Alacabenzi mushroom growing kit

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The Alacabenzi mushroom grow kit is special for users with little experience with this type of magic mushroom, firstly because it fructifies very quickly and runs less risk of contamination, but also because the effect of this variety is more controllable than other.

What are the Alacabenzi magic mushrooms like?

Alacabenzi is believed to be a variety created by a mycologist who crossed the Alabama Cubensis variety with the famous Mexican Cubensis . The Alabama are popular for their large size and strength, and the Mexican are a favorite around the world for their special effect. Alacabenzi has brought out the best in both parents, which is why it develops large mushrooms in a short time and its effect is of the highest quality.

The Alacabenzi mushroom kit forms a very strong type of mycelium, with many large rhizomorphs and hyphae that colonize all space really fast. This is a great advantage during its cultivation, because it saves time and avoids some types of contamination, and it is one of the secrets to achieving the caliber of mushrooms it produces.

How are the effects of Alacabenzi mushrooms?

As with all varieties of magic mushrooms, the effects vary depending on a number of factors, such as the amount taken, the weight of the person, their tolerance to psilocybin, the place, the company, the time since the last take, the amount of food eaten in the last hours, and especially the user's mood at that time.

However, the effects of Alacabenziin low doses cause relaxation, introspection, and slight visual variations, such as brightness, deformation, more intense colors, etc. But in high doses it can cause strong hallucinations, loss of ego, and uncontrolled thoughts, so it is always recommended to go little by little until you find the amount that suits each one.


In some mushroom kits a supplement is already included in the tupperware and in some kits you can find a bag that contains the supplement separately, in these cases you just have to add them to the tupperware and with a disinfected spoon you create a layer on top of the tupperware , thus we will achieve an exceptional surface for the appearance of the primordia, they are the first visible component of the fruit of a fungus.

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This type of hallucinogenic mushroom is one of the most cultivated by mycologists and other fans of magic mushrooms due to their way of fruiting, resistance, ease of cultivation, final size, and also for its happy and visual psychoactive effect. Now you have them available in Europe thanks to Pevgrow, and we also offer them with the best quality / price ratio on the Internet.

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