Marijuana Thai Stick, what is it, how is this herb made and smoked

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Image of a Thai Stick
Image of a Thai Stick


Surely you have heard the concept of Thai Stick, since it is a type of herb well known among longtime consumers, but do you know what it is? In this article we are going to review their history, how they are made, how they are smoked, and all the information you need to know about this cannabis format. Sit back, light one up, and I hope you enjoy reading.



⭐ What is Thai Stick?



The translation would be something like “Thai stick” and this concept describes it well because basically it is that, a wooden stick wrapped in Thai grass. But really, what is a Thai Stick? It is a kind of mix between cigar and kebab, but very traditional, since in this Southeast Asian country they have been made for many years, long before the modern Blunt or Cannagars began to be known.

To give you an idea, it is basically a thin bamboo stick to which the best quality Thai sativa marijuana buds are attached, wrapped in marigold leaves and rope or silk thread to hold everything in place. In Thailand, Thai Stick or Thai-stick are prohibited like other drugs, but several decades ago they were one of the most demanded products by many travelers who visited this state.



⛳ How to make a Thai Stick?


First of all, you have to know that to make each Thai Stick you need a wooden stick, between 10 and 15 grams of buds, cannabis oil, natural thread or rope, several freshly cut marijuana leaves, and some parchment paper or the one we use to perform rosin. The original Thai Stick is made from bamboo wood, but can also be made from the branches of our favorite plants, and can be around 25-30cm in length. It is better for the buds to be of medium hardness and density, since in this way it is easier for them to acquire the shape we want and they will be compacted with the subsequent pressing.

Cannabis oil can be BHO, Rosin, Qwiso or similar, but ideally it should be moderately liquid. Hemp thread is special for our purpose, but in reality you can use any type of fine natural rope. Marijuana leaves had better be large, and they need to be washed before using them in our Thai Stick. The process is slow and it turns out to be an art like the rolling of Havana cigars, but the result is really worth it, I assure you.


How to roll a Thai Stick?

Currently we have Thai Stick molds available that help a lot in the process of making these cannabis cigars, but if you want to see how a real Thai Stick is made, you can see it below in just 9 steps.


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  1. Bathe or smear the wooden stick in the cannabis oil, if you don’t have any type of extraction you can use a mixture of water and sugar. It is about leaving an oily layer on the surface of the stick to act as a glue for the buds.
  2. Now you have to stick the buds to the stick impregnated with oil, this is the most delicate part, and as I said before, the spongy buds are more interesting because they stick better. It is not necessary to use the entire length of the stick, the ideal is to leave a couple of centimeters of each end clean to work better.
  3. In order for the buds to adhere better and to start shaping our Thai Stick, the ideal is to hold them with the rope as we stick them. You can tie the rope at one end, and as we stick buds we will turn it around with the rope, little by little until we reach the other end of the stick.
  4. Now we will use the parchment paper to wrap the Thai Stick, it is better that it is tight because the intention is that it becomes more compact and does not lose its shape. Then we will put it in the fridge for a couple of days so that the cold helps the whole thing come together and not easily fall apart.
  5. After 2 days of cold we take our Thai Stick out of the fridge and remove the baking paper that was wrapped around it. Now we are carefully removing the rope slowly so that the buds attached to the wooden stick do not come off.
  6. With the help of a brush or similar, we spread the outer layer of the buds with more cannabis oil, and little by little we roll up the marijuana leaves that should stick to the oil. Some users prefer to cut the leaflets of the leaves to make rolling easier, but it can also be done with whole leaves.
  7. It is best to roll 3 layers of leaves so that the Thai Stick is quite consistent, and between layer and layer you have to spread more cannabis oil so that they stick well. Once finished, it is wrapped again with parchment or oven paper, and we put it on a hot frying pan or heating plate for about a minute so that the whole set is more attached.
  8. The next step would be to remove the wrapping paper, wrap the Thai Stick again with the string as we did before, and wrap it again with the paper. It only remains to do the curing so that it is perfect, and for that it can be put in the fridge for 4 or 5 days. The Thai Stick Old School or the originals were cured underground, but we recommend curing in the fridge because there is less risk of fungus.
  9. After this time, all that remains is to take the Thai Stick out of the fridge, remove the paper and string, and carefully remove the stick from inside. It is clear that this process takes more work and time than rolling a joint, but when you start consuming it you will understand the reason for its fame.



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✨ How do you smoke a Thai Stick?


It is smoked just like a cannagar or a cigar, that is, it is lit at one end and the smoke is drawn through the other end of the Thai Stick. When removing the stick there is a small space inside that serves so that it does not drown and always has a good passage of smoke through the interior. Keep in mind that the mixture between buds and cannabis oil results in a product of extreme potency, so they must be treated with respect.

A 20 cm Thai Stick can last more than 6 hours without stopping, but honestly we don’t know anyone who can finish it in one go. The most normal thing is to take 4 or 5 puffs and let it go out until the next consumption, or share a Thai Stick between several people. Personally, I like this type of cannabis format for events such as cups, fairs, or industry parties lasting several days, because with just one Thai Stick it allows me to smoke without having to roll more.



👌 History of Thai Sticks: when did they appear?


It is not known exactly when Stick Thai began to be made, but what is certain is that it was more than 50 years ago because at the beginning of the 1970s even foreigners were already consuming them. Due to their way of elaboration, we can think that they have been used for several centuries, but they really became known during the Vietnam War, when many soldiers of the United States Army began to look for smoking material in several Asian countries, such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, or Vietnam itself.

Shortly after, the movement that became known as the Hippie Trail began, a long journey that many young Americans began through various countries that produce marijuana and hashish. When some of these hippies arrived in Southeast Asia and coincided with their compatriots who were participating in the Vietnam War, they gave them the exotic Thai Stick to try, and it automatically became their favorite herb due to the extraordinary potency that characterizes it. It is said that those Thai Sticks were opiated, that is, they contained opium that greatly increased their potency, something that many people doubt. From that moment shipments of Thai Stick began to arrive in the USA and Canada, through the same hippies and later with the help of some soldiers when they returned from the war.

During those years, seeds from all over the world arrived on the west coast of the USA, but none had the powerful effect of the Thai Sticks, so its fame grew like foam in a short time. The demand was growing more and more, and this caused a decrease in quality due to the fact that production was quite limited. The best buds were no longer used, the slow curing that they used to do was not carried out, and in addition to having a lower potency, its flavor was no longer as good, so the demand began to drop at the same time that in the United States they began to to appear the first modern hybrids, so the Thai Sticks went into the background.



🚀 Seeds of the Thai Stick variety


The plants used to make the original Thai Sticks are from various Thai genetics, but the most sought after were the Chocolate Thai Sticks, that is, those made with the legendary Chocolate Thai weed variety. Currently you can find varieties named Thai Stick, but honestly we prefer to make them with the best Thai variety of all time, since in addition to being powerful they have a very special flavor, reminiscent of chocolate and lemon.


Chocolate Thai PEV Bank Seeds

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Today Thai Sticks are made from all kinds of varieties, especially in the United States and other countries that have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Modern Thai Sticks have come a long way from the classics, and in addition to buds and cannabis oil, in some cases they add a dry shift to make them even more powerful. They also use Blunt paper instead of fresh marijuana leaves to wrap them in a more professional way, and you have to admit that some of them are quite a piece of manufactured art.



✅ Images of classic and modern Thai Sticks


Images of classic and modern Thai Sticks
Images of classic and modern Thai Sticks
Images of classic and modern Thai Sticks Images of classic and modern Thai Sticks


🔥 Conclusion


Thai Sticks were a revolution at the time, and in recent years they have regained their popularity to become one of the most popular luxury cannabis products. In many dispensaries you can buy Thai Sticks, but like everything in life, if you have the opportunity to make them yourself, they will surely taste much better. If you liked this article, I would ask you to share it so that the information reaches many more people, we thank you in advance.



🎯 Frequent questions


Do Thai Sticks still exist?

Yes, in Thailand you can still find the traditional Thai Sticks, although nowadays they are not easy to find. On the famous island Koh Tao they are offered to tourists from time to time, but many people say that they are no longer the same as they were, not least because the pressure from the authorities regarding cannabis in this country has hardened a lot during The last decades.


How much does a Thai Stick cost?

The price of Thai Sticks varies a lot depending on their weight, their content, or where they are purchased, but to give you an idea, in some dispensaries you can buy them for a price that ranges from 65 to 500 dollars. They are usually very expensive, but you have to understand that it takes a lot of yerba to make them and it takes a long time to make them.

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