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Image of a hemp field
Image of a hemp field


The hemp is a plant derived from cannabis that unlike the marijuana contains very low concentrations of THC. This particular strain is one of the most versatile that exists by its multiple applications at industrial level that are very useful for many human activities.

During the development of this text we will discover with greater detail what hemp is, what are its uses, potentialities, characteristics and its main differences compared to cannabis. On the other hand, we will deepen a little on its history and evolution, and at the same time we will discuss the multiple benefits both in human life and for the environment.



👾 What is hemp?



Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated crops used by mankind. The plant has greenish CBD buds and a hollow stem that grows up to approximately 6.56 ft. (2 meters). The fibers obtained from the plant are characterized by their resistance, so it is used to manufacture products such as paper, clothing, fuel, oil and also the intake of its seeds has a great nutritional contribution.

Image of hemp to show its physical characteristics
Image of hemp to show its physical characteristics



👌 Hemp Uses


Every day many more uses are discovered both in hemp seeds and in their fibers. Among the most outstanding is the production of multiple textile pieces, ropes, canvases and threads. It is also used as reinforcement in construction materials for its resistance and good thermal properties.

Semillas de cáñamo

Buy Hemp seeds

In the field of food and health, it is used to produce cosmetics, oils and skin care products based on CBD. It has been proven that its seeds are a superfood with excellent nutritional properties, because it contains proteins, multiple amino acids, magnesium, Omega 3, fatty acids, oils and vitamins. All this can be used in a great amount of drinks and foods.

On the other hand, with hemp oil it is also possible to produce non-fossil fuels or biofuels with a great ecological contribution that contributes to the protection of the environment


Uses and products made from hemp
Uses and products made from hemp



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⭐ Hemp backpack


Hemp backpacks combine a very striking design with great resistance and durability, and that is the reason why they are more and more often seen on the streets. They are perfect for transporting laptops, tablets, books, or anything else because they contain different compartments of different sizes, but the most interesting thing is that they contain a lockable pocket so you can safely carry your most valuable objects. They are made in Nepal by hand with hemp plants grown outdoors in the Himalayas, and there are several colors to choose from.


Mochila de Cañamo

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⛳ Hemp rope


Although it may seem like a modern invention, hemp ropes have been with humans since time immemorial, since the fibers extracted from hemp plants have proven to be one of the most resistant and durable of all natural materials. Currently they are made with modern braiding machines that are capable of making several kilometers of hemp rope per hour, but there are still places in the world where they are made by hand.



✨ Hemp wick


The hemp wick is related to the hemp rope, and it is that they are made in a similar way and from the fibers of hemp plants, but in this case the ropes are covered with a beeswax that serves to facilitate a slow combustion. What is the hemp wick used for? It is used to light cigars, joints, bongs, etc. so if you are one of those who smoke with rolling papers made with hemp, then you can stop using a lighter or blowtorch and switch to the hemp wick.



📖 Hemp clothing


Clothing made with hemp is not a modern invention either, on the contrary, it was one of the first vegetable fibers with which clothing of all kinds began to be made. But one thing is the old hemp clothing and another thing you can get today, which has nothing to envy to designs with other materials. The greatest advantage of hemp clothing is its durability, much longer than that of modern synthetic fibers, and it also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, is breathable and thermogenic.


Pañuelo ( Fular ) de cáñamo

Buy Hemp scarf (Foulard)



📲 Hemp beauty products


Hemp is increasingly used to make cosmetics and beauty products for both women and men. An example of this is the hemp lip balm, which thanks to its moisturizing properties is perfect for dry lips, and also protects them from external aggressions. The hemp lotion or serum, for its part, has soothing properties and is perfect for relieving redness, helps to eliminate stains and enhances the regulation of skin hydration levels, something that is perfect for treating and preventing acne. Another great beauty product formulated with this magical plant is the hemp shampoo and conditioner, which thanks to its composition rich in essential fatty acids is ideal for nourishing the scalp thanks to gamma linolenic acid, which is moisturizing and combats dryness. Helps hair growth and reinforcement, and nourishes and hydrates the scalp better than other similar products.


Aceite de CBD ARAE 10ml




➕ Hemp food products


Most food products with hemp on the market are made from flour or hemp seed oil. Thanks to their high concentration of protein with respect to their weight, hemp seeds can be considered a unique superfood, and can be taken directly or pressed to add them in recipes using hemp flour. CBD oil is another example of hemp product used in human or animal feed, in this case flowers are used more than plant seeds, although some products combine seed oil with an extra cannabidiol. For some years, one of the most popular food products with hemp are hemp gummies, which allow you to take advantage of the properties of this cannabinoid in a quick, simple, delicious and fun way..


Aceite de cáñamo 27000mg Keep Calm

Buy Hemp Oil 27000mg Keep Calm



🚀 Hemp bags


Now that plastic bags are being removed from all establishments and it’s time to take care of the planet more than ever, hemp bags are the best alternative for several reasons. They are bags for life because the hemp fibers with which they are made are a timeless and highly resistant material, with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Do not think that hemp bags are bland and boring, some have a modern and very striking design like the Pevgrow hemp bag.


Bolsa de Cáñamo PEV

Buy PEV Hemp Bag



🔥 Hat Hemp


Hemp beanies, caps and hats are also for life. Its soft texture is very comfortable and there comes a time when you forget that you are wearing it, and the best thing is that it is a material that blocks up to 95% of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. It is a fairly insulating fiber and it keeps you cool in summer, so they are ideal for fishing, doing physical activities, going for a walk, or for any outdoor plan.



🎯 Hemp bracelets/Hemp necklaces


Thanks to its antifungal properties and its resistance to ultraviolet light, hemp bracelets and necklaces are very safe and durable. There are many types of hemp necklaces and bracelets in many different designs, and with a little care you can have them for a lifetime. The ideal is not to bathe with these garments on to prevent them from getting wet and lint appearing, because although they are resistant to water, a great deal of exposure to humidity can weaken the fibers. Another important issue is to keep these garments in bags or containers made of cotton or other breathable materials when we are not wearing them. Avoid applying perfumes or lotions in the areas where you are going to wear the hemp bracelet or necklace, and finally, when washing them, they can be left in a container with water and detergent for half an hour, and then rinse with clean water, to be able to be lukewarm at all times.



🧐 Hemp shoes


Sure when you read “hemp shoes” come to mind the old espadrilles made with this material, but no, shoes and sandals modern hemp have some designs adapted to the present, but with the advantage of resistance, comfort and durability of the fibers of this plant. Unlike synthetic fibers that produce a lot of CO2 during their manufacture, hemp absorbs more carbon dioxide from the environment than any other plant. Hemp shoes are very comfortable, ecological, biodegradable, and with minimal care can last forever.


Sandalias-Chanclas de cáñamo 100%

Buy Sandals-Flip-flops 100% hemp



💻 Hemp shirts


Hemp shirts and t-shirts have a texture similar to cotton, are very comfortable and breathable thanks to their long fibers, and the best thing is that they do not shrink after washing. As a general rule, they last between 2 and 3 times longer than clothing made of cotton, among other things because it is resistant to fungi and bacteria that cause the degradation of other materials. Thinking about the health of the planet, the most sustainable thing to do is to produce hemp shirts and stop buying disposable clothes like the ones we wear today.



⚠️ Hemp pants


Although all hemp pants are made with natural fibers extracted from this plant, there are as many different models and styles as there can be made of cotton, linen or wool, among other materials. The best thing about hemp pants is that thanks to their quality they can be a garment for several decades, and they combine comfort with resistance. They can be washed as many times as you want without the risk of shrinking, they are cool in summer and insulate from the cold in winter.



✅ Hemp yarn


Hemp thread has different uses, on the one hand it is used to make garments of all kinds, but it is also used directly in industry, construction and other purposes thanks to its low cost, flexibility, and above all because of its great endurance. It is also interesting for its sustainability, since no chemicals are applied to its preparation and it is totally respectful of the environment, as well as being biodegradable. With the hemp thread, the tow used in plumbing and as insulation in construction is made, as well as the famous saddlery hemp thread that is used for hand and machine sewing, in the leather industry, in upholstery, etc.


Cartera-monedero de cañamo 100%

Buy 100% hemp wallet-purse



👾 Hemp shower curtain


Shower curtains made from hemp represent an interesting alternative to classic plastic curtains or other synthetic materials, since hemp fiber is much more sustainable. They are very light and waterproof, therefore they weigh very little and can be hung without any difficulty, and although they are widely exposed to humidity, this is not a problem for this material.



✨ Hemp underwear


The fine fibers of this wonderful plant are special for use in making hemp underwear, because it is a material that is well tolerated by the skin, it maintains heat in winter and is refreshing in summer. Briefs, panties, and other underwear made with hemp are very comfortable, and can be washed millions of times without risk of shrinkage or degradation.



▶ Hemp rolling paper


A few years ago it was difficult to find, but nowadays hemp rolling paper can be found in all grow shops, tobacconists, bazaars, and even in supermarkets. As a general rule, they are brown in color because chlorine or other materials are not used for their bleaching, they are organic, a little thicker than rice paper and allow a slow and homogeneous combustion from the first puff to the last. Although they produce a smoke with a certain flavor, it does not intercede with the taste of each cannabis variety.


Papel de fumar de Pevgrow

Buy Pevgrow rolling papers




⭐ Hemp Legality


In America and many European countries hemp cultivation and production has had great acceptance even becoming 100% legal in many regions of the world. In the U.S. with the approval of the Agricultural Act 2018, hemp cultivation is legal throughout the territory as long as its THC content does not exceed 0.3%.  In Europe it is considered legal to grow it when its THC levels are less than 0.2%.

Hemp Legality
Hemp Legality



☕ Conclusion


Many are the taboos that we have regarding hemp, mainly by its direct relation with cannabis. Nevertheless, like marijuana, it has multiple properties that due to their versatility can be beneficial to life and future of the society in more than one sense.

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