Properties of hemp seeds

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Image of an arm holding a can of green grass coming out, popeye type.
Image of an arm holding a can of green grass coming out, popeye type.


Hemp seeds are considered a superfood, because they possess amino acids that we do not produce naturally, they are located in places that as the quinoa would guarantee the food security of humanity in places as inhospitable as some post-apocalyptic scene or the outer space. We are talking about contributions of omegas essential oils, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, in charge of maintaining a healthy blood cycle and a lasting vital force….💪



✅ Nutritional chart


The list is amazing. So many nutrients in a seed from a weed that has been demonized for decades. And without any of the effects of the flower or the buds, since neither THC or CBD are present in their presentations: seeds with or without skin, oils or spice powders. Rather, it is catalogued as a super-digestible vegetable protein because of its percentage balance of gut-friendly nutrients.

  1. Mainly, it is being overestimated by athletes, due to its contribution of 25% of vegetable protein and its nine essential amino acids, which we do not produce naturally. Amino acids form the indispensable protein chains for reproduction and cellular mobility.
  2. Part of its compatibility with the human body lies in the perfect 3-6-9 balance of the omegas. These oils, present in 45%, are also essential and thanks to this harmonic proportion, very difficult to see by nature, it allows the maximum use of its properties and those of other foods in the body, due to its high digestibility and contribution to the heart function.
  3. It is also a magnificent source of Magnesium, an infallible mineral in the absorption of Calcium, which together, are responsible for the functioning of the organs, bones and teeth; and of phosphorus that works directly in the brain.
  4. The blood, nerves and brain also rejoice in their presence in the inner stream, because of the amount of iron they can take from each intake for their optimal performance. It co-helps in the production of hemoglobin and therefore in the oxygenation of the body.
  5. The skin obtains its precious vitamin E, which is very important in cell replication and also strengthens it in the fight against free radicals and aging.
  6. Obviously fiber, main reason for which it is used to make the hemp and as well essential in the muscular strengthening, digestion and strength. It is also available at 28%, if you dare to chew the seeds.
  7. It is a gluten-free food with very few carbohydrates, ideal for vegan or vegetarian diets.
  8. From the B complex it provides us with riboflavin, thiamine and folic acid, which are involved in the well-being of the eyes, the skin and the nerve, muscle and heart tempers, moreover, in the reinforcement of the immune system.
  9. In its natural environment, the same plant also has fungicidal and bactericidal properties, reducing the amount of fertilizers used.


Nutrient percentage image of hemp seeds
Nutrient percentage image of hemp seeds




📱 Hemp seed oil


All these benefits have made the food industry interested in marketing this ingredient. Fortunately, the versatility of its presentations covers a wide number of consumers in the market, and in America and Europe they are already part of the prescriptions of nutritionists and trainers.

First there is the oil with its omegas 3-6, perfect for use in salads and dressings. Its perfect 3-6:1 ratio makes it suitable for direct consumption as a lubricant for the throat, for hair and even as a tonic for dehydrated skin. Peeled seeds are also distributed. Its flavor is described as that of nuts and in this way the protein is absorbed faster, making it a perfect treat for any occasion. Even veterinarians recommend them for pets..🐶🐱


Food is made with hemp seeds, in this image milk
Food is made with hemp seeds, in this image milk



🎯 Conclusion


Cannabis Sativa-Indica itself took possession of its emancipation. All the secrets of its composition have been revealed and finally they are being prosecuted for the welfare of mankind. If it was useful in past times, as it is known historically, in cultures less conscious of the organic function (but perhaps more of the spiritual one), what is going to happen if minds keep opening up is a healthy, balanced and restorative revolution. Perhaps that is the message of nature, a message of commensalism among animal and vegetable species, where all the trees and fruits of Eden can be ingested so that we can smile and guarantee their survival..🤗😜

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