remember, the best bong is the one that elevates your smoking experience to new heights. Here you have seen different types of bongs for smoking cannabis, now explore our selection at Pevgrow and find your perfect companion for every session.



⚠️ FAQS:


  1. What type of bong provides the best filtration?
    Bongs with percolators offer superior filtration, thanks to their systems that cool and purify the smoke efficiently.
  2. Is a glass or silicone bong better?
    It depends on your needs. Glass offers a pure taste experience, while silicone stands out for its durability and portability.
  3. Can I use any type of bong to smoke concentrates?
    Some bongs are specifically designed for flowers, but models with accessories like nails or domes are suitable for concentrates.
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