Kleaner, the toxin cleaner that can help you in drug tests

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Picture of a man with a kleener spray in front of his mouth
Picture of a man with a kleener spray in front of his mouth


Did you know that you can test positive for drugs even if you have not smoked cannabis today? It may seem odd and shocking, but it’s true, the devices used by government security agents to check whether you are driving under the influence of cannabis are not very accurate, because they only reveal if there are any traces of the substance in your saliva.

But that doesn’t mean that at the time of the test it’s affecting you, just that it shows up in your saliva, even if it’s been 15 hours since you last smoked a joint of OG Kush, Biscotti Strain, Zkittlez, or your favorite strain of marijuana. Of course, you should never drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of marijuana or any other drug, but it’s also not fair to be penalized for a joint you smoked that has long since worn off. So what is the solution to avoid testing positive in these controls? Well, there are 2 ways: never smoking or using Kleaner, and the first one we don’t contemplate… Right? 👍



🧐 What is Kleaner ?



It is a cleaner of toxins from saliva and sweat, which removes traces of any toxic substance and is presented in different formats and capacities, single dose of 6 ml. (0.2 US lq. oz.), 9 ml. (0.3 US lq. oz.) wipes, 30 ml. (1 US lq. oz.) dropper and 100 ml. (3.4 US lq. oz.) spray, to facilitate its application. It consists of a mixture of water, methylated alcohol, Neem extract and Xanthan gum, and the taste, although not very pleasant, is not unbearable either, as with other body drug cleaners.





Kleaner has an immediate effect after taking it. Not including chemical additives, preservatives or perfumes and is not dangerous if taken by mouth or skin contact, or both at best time…

Use of Kleaner dropper:
Oral: Ingestion of 4-5 drops
Topically: Pour 4-6 drops in the palm of your hand and rub the neck, head, face, etc.
Water, Alcohol Denatured, Neem (Melia Azadirachta), Xanthan Gum

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👾 Is Kleaner effective or does it not work ?


I can assure you that many people have been helped by this product, but it must be used as prescribed by the manufacturer in order to be 100% effective, because we also have known about cases that have not quite done so and it has not worked for them.

We must be careful and strict both when taking the right amount of drops or spray puffs and for the maximum time recommended. However, the brand guarantees 100% success as long as its recommendations are followed.



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🎯 How to use Kleaner to work properly in saliva controls ?


Usage depends on the type of test, since a saliva control is not the same as a sweat control. For the saliva test, just rinse your mouth with 5 drops of the product for 1 minute. I will explain it in more detail in the following infographic:


  1. Remove the cap that closes the product
  2. Open your mouth and let 5 drops fall into it, but without swallowing them
  3. Close your mouth and clean it as if it were a mouthwash
  4. Wait at least one minute while you rinse
  5. Swallow the kleaner mixed with your saliva, or you can also spit it out once this time has passed


For Kleaner in spray format is the same thing but instead of 5 drops you have to apply 5 sprays and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. Using single-dose is even easier, since you only have to open one and pour the liquid in your mouth, and then repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 too.


Infographic showing step by step how to use Kleaner*
Infographic showing step by step how to use Kleaner*

And in the sweat test… How does the Kleaner work ?

In this case the ideal option is to put 5 drops in your hand and rub with this liquid the areas of the body that usually sweat more, that is hands, forehead, etc. According to the manufacturer, if it is done properly we will be free to test positive in a sweat control from 3 to 5 hours. We recommend going up to 8 or 10 drops during summer, or also for people who sweat easily.

Kleaner wipes are ideal for topical use, in this case you only have to take one out and rub it on the areas where they can perform the sweat test that detects narcotic substances.

However, even though this product has been shown to be effective in different situations with the classic method of use, it is not superfluous to be cautious and increase the doses and the times of rinsing and application, in order to optimize the effectiveness of the product.



🔥 How long does the effect of this cannabinoid cleaner last ?


When it is used orally, it must be calculated to be taken about half an hour before taking the car, and the effect of the Kleaner can last about 1 hour, although we always advise not to rush the times.

On the other hand, when it is used topically, it is recommended to apply Kleaner 1 hour before going out, since its effect in this case is prolonged until 4 or 5 hours after the administration.



✅ Kleaner as a mouth cleaner, opinions and experiences


For the vast majority of people who have used the product properly, it has worked perfectly, according to the brand 100%, although we have seen some cases that claim to have tested positive after doing everything right. We will always have doubts about this, because many factors that the manufacturer does not specify also come into play.

Personally it has always worked well for me, it has helped me on 2 occasions up to now, the only 2 times I have had the drogotest, but I would always give positive in THC, as I am a daily nocturnal cannabis user who, fortunately, hardly drives.

Image showing the different formats of Kleaner*
Image showing the different formats of Kleaner*



🚀 Frequently asked questions about Kleaner toxin cleaner


Is it legal to use this product?

It is totally legal because it does not contain in its composition any forbidden substance. We only recommend it to avoid fines for cannabis, and only until there is a reliable drogotest, just as there are reliable alcoholometers, in which you only test positive when you are under the influence of the substance, something that does not happen with cannabis, and it is totally unfair to test positive for cannabis after several days from the last time you used.


Can the product be swallowed or should it be spat out after mouthwash? 

You can drink it without problems, it does not contain any harmful components. But you have to know that after performing the rinse correctly, the Kleaner has already done its job.


Can I test positive for alcohol because of the content of the Kleaner?

Positive, possibly not, but traces of alcohol may be present if you ingest the product. We know of a case that gave just 0.25 in a breathalyzer control, the maximum rate allowed, and claims that he didn’t drink at all.


Can you eat and drink anything between taking Kleaner and the drug test?

This is a good question, since the manufacturer does not specify anything about it. When in doubt, we at Pevgrow recommend not ingesting anything during this time so as not to interfere with the operation of the product, it is better to prevent…



📲 Use and maintenance tips


Calculate well the times to achieve the greatest effectiveness, taking into account that the peak efficiency of Kleaner in the mouth is between 30 and 90 minutes after administration, so it has 60 minutes of effective action.

The car is not a good place to keep the Kleaner, since it is exposed to many temperature changes, and this is not good for its maintenance. We already know that for comfort is the place chosen by many users, but the effectiveness can be reduced by its deterioration.

Never drive or do any other dangerous activity under the influence of cannabis or any other drug. This product is not for cheating, it is for not being cheated, but not for being able to consume what you want and then drive, that is not right in any case. If you have learned something with this post or you think it can be good for someone, you know, share it..😜👉

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