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If you want to plant the best cannabis seeds with Lemon genetics you're in luck, because here you'll find a great selection of varieties of all kinds with lemon citrus flavor.

There has always been lemon-flavored cannabis, even in landraces or pure strains you can find this delicious flavor, like in Lemon Thai. But not all plants are the same, among all the seeds available nowadays you can choose between sativas, hybrids, indicas, autoflowering and even CBD-rich lemony seeds.

So that you don't get overwhelmed, we have made a list of what we consider to be the best within each type of cannabis, so that you can choose the ones that best suit you:

  • Amnesia Lemon: For those who want to enjoy the sativa effect and haze flavour, but without waiting forever as it happens to other sativa descendants of Haze.
  • Super Lemon Haze: Great hybrid with sativa predominance, good production and lemon flavour. Its cultivation is simple, it has a very strong force that gives it an extra resistance.
  • Lemon OG Kush: Many OG Kush have lemon-like nuances in their taste and aroma, but Lemon OG is very special, it is a hybrid that has all the characteristics of the Kush but with an intense citrus taste that reminds of ripe lemons.
  • Lemon Skunk: The Skunk also have its Lemon version, in this case descended from a selection of Skunk discovered in Las Vegas, for lovers of the indica effect and with an impressive acidic lemon aftertaste.
  • 60 Day Lemon Auto: The autoflowering version of Lemon Skunk, a plant of very easy and fast culture, special for new growers who want to enjoy the best citrus fruit flavor and relaxing effect.
  • Amnesia Lemon Auto: Also easy to grow, with higher production than Skunk and mixed effect. If you want to enjoy the best lemon flavor in the shortest time possible, this is your plant.
  • Super Lemon Haze CBD: Another special cannabis seeds for inexperienced growers, fast, easy, resistant, productive, medicinal and with intense lemony nuances.

You've already seen that you have at your disposal many strains of cannabis with a common denominator, the hint of lemon in its organoleptic properties. If you like the powerful cerebral sativa effect, with a lot of psychoactivity and body stimulation, do not hesitate, Amnesia Lemon is the most suitable. On the other hand, if you prefer a complete effect, that starts with a lot of high and euphoria and then gets more and more quiet, then I recommend Super Lemon Haze or Lemon OG Kush, both will offer you that.

For those who only smoke at night, or prefer a more relaxing type of effect, the ideal option is Lemon Skunk, to stay on the couch with an orgasmic citrus aftertaste. If you were planning to grow autoflowering strains, the choice is easy. If you like the active effect better, stick with Amnesia Lemon Auto, 60 Day Lemon Auto will leave you very satisfied if you are looking for an automatic strain with a calm effect and lemon flavor.

And for those who use cannabis therapeutically, and are fans of the lemony aroma and flavor, there are no better seeds than Super Lemon Haze CBD from Green House Seeds, with the same THC as CBD, great bud and resin production, and of course a great "Lemon" aroma and flavor.

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