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Original Sensible Seeds, a classic available in all European growshops


Original Sensible Seeds, lands in PevGrow with its catalogue of feminized varieties, characterized by a premium quality that makes it a very beloved bank for all its followers, but which is considered a cult bank, as it does not create varieties to please everyone, more specifically are passionate about Skunk genetics for more than 20 years.


The selection of our experts


Girl Scout Cookies

The origin of this weed is the result of the combination between two authentic beasts, an Og Kush from the USA and Poison Durban, giving rise to a memorable weed, Indica dominant, with productive levels very beasts, and organoleptic properties that will not leave you indifferent.

Its aroma and taste are characterized by sweet and earthy touches, combined with very beastly effects marked by a THC level of 22%, not suitable for all smokers, a euphoric and creative high that as time goes by, is transformed into a body relaxation that will leave you at the gates of the seventh heaven.


Gorilla Glue Cookies

You're looking at one of the most powerful varieties in The Original Seeds catalogue, reaching THC levels between 25 and 28%. A real madness! Its rise is bestial from the first moment, is the closest thing to astral travel while awake, accompanied by a very intense body relaxation, which will fuse you into one with the sofa, and of course get ready, because you're going to make night on the island of pleasure.

Their organoleptic properties have not been neglected, and of course from the first calada enamora, they are characterized by a citrus flavor, with a background of dark chocolate and touches of pine, which look like taken from a Michelin-starred restaurant.



One of the most productive varieties in The Original Sensible Seeds' catalogue of feminized varieties, regardless of the growing medium you choose, and marked by a brutal ease of cultivation.

In indoor cultivation, in just 75 days you can harvest up to 600 gr per m2 of impressive buds, marked by a very intense aroma so you will need a good extraction system to go unnoticed.

In outdoor crops, you can get up to 700 grams per plant, for it uses a pot of about 50 liters, which, in combination with a good substrate of coconut fiber, will provide the necessary space for their roots to grow strong and obtain a greater vegetative development, increasing productivity.


Discover in your trustworthy online Growshop, the wide catalogue of feminized varieties from Original Sensible Seeds. Productivity, reliability and quality are its basic pillars, and I am sure they will occupy a privileged place in your private dispensary. Stay at PevGrow and meet them!

Original Sensible Seeds, the best skunk varieties on the market


Welcome to our online Growshop! I am pleased to present to you the catalogue of autoflowering varieties from Original Sensible Seeds, one of the oldest seed banks in Europe.

Their activity began in 1992 in Newport, South Wales, and they are characterised by their know-how and the quality they print on each and every one of their creations. They are specialists in Skunk varieties and although it is not an archaic seed bank, it is one of the most appreciated in the sector.


The most chosen by our customers


Auto Ghost OG

This weed was born as a result of the genetic combination between Colorado Ghost OG and Auto OG Kush, giving rise to a variety that is characterized by its ease of cultivation, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are starting in the world.

Its organoleptic properties make Auto Ghost OG a real delicacy, worthy of a Michelin restaurant, where undoubtedly highlights its Kush genetics, with a taste of citrus and pinky touches with earthy notes that are a spectacle.

Its medicinal effect also begins with a psychoactive climb, which is accompanied by an intense descent, which ends with you lying on the sofa and traveling to the seventh sky.


Auto JH

One of the most desired varieties in The Original Sensible Seeds catalogue, it stands out for its impressive effects, as well as for its adaptation to the growing medium of your choice.

In indoor crops, with 9 pots of 11 liters, and a LEC lighting system of 315w you can get a productivity that removes the hiccups, more specifically you can collect about 400 gr per m2.

In outdoor crops, working a good substrate and using a specific fertilizer such as Top Auto you will obtain a productivity that does not stand out so much for its quantity (about 45 gr per plant), but that has a really exceptional quality.


Auto Black Herer

Auto Black Jack Herer, gives you from the first puff an impressive fruity flavor, with a few touches incensed, which give that personality so characteristic of Jack Herer, which drags thousands of followers around the planet.

Their high level of CBD gives them a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, with certain medicinal properties, such as analgesic against pain. All this in combination with THC levels ranging between 15 and 18%, which causes psychoactive effects that are moderated by the high presence of CBD, and provides an active and creative mind.


When things are done well, the result is a guaranteed success and that is why Original Sensible Seeds, has over 20 years triumph in a sector that is very changing and where you adapt or die. Discover their impressive varieties, where quality versus quantity prevails, and all this at the best price in your trusted online Growshop. Can you ask for something more?

In this section you can find the best therapeutic marijuana seeds from Original Sensible Seeds. Cannabis seeds to combat insomnia, migraines, stress, muscle aches... medicinal seeds for all kinds of ailments! You have to try them, they're made for you.
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