7-Liter Planters

PEVGrow offers 7-liter Planters, ideal for cannabis, available in white and black colors and in both square and round shapes. These pots ensure excellent root development and easy handling, adapting to any growing space.

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Welcome to Pevgrow, your usual grow shop where you will find everything you need to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level. Today we present our range of 7-liter pots, perfect for both novice and experienced growers. Discover why they are a popular choice and how they can help you maximize the health and production of your plants.

Sale of Cheap 7 Liter Planters

At Pevgrow, we understand the importance of optimizing the budget without sacrificing quality. That's why we offer 7-liter pots at affordable prices. These pots are ideal for those looking for efficiency and durability. Made with resistant materials, they ensure excellent moisture retention and facilitate the handling of your plants.

Explore our selection and take advantage of regular offers and discounts. Whether you're expanding your grow or just starting out, our pots adapt to all needs.

How Many 7-Liter Planters Per Square Meter?

Planning is key in cannabis cultivation. For 7-liter pots, we recommend placing approximately 9 to 12 pots per square meter. This distribution allows each plant to have enough space to develop without competing for light or nutrients. In the case of cuttings, you can place between 9 and 25 per square meter.

Remember that the optimal number can vary depending on the type of plant and the conditions of the environment. Make sure to adjust the arrangement according to the specific needs of your grow.

7 or 11 Liter Planters: Which Is Better for Indoor Cultivation?

The choice between 7 and 11-liter pots depends on various factors, including the available space and the type of plant. The 7-liter pots are excellent for indoor grows where space may be limited. They allow good management of plant growth without taking up too much space.

On the other hand, the 11-liter pots offer more space for root development, which can result in larger plants and higher yields, but require more space and resources. Assess your specific needs before deciding. Remember that in indoor cultivation, production depends on the number of plants and their size, but ultimately you can fill the grow tent with 9 medium plants or with 25 small ones, even with 4 large ones, or better yet, with 1 very large one.

How Much Does a Plant Grow in a 7-Liter Pot?

A plant in a 7-liter pot can grow to a considerable height, depending on the genetics of the plant and the conditions of the cultivation. Generally, you can expect your plants to reach a height of 50 to 90 cm in indoor cultivation, but sometimes they grow more, especially the sativas.

It is vital to monitor growth and perform pruning if necessary to optimize the health and production of the plants. The 7-liter pot is sufficient to support healthy growth throughout the life cycle of the plant, as long as it is managed properly, but from our point of view it is more interesting to do at least one transplant, personally I like to start with 3-liter pots and finish with these 7-liter ones.

Amount of Water for 7-Liter Planters

Water your plants in 7-liter pots with approximately 700 ml to 1 liter of water per watering session. However, the frequency and amount can vary depending on the growth stage, the type of plant, and the environmental conditions.

It is crucial to avoid over-watering, as excess water can lead to root problems and diseases. Make sure the pots have good drainage and adjust watering based on your plants' response, in addition to placing pot saucers underneath or putting the pots on top of a grow tray.

Square and Round 7-Liter Planters

At Pevgrow, we offer square and round 7-liter pots. The square pots are perfect for optimizing space in your grow area, as they can be easily aligned with efficiency. The round pots, on the other hand, are ideal for those who prefer a drip irrigation system or cultivation techniques that require rotation of the plants.

Select the type of pot based on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your grow. Both options are designed to provide an excellent environment for the growth of your plants.

Measurements of 7-Liter Pots

The 7-liter pots at Pevgrow typically measure approximately 23 cm in height and 25 cm in diameter. In the case of square ones, they usually measure 20 x 20 x 27 cm. These measurements can vary slightly depending on the model and material. These dimensions are ideal for maintaining a good balance between root space and the manageability of the pot.

7-Liter Pots for Autoflowering and Photoperiodic Plants

The 7-liter pots are an excellent choice for both autoflowering seeds and photoperiodic plants. They provide enough space for root development without taking up too much space, which is essential especially in indoor grow setups.

For autoflowering plants, which generally have a shorter life cycle, the 7-liter pots allow you to maximize their genetic potential. In the case of photoperiodic plants, these pots facilitate the management of vegetative growth before moving to the flowering phase.

Buy 7-Liter Pots at the Best Price Online at Pevgrow

Ready to take your grow to the next level? Buy your 7-liter pots at Pevgrow and take advantage of our competitive prices and quality guarantee. We not only offer high-quality products but also the support and advice you need to make your cultivation experience a resounding success.

Don't wait any longer! Explore our catalog and find the perfect pot for your needs. Your cannabis grow will thank you!


How Much to Water in 7-Liter Pots?

In 7-liter pots, it is advisable to water approximately 0.7 to 1 liter of water per plant, depending on the climatic conditions and the growth stage. Be sure to adjust the frequency and amount of watering based on soil moisture and plant response.

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