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Exodus Cheese is the longest-lived cannabis seedling selected in Europe. The original mother plant was germinated in 1988 in London, and was selected by growers of the urban collective "Exodus" from a pack of Sensi Seeds Skunk#1.

From the first moment this phenotype surprised everyone, its aroma is so deep that it made it very difficult to grow at that time, as there were no effective anti-odor systems yet. The members of this collective distributed Cheese clones free of charge to hundreds of growers during the 1990s, who in turn continued to spread this genetics throughout the UK, and later all of Europe, America, and surely the world.

We had to wait until 2006 to be able to enjoy the first Cheese seeds, but since then hundreds of versions and variations of this plant have appeared, and in this section we are going to see the best of the best, in regular format, feminized, autoflowering, with high levels of CBD, hybrids, etc. so if you are a lover of the Cheese flavor you are going to like it.

Cheese in regular format

Big Buddha Seeds was the first bank to make cannabis seeds with this genetics. His breeder created the bank thanks to this clone, which he also crossed with other great clones to form new hybrids. He used an Afghani male to pollinate the Exodus, and then back-crossed the elite clone with a selected male in the offspring. Unfortunately, he no longer offers regulars, but credit must be given to him for being the first.

But if you are looking for regular Cheese seeds do not worry, fortunately they are still available on the market, as the Cheese by Nirvana, which maintains the terpenic potential of the original, are very easy to grow, resistant, and good production.

A great variation of the Cheese in regular format is the Cheese Quake by Subcool's The Dank, which incorporates the unique genes of the Querkle. The organoleptic quality of the cheese still prevails, but with the addition of red fruit notes, in Blue Cheese style, which complement an already very complete flavor.

And I can't help but recommend a Cheese cross that directly fascinated us with the complexity of its flavor, the Delicious Candy by Delicious Seeds, which also offers it in regular seed. It is a mix between Caramel and Exodus Cheese, which perfectly combines both flavours, incorporating very original sweet liquorice nuances.

Best Cheese feminized seeds on the market

Cheese from Dinafem was the first feminized version of the mythical cheese-scented cannabis plant. We think that these seeds may come from the self-pollination of the clone "Exodus Cheese", although in Spain there are at least 3 different cuttings with that name. The fact is that from these feminized seeds come out specimens that contain those desired terpenes, which is what counts in the end.

Big Buddha Seeds' Cheese feminized seeds are also a good option if you want to grow this variety without having to eliminate males. This seed bank works with different variations of this genetics, and without a doubt they are the ones who know it best in the commercial market. If you are looking for the cheese aroma and sweet taste, these seeds will not disappoint you.


Washing Machine: Ripper's boys made good use of Bubba strain in their crosses, both in the Zombie Kush and in this variety, as it combines especially well with Exodus Cheese. For those who are looking for an indica effect and the delicious sweet taste with a touch of cheese, here you have all that in seeds that are also unbeatable value for money.

Gorilla Glue 4 x Cheese: Another impressive Cheese cross, this time with one of today's trendy clones. It is the union of 2 of the best elite cuttings of all times, and also merges very well, because it contains the aroma of cheese, with sour background, production and power of the Gorilla, and the ease of cultivation and resistance of the Cheese.

Cheese autoflowering seeds, the fastest

For those who prefer to grow autoflowering seeds, and are fond of the Cheese flavor, a very good choice is the Cheese XXL Auto. From our point of view, not only is it the best auto variety with Cheese genetics, it is directly one of the best automatic strains on the market. Productive, resinous, tasty and with a relaxing effect.

Exodus Cheese Auto from Green House Seeds is another great replica of the Cheese in auto version, direct descendant of the elite clone selected in London. It is somewhat faster than Dinafem's XXL, but less productive as well. The aroma and taste is very similar in both, in these features the Cheese is very dominant, and almost all their hybrids keep it.

A mix between the 2 above would be the UK Cheese Auto by Humboldt Seeds, which is tremendously fast, and offers more than decent performance. Another of its most remarkable qualities is the ease of cultivation, outstanding both indoors and outdoors, making it a special variety for inexperienced growers.

CBD-rich Cheese, the most therapeutic side of the family

Cheese CBD: For lovers of the Cheese taste and aroma, who need the cannabis in a medicinal way, there are some very interesting options, since they combine a special chemotype with the immense amount of terpenes of this strain, and the effect is brutal.

If you prefer a variety that can be harvested faster and has similar characteristics to the previous one, you can try the Auto CBD, which contains similar levels of THC and CBD, so its ratio is 1:1 and its flowering is automatic. These seeds are special for the summer harvest outdoors rich in cannabidiol.

There's another very interesting option if you're looking for genetically rich CBD, autoflowering, and with the intense aroma of cheese, the Cheese CBD Auto by Dinafem. Its psychoactive effect is less intense than in the 2 previous examples, but its medicinal power is superior, since its ratio between THC and CBD is 1:2, with up to 12% of cannabidiol, pure stinking medicine.

Curiosities of Cheese genetics

Did you know that this is the only cannabis variety whose name is registered as such? Well yes, it was the owner of the Big Buddha Seeds bank who registered it, and that meant that other seed banks had to change the name of their Cheese, or pay the royalties.

Another curiosity of this cannabis family is the level of popularity it reached in the UK during the 1990s. To give you an idea, the term "cheese" became synonymous with quality weed, to the point that many smokers referred to marijuana in general as "cheese".

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