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World of Seeds 

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We are proud to introduce you to one of the most important seed banks in the worldwide scene, World of seeds, an idea that encompasses a global cannabic framework in the search for marijuana landrace genetics.

Its foundation was performed by the brothers Rubén and Roberto Fernández, their beloved mother "July", and me as a humble servant of you; The foundation of this seed company took place in 2007, under an idea of marijuana seeds around the world (Cannabis seeds around the world is its tagline) that later other seed banks would adapt to their own companies.

Initially, and due to the friendship we had with "Soma" of Soma Seeds (Marc Rossmanan; an american famous activist and breeders), our intention was to establish the residence of the seed bank in Amsterdam, a little, following the succesful path of the most important seedbanks in that moment such as Dutch Passion, Sensi Seeds, Green House and Nirvana, which at that time were number one in sales, even a few years before the founding of World of Seeds.

We were clear on the idea of a seed bank as pure landrace producers; genetics brought from all over the world long time before the seed bank foundation, since the company had been distributing seeds and fertilizers to the grow shops, even the Organik fertilizer brand was developed a few years before starting with cannabis seeds bussines. 

In that sense, Ruben, more sybarite and traveller than businessman, spent a few months travelling through Africa in search of pure marijuana landrace genetics.

The first catalogue compiled by World of Seeds, published in October 2007, included strains such as Ketama, South African Kwazulu, Pakistan, Brazil Amazonia, Afghan Kush and Wild Thailand; genetics that were initially marketed as regular seed formats, and then, thanks to the team of breeders that was being gathered, we were able to produce those strains as feminized marijuana seed formats.

Already in 2008, and as a result of the success obtained and the rapid growth, we decided to extend the catalogue to several ranges of genetics, elaborating what you all know as The Diamond Collection, which included hybrid genetics with a high sativa component such as Amnesia and Haze, and The Medical Collection, in which a reserve of strains with a high CBD content was elaborated, within what could be established at that time as high CBD strains for medicinal purposes, but always being THC rich genetics

We had in short Indica or hybrid genetics of spectacular yield and medicinal effect such as Big Bud, White Widow, Mazar and Skunk.

The company also began to work with Autoflowering genetics such as Afghan Kush Ryder and Pakistan Ryder, the first two to be launched in the market; genetics that established the basis for the development of Delicious Seeds autoflowering, a seed brand constituted and developed also by us.

Later, without my presence, World of Seeds has evolved in the image and likeness of Rubén Fernández, collecting awards and continuous successes, demonstrating his great Green finger (he is an outstanding master of breeders), as an expert sibarite cannabicultor.

PEV Grow offers you its catalogue at the best price and a little bit of its cannabic instinct and its love for our queen plant.

Are you going to miss out all this catalog about cannabis seeds around the world?