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World of Seeds: feminized varieties that will surprise you

Here you have all the feminized seeds of the catalog of World Of Seeds, one of the world's most important seed banks, an idea that encompasses a global cannabis framework in the search for pure-breed marijuana genetics.

Hand in hand with the brothers Ruben and Roberto Fernandez, his beloved mother "July", and one of your servants, the foundation of this seed company took place in 2007, under an idea of marijuana seeds around the world that later other seed banks would adapt to their companies.

At first, and due to the friendship we had with "Soma" from Soma Seeds (Marc Rossman), our intention was to establish the residence of the seed bank in Amsterdam, a little, following in the footsteps of the greats of the time, was number one in sales, even some years before the foundation of World of Seeds.

We were clear about the idea of the seed bank as genetic purebred breeds all over the world long before its foundation, since, the company already distributed seeds and fertilizers to grow shops, even the brand Organik of fertilizers was developed a few years before starting with cannabis seeds.

In that sense, Rubén, more a gourmand and traveller than a businessman, spent a few months travelling around Africa and Asia in search of pure-breed marijuana genetics.

Discover the World of Seeds feminized catalogue:

The first catalog of World of Seeds published in October 2007, incorporated landrace varieties such as Ketama, a sativa marijuana seeds from the cradle of hashish that we selected and reproduced with the peculiarity of being adapted to the climate in Europe. All a success from the beginning.

Another jewel is the Kilimanjaro, from the Kenyan slopes of Kilimanjaro has been cultivated by the natives of the area for centuries. After shortening the flowering period and stabilizing the characteristics such as resin production and flavor of the original plant, we put on sale this type of seeds ... the rest is history.  

To finish the selection I will tell you about the Pakistan Valley, as its name indicates was found in the mountainous system of the Hindu Kush. After several years of selection a variety was obtained 100% indica, plagued with trichomes and with a devastating power. Very suitable for crops under lamps.

Already in 2008, and as a result of the success and rapid growth, we decided to expand the catalog to several ranges of genetics, developing what you all know as The Diamond Collection, which included hybrid genetics with high sativa component as Amnesia and Haze.

And here we are a few years later, proud to market at the best price all feminized seeds from the World Of Seeds catalog.

These seeds have had the most favorable opinions from customers, and all this thanks to the tireless work of the breeders team. Enjoy!

World of Seeds: discover the speed of its large auto producers

On this occasion, we are pleased to present the autoflowering varieties of World of Seeds, Are you ready to fall in love? Stay with me! World of Seeds is a seed bank that travels the world in search of very special autochthonous varieties from all corners of the planet. Their catalogue is made up of varieties ranging from Indicas to the most Sativas, including all kinds of hybrids, sweet, earthy, woody or tropical flavours, in short, so that all smokers can enjoy their auto-flowering marijuana seeds.

The automatic varieties of World of Seeds are ready in just 2-3 months, and of course for the opportunity to grow at any time of year, without having to wait to enjoy your seasonal varieties. They don't care about the cold, inclement weather and pest attacks, they maintain very remarkable production levels.


Discover the World of Seeds autoflowering catalogue:

These are within the collection that World of Seeds, has named as Autoflowering Collection, within which you can find such outstanding strains as Auto Afghan Kush Ryder, Auto Wild Thailand Ryder or Neville's Haze Auto, but the PevGrow team has selected for you, which in his opinion are the 3 best autoflowering strains in the catalog of World of Seeds.


Auto Amnesia

A true classic of the world of cannabis, characterized by producing very powerful effects, which will shake even the most expert smokers. It is a sativa that provides a very active brain surge, perfect for those who suffer a time of depression and do not feel like doing anything. Its flavor is characterized by a very remarkable personality, which highlights the incensed touches, perfect for lovers of strong experiences, dare you with it?


Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud

Is the variety with more medicinal value of the catalog of World of Seeds, which also becomes a plant of great importance and high production. In just 50-55 days after germination, you can collect up to 600 gr per m2 in indoor crops, for which I recommend that you use about 9 pots of 11 liters, as their roots will need space to grow and create a good base, which translates into a great vegetative growth. In outdoor crops, it behaves extraordinarily, showing a bestial resistance against attacks of fungi or other pests, and will give you up to 60 gr per plant. For it I always use definitive flowerpots and to work a good substrate in mother earth, you will notice without any doubt the differences.

Pakistan Ryder Auto

Coming directly from the Kush valley, has organoleptic properties that are a real scandal, an earthy and floral flavor and aroma, marked by its Kush genetics, and that from the first puff will teleport you to the Kush mountains, will elevate your senses to the next stage of pleasure. In addition, it is a very good option to use as medical marijuana, relieving muscle aches and acting as a natural anti-inflammatory.


Discover in PevGrow, the autoflowering collection of World of Seeds, one of the most outstanding seed banks in the world and whose presence you can already enjoy in our catalog of autoflowering seeds. Already in your trusted online Growshop!

World of Seeds: regular gourmet marijuana seeds

World of Seeds, is one of the most outstanding Spanish seed banks in the national panorama, and part of Europe, and for that reason in our tireless eagerness to work with the best, we have incorporated to our online store, its repertoire of regular varieties.

Quality is the basic premise of all the varieties created by World of Seeds, but the most important thing is the basis on which they are created, genetics carefully selected and brought from all corners of the world, to create hybrids that set trends and leave no one indifferent.

Among such a range of cannabis constellations, it is very difficult to choose from a few, but I have taken the liberty of selecting for you, the regular seeds of World of Seeds, which for many years have been an important part of my private dispensary, Will you stay with me and I present them?


The best regular varieties of World of Seeds:

Afghan Kush

Derived from a pure Indica variety, from the Armu Darya River Valley, located on the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Its small size and in some cases medium, makes it a perfect choice for growing indoors, with pots of 7 liters, placing 14 plants per m2, under a 400w HPS luminaire. Outdoors, it is also a great option, as it will go unnoticed among the prying eyes of your neighbors, and if you use a final pot of 25-30 liters you can collect up to 600 grams per plant.



A real pass derived from a Moroccan Landrace, whose organoleptic properties are a spectacle for the senses. From the first puff, you'll be able to savour that impressive intense flavour, with notes of traditional Moroccan hashish, which will delight all Old School Lovers. This is the flagship of this great seed bank, and as such has a productivity in unison, which certainly will not leave you indifferent.



From Africa itself, is a 100% Sativa strain, which develops a slender and vigorous cannabis plant, perfect for outdoor cultivation. Because it develops large productions in temperate or warm climates, as in its place of origin, but cold also have an acceptable reward, thanks to its crossing with Rudelaris, which gives it a resistance to cold and pests, quite important.


Pakistan Valley

A weed that comes from the mountains of northern Pakistan, where it grows naturally, and now you can enjoy in regular version, with which you can choose to smoke directly or to use it as a parent plant, and create your own hybrids. Its aroma and taste are its best letter of presentation, characterized by being very intense, with earthy touches and anise. Its effect is powerful, very corporal and relaxing, besides having a long duration, really beastly!

World of Seeds, lands in our cannabis helipad and is to stay, so that you, Cannalovers, enjoy the impressive qualities of their regular varieties, where the common factor is their impressive quality. Join our big family and live the World of Seeds experience!

World Of Seeds: the best seeds with medicinal properties

Welcome, dear cannabis lovers! I am proud to present to you the short but intense catalogue of varieties rich in CBD from World Of Seeds. This Spanish seed bank, has many years triumphing in a sector, where competition is bestial and where resting on the laurels is not contemplated, so it must be in constant evolution and development. In the last times, the seeds of marijuana with high content in CBD, have suffered a bestial increase of the demand, motivated fundamentally by the numerous scientific and medical studies, that corroborate the impressive medicinal properties that are derived from CBD and that does not report any type of secondary effect.


Discover the catalog of varieties with high CBD of World Of Seeds:

The repertoire of strains rich in CBD of World of Seeds, is formed by Tonic Ryder and CBD Tonic.

Tonic Ryder

Arises from the crossing to three bands between Northern Lights, Big Bud Auto and Diesel Tonic, which gives rise to a strain of very good performance, with organoleptic properties, marked by a fresh lemon flavor, is worthy of a restaurant with Michelin stars, and no doubt, which is perfect for use as medicinal marijuana.


CBD Tonic

Is fruit of the genetic fusion between a trio of aces, Critical x Critical Mass and Diesel, giving rise to a variety Indica, which grows with the typical structure of Christmas fir, with a medium internodal distance whose rapid flowering and growth will delight any grower who prides himself. In interior, with flowerpots of 11 liters, you will be able to harvest up to 600 gr by m2, placing 9 copies by m2. In crops under the sun, with a dose of daily sunlight and a good substrate of coconut fiber, which provides extra root growth, you can get up to 1000 gr per specimen.

Lovers of medical marijuana, you can already find in PevGrow, the varieties with high content in CBD of World of Seeds, For you growers!

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