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Heavyweight Seeds: your feminized seeds for big harvests

You already have available at the best price in Pev Grow, the Heavyweight seed bank. Created in Spain in 2008, it would not be until 2010 when they are launched on the cannabis market and, since then, have become a benchmark for this market nationally and internationally.

This is not surprising considering the two main characteristics of the seeds they sell: they are feminized and are distinguished from the rest by having a very high yield and being particularly strong effect, hence its name: 'heavy weight'.

Another special feature of the Spanish seed bank Heavyweight Seeds is that it only uses pure breeds of high standard seeds to make its own varieties, which undoubtedly guarantees the quality of its products, so they could not be missing from our catalogue.


Discover the Heavyweight Seeds catalogue:

In Heavyweight Seeds they produce seeds, always feminized and, among them, Indica varieties which, as they themselves say, "will make your head spin", as their effect is very powerful as we have announced from the beginning, as well as high quality sativa varieties.

If I had to highlight some of their strains, I would opt for:



This giant plant reaches a size of up to 3 meters, at the end of flowering its buds are full of aromatic and dense resin. Quite a gift from nature.

Total Paralysis:

This marijuana has a powerful therapeutic effect so it is ideal for treating chronic pain. Its aroma and spicy flavor with hints of berries will take your sensations to another level.

Lemon Cake:

This strain is born from the cross between Lemon Skunk and Cheese strain, its flavor reminds us of lemon with earthy nuances. A perfect herb to treat symptoms such as stress or anorexia.

Dream Machine:

If you prune it in time it will compensate you with big dense buds and full of aromatic resin.


The quality of the Heavyweight catalogue means that some of them are used mainly for medicinal or therapeutic purposes and others whose success is based on their psychoactive effect.

A final note that should be noted is that, although we mentioned that this Spanish bank specializes in feminized seeds of high quality and powerful effect.

Unlike the strains produced by other seed banks, those produced in the Spanish Heavyweight bank are very stable varieties, so they can be cultivated both by people starting in the world of self-cultivation of cannabis, as well as by those more experienced.

Surely after planting your opinions are more than favorable.  

Heavyweight Seeds, simplicity is your letter of introduction


In PevGrow we are proud to present the catalogue of automatic varieties of the Spanish seed bank Heavyweight Seeds, which came into being in 2008, but was not introduced in the cannabis market until 2010. Its youth, is not an impediment for today has become one of the references at national and European level, especially by the quality of their creations, characterized by its stability, so they can be grown by both novices and experts.

The best autoflowering varieties of Heavyweight Seeds


I have taken the small freedom to make a selection of the best automatic seeds of Heavyweight Seeds, and is that in our online store, you will be able to find varieties the size of Fruit Punch Auto, Jackpot Auto, HIgh Density Auto, Fast & Vast Auto and Short and Sweet Auto.

Fruit Punch Auto

Fruit Punch Auto, born from the union between 3 great legends of the world of cannabis, Skunk, Haze and Ruderalis, giving rise to a weed mainly Sativa in 80%, which is characterized by reaching a relatively high height to be an autoflowering, as it can reach up to 120 cm high, which causes the flowering is a little slower than usual, located in about 80 days. In indoor crops, the most appropriate configuration is to use 11-litre pots, placing 9 specimens per m2, under a 600w HPS lamp, being able to collect about 500 gr per m2, simply spectacular! In outdoor crops, it is very important to place them in the area of the terrace where there are more hours of sunshine, and best of all is their resistance to pests. If you also use a quality substrate, such as worm humus, and good nutrients and success is guaranteed.

Jackpot Auto

Jackpot Auto, has organoleptic properties characterized by a fruity taste at the beginning, and some spicy and earthy touches at the end, which faithfully resemble Jack Herer, from which it comes. This weed is really good and easy to grow, both indoors and outdoors, obtaining excellent productivity ratios, which will undoubtedly leave you more than satisfied. In indoor crops, if you place it under a LEC lighting system of 315w and put a photoperiod 20/4, you can collect between 600 per m2. Under the sun, despite its resistance to pests and excellent production capacity, it is important to give a preventive treatment to avoid surprises. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

High Density Auto

For those looking for extreme relaxation, and enjoy the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis, Heavyweight Seeds has created High Density Auto, which is perfect for treating insomnia, anxiety and high stress situations. Indoors, their productivity is excellent, reaching 600 gr per m2 in just 10 weeks from germination. I always use 11 litre pots, to give the roots a comfortable root growth, which will increase vegetative development, and therefore productivity to the maximum. Outdoors, if you use a definitive 18-litre pot, you will be able to obtain up to 150 grams per plant of impressive buds, loaded with flavour. I always like to provide a good growth stimulator, more specifically I love Green Explosion by Top Crop.

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto

2 Fast 2 Vast Auto, is the result of the genetic fusion between Fast Vast Auto and Auto Northern Lights, and as you can intuit, with these parents the result could not be other than a magnificent variety, productive and very fast, you will love! Indoors, if you use 20 flowerpots of 5,5 liters, and you place it under a HPS lamp of 600w in photoperiod 20/4, you will obtain a productivity of up to 600 gr per m2. Outdoors, with a good dose of sunlight, their yields will be incredible too. Get ready to grow a delicious sweet herb with Skunk nuances that will take time to forget.


Dare to find out what Heavyweight Seeds is capable of, and discover its impressive catalogue of autoflowering varieties from your trusted online Growshop, Welcome to Pevgrow!

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