The importance of electric conductivity or EC for growing marijuana

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With existing electronic devices today in the market, we can control the level of nutrients and salts in our water containing marijuana plant, protecting our culture possible problems.

Another day, we began to insist on the importance of daily learning techniques, tricks and other paraphernalia related to the world of cannabis cultivation. What may seem like a simple thing, it requires many knowledge from Piensa en Verde tried to convey every day, in the clearest and simplest way possible.

In this sense, today we would like to mention the importance of the fact of calculating the level of electric conductivity of our growing marijuana, so start by explaining what it is, so we can understand the relevance and then explain the different steps to be carried out and the products that are needed to get over the whole crop.

What is the EC or Electro Conductivity?


If you’re blog Piensa en Verde or have expertise in marijuana cultivation, you know how important it is that the pH of the water to be eating our plant is the optimum level for each period of growth of the same. That is, between 6.2 and 7. However, the water we get from our tap water or irrigation system will always have a higher pH, so it will be necessary to employ certain products for which we do, in addition to devices drivers to know exactly what level of pH water is our culture, we have once applied the above solution. In the case of EC or Electro conductivity something similar happens.


The EC is “the ability of a fluid to transport electricity. Water, means by which plants feed contains dissolved minerals calls aqueous solutions. These aqueous solutions may be more or less minerals (salts) that will directly influence the EC levels. ”

However, the water, if not electro-conductive, so that, as the pH of which we spoke, needs a number of minerals which affect the levels of EC. For this are necessary biological or mineral fertilizers. They can find them in Piensa en Verde. Once the amount fertiliser opportunity, they should use Electro conductivity meter to see if the water of our plant is the level that it needs, depending on the period of development in which it is located.


You can also get the water to EC levels 0, thanks to osmosis filters to clean the water.

1110_filtro-osmosis-inversa-wassertech-piensaenverde Types of Electro Conductivity meters

We have said that, once prepared and dissolved in the mixture of salt water and minerals our plant need to absorb, we will need about Electro Conductivity meters to determine the level of EC and thus take care of the health of our plant.

They are not always necessary, but very convenient in the case of crops that perform with inert substrates, as could be the arlita, coconut or rock wool, and in little fertilized crops. However, if we use a product enriched with humus or products of the same features, will have the required EC and would not require Electro conductivity meter.

In this regard, it is important to mention that there are different types of gauges EC:

Electronics: that can be portable or compact. They perform measurements on particles of milliSiemens or million. The probe of these meters is fastened to the console and is indivisible.

medidor-ec-eutech-electronico-ecotest Continuous: unlike other devices, this meter constantly measures the level of EC and we can know, at all times, this finding. It consists of a mobile probe can be left in the water tank of our culture and is connected to the console with a cable.

4508_indicador-continuo-ce-tds-ph-hanna-piensaenverde Before concluding this text, it is noteworthy that to see if we are to correct EC level, we must know the residual water level, both output and input, the latter being much smaller than the output. The level also varies depending on the type of substrate used and the time of development of our plant.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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