420 the secret code of cannabis lovers

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The numbers 420 filled with consumable cannabis products
The numbers 420 filled with consumable cannabis products


You will have seen the number 420 many times in a context related to marijuana, in names of companies in the sector, forums, blogs, fairs, drinks, etc. You may wonder why their relationship was born, where it came from or how it came about, and for this we have created this article, where you will also learn other codes that are closely related to our world. Interesting right? Yes, I won’t make you wait any longer…



🧐 How much is 420?



Many people thought that the number 420 was the code used by the United States police to refer to crimes related to marijuana, such as possessing, transporting, consuming or growing this plant. This is not the case, although it is true that police and other security forces use numerical codes to identify different types of crimes, none of them are 420.

Some young people believe that the 420 figure is related to weed because the law that approved the use of medical marijuana in California in 2003 was called SB 420. But it is not true, in fact it was the opposite, and the new provision took that name precisely because 420 was already a very widespread code in that state for referring to cannabis.




🎯 What is the meaning of 420?



Actually the number 420 has to do with 4:20, 4:20, or that it was the time when a group of friends from San Rafael (California) gathered to smoke marijuana outside his institution in the 60’s.

Surely this would not have come out of that group of kids if it weren’t for the brother of one of them, who was friends with Phil Lesh, bassist of the Grateful Dead, who was rehearsing in a club in San Rafael at the time. Jerry García, Bob Weir and the rest of the band members quickly started coining that term to talk about weed, first in their long gigs with little audience and a lot of improvisation, and then on the tours they did in the US.

At the time, the Grateful Dead were one of the leaders of the Hippie movement, and had a whole legion of followers accompanying them to all concerts. This caused the massive spread of the 420 number among marijuana smokers, which at the time was starting to spread around the world.




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⭐ Grateful Dead, 420, 710, y Chemdog



Many people are unaware of the impact the Grateful Dead has had on cannabis culture, but this true band, in addition to extending the number 420 as a representative code of marijuana, has brought together the growers who have changed the cannabis landscape around the world thanks to the Chemdawg strain.

At a concert in Indiana, a certain Chemdog sold a bag of marijuana to P-Bud and Joe Brand, and from the seeds that emerged from there and others later germinated,arrived. elite clones such as Chem ’91, Chem Sistero Chem D out of the ancestors of OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, or Gelato among many others.

But the relationship between the Grateful Dead doesn’t stop at number 420 or genetics Chem, there’s even more. This rock band lived in the epicenter of the rock and hippie culture of the 60s, their home was on Ashbury Street in San Francisco, at number 710. Just the number 710 is also closely linked to the world of cannabis, not so much as 420 , but it has also spread a lot in recent years.

Turning the number 710 forms the word OIL, which in English means oil, and for this reason it is widely used to refer to extractions with solvents such as BHO, where the final product sometimes remains as a kind of oil.




🔥 So why is 420 Marijuana Party Day?



In the USA and other Anglo-Saxon countries the date is marked by putting first the month and then the day, and in this case 4/20 refers to the 20th of the 4th, that is to say the 20th of April. Why is the cannabis festival celebrated in many parts of the world on April 20? Simply by matching the number that makes up that date to the code that identifies smokers.

The influence that the US cannabis market has on the rest of the world has meant that over time  20th April has been extended as marijuana day. In places like Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, marijuana day is historically celebrated on January 19, coinciding with the feast of San Canuto, also due to the coincidence of the saint’s name with the synonym for joint.


420 meaning in pictures
420 meaning in pictures




📖 The best 420 celebrations in the world



This celebration is more massive every year, at the beginning there were only concentrations of dozens of people smoking in a few specific places, but today big parties are held in many places in the U.S. 5 continents. Below you can see whatare from our point of view the 5 best 420 parties in the world:


  1. 420 In the park: Held in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, where thousands of people gather each year to share pleasant and fun moments.
  2. London 420 Rally: This is a rally that takes place every April 20th in London’s famous Hyde Park, a rally to claim our right.
  3. Festival Elite Cup: A gathering of cannabis enthusiasts that takes place in Amsterdam, with live music, food and a tour of the cafes.
  4. Hempstock: This 420 party in Glasgow (Scotland) has been gathering weed fans for more than a decade in one event with concerts and stalls.
  5. El Rally 420: Many call it the best 420 festival in the world, it is celebrated in Denver with several celebrity performances, in a very smoky environment.




🎬 Happy 420 photos, images and memes



On April 20th every year all stoners celebrate our big day, the pride day of cannabis. Social networks, blogs, websites, shops, forums and all kinds of industry sites are filled with images and memes celebrating the biggest day of the year for marijuana enthusiasts, 20/4. Below you can see some of the best we’ve gathered in recent years.


420 photos, images et mèmes
420 pictures, images, and memes



⚠️ Conclusion


Today we learned the meaning of 420 and the true story of the relationship between this number and cannabis culture, and in passing we saw some of the best celebrations of this special day and the best memes and related images. And you, do you know any anecdotes about this figure?

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